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Coffin Hop Web Tour has arrived! There are hundreds of authors involved, and there are prizes everywhere you look. This great tour will be going on from October 24-31. Don't forget to check in at for the latest and greatest news.

So what am I giving away today? I have an assortment of ebooks for your reading pleasure. Five in all today. First come, first served. First up gets their choice of book and so on. Today I will be offering Kindle books. Let me know if you would rather have a Smashwords version. Five winners today!

Liquid Black by Jo-Anne Russell and Blaze McRob (Oct 16, 2014)

Book Description

October 16, 2014
Outside an old Victorian house, Kellen Thorpe waits. Though his flesh is withering...rotting off the bone, he still has his power and that will be enough to do what he must. Tonight is a very special night..maybe not for the poor inhabitants inside, but tonight Kellen will be reborn. Until then, he will hide in the corner shed, tucked away in the far corner of the back yard, and wait.


Lilitu by Craig McGray, Blaze McRob and Rebecca Boucher (Sep 1, 2014)

Book Description

September 1, 2014

A dying man's last wishes are for the very thing that has delivered him to an early grave. In Lilitu, a seductive temptress returns to her lover's bedside, but this time, she hasn't come alone.

*Lilitu is a short horror story of approximately 11 pages.


The Bainbridge Witch by Lisa McCourt Hollar, Blaze Mcrob and Thomas Arensberg (Oct 14, 2014)

Book Description

October 14, 2014
“Upon the town the witch placed a curse,
Vowing she’d return, to do her worst.
Your children will vanish, to never be found,
Their fate unknown beneath the ground.
I’ll drink their blood, and eat their hearts,
Their eyes I’ll bake into juicy tarts.
Dare you to think that I can die,
Your arrogance will be your own demise.
When a century has come and gone,
And Bainbridge nights have grown long,
On All Hallows Eve, from sleep I’ll wake
And on your young, revenge I’ll take.”  


The Bloody Jewel by Lisamarie Lamb, Blaze McRob and Thomas Arensberg (Oct 9, 2014)


Book Description

October 9, 2014
My body swings from the yard arm of the ship, the Bloody Jewel, hanging where it was left when my struggles finally ceased, and I was allowed to die. Hanging where it will stay until the crows finish with it. Where it will stay until the smell becomes too much for the crew, or my spine crumbles to dust and no longer supports my ravaged, angrily abused bones. What will become of me then?
At least the other dead, my supposed victims, had a service, albeit brief, and a burial at sea. At least they are at rest, and their souls are at peace. When they killed me—tried me and condemned me—my shipmates believed they had rid their beloved ship of the monster that lived within it, that lived amongst them and tried to destroy them.
They got it wrong.


Tombie by Jackie G. Williams and Blaze McRob (Jun 18, 2014)


Book Description

June 18, 2014
Tombie just wants to be left alone, but ever since his diagnoses his family pokes and prods him whenever he falls asleep. "I'm narcoleptic, I'm not going to die in my sleep!" When Tombie woke one day in a body bag, he decided he was better off on his own and leaves his family behind.
I will be mixing many more books as we go along. Have fun and visit all my fellow hoppers!
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This is my Friday Frights for this week. The theme this month is Halloween gone wrong. Let's visit the George Inn and tip a few, shall we?

Old Van Tassel

     Halloween night in the valley. For this time of year, it is exceptionally mild. Usually, the ground is pretty firm and there might even have been a snowfall or two in addition to some hard frosts. This year has yet to see a hard frost, and an eerie, pea-soup fog about four feet high covers the entire valley floor.

     Yet, the trees are almost stripped of all their leaves, the branches looking like long, skinny arms raised in supplication to some unseen force, the finger-like tips appearing as though they are deformed hands reaching out for something: but what?

     This part of Northern New Jersey is in the middle of old Dutch country, and a lot of the old legends still persist, even after centuries of change. Tales of the spirit of old man Van Tassel always surface on nights like this when the landscape is transformed to that of a different place, a different time.

     The George Inn sits in the middle of McAfee. Pretty much, it is the only business between Great Gorge in Vernon and the junction of Rt 94 and state Highway 23. On weekends, the place is busy, people preferring to stop here to drink rather than venture to the north and be forced to hob-nob with the tourists. This place belongs to the locals, and they are loyal customers; not that it takes much to get them out of their homes and down to the tavern to quaff a few and share some lies.

     Tonight the lies are flying around, but is there possibly some element of truth attached to some of them? After all: this is Halloween night, and the fog of the legends is present.

     These are the conditions ripe for the emergence of old Van Tassel.

     "That damned fog is thick, Jack. Chest high and dense enough to cut it with a knife."

     The bartender pours another beer for Fred and sits it in front of him. "Damned thick, Fred! I, for one, am not leaving here until it's gone. Shit! You can't see the fucking road anyway. How could you get home in this?"

     "Funny how it waited until the place was packed before the fog rolled in. It's almost like the fog can think," Fred says.

     "Or someone is controlling it," Zeke says, shaking his head around.

     "C'mon, Zeke," Jack says, "you've been listening to the old stories again. Only God can control the elements."

     "Maybe the Devil has his hand in this, Jack," Zeke says. "What I feel has nothing to do with God."

     A murmuring of approval spreads throughout the bar, everyone knowing that on nights like this, evil things happen, and it appears the Inn is smack-dab in the middle of a festering of growing horror. It's not just the fog that's thick tonight: the impending terror awaiting them all sits heavy in the air. The stench of old injustices and the need for retribution is everywhere. For some of them, it is difficult to breathe, the presence lying thick and heavy on their chests.

     Jack knows this will not be a normal night, but he tries not to increase the anxiety of the patrons.

     Years ago, Van Tassel was strung up and hanged for the murder and rape of one of the barmaids. The real perpetrator was found out a few years later when he was caught in the act of the same crimes to the Presbyterian minister's wife. Fortunately, she wasn't killed. He confessed to the barmaid's killing and rape. A good, rightful hanging and the town was safe once more.

     Yet, it really isn't. Van Tassel is still around. Forget the fact he's been dead for hundreds of years. The grave isn't stopping him. Heaven or Hell can wait. He hasn't accomplished his mission.

     The mission is not a good one. Not for the locals anyway.

     Through the fog he comes, easily 6 feet 5 inches and broad as an ox. The heavy moisture falls below his massive chest, and his eyes, black as coal, focus on the Inn. A broad grin covers his square jaw and face, and he slowly walks towards the beckoning door.

     The door to the tavern opens, and in he walks, dressed in the costume of the day. Not a particular Halloween costume for this day and age, but a costume befitting someone of his stature hundreds of years earlier. His neck still bears the horrid, jagged scar associated with a slow hanging. Van Tassel was a brute of a man and refused to die easily.Three men were forced to jump onto him for extra weight to make his demise come sooner.

     Wild panic hits the Inn as the patrons realize the supposed legend is real, and the look on his face says some of them will join others who have been singled out for revenge in past years.

     Jack grabs a shotgun from under the bar and unloads both barrels filled with buck-shot into his chest, but no blood comes from the wounds, and the Dutchman from the past reaches behind the bar, lifts Jack into the air, and brings him down across the bar, killing him instantly as the sound of his broken back fills the room. Methodically, the giant goes through the crowd, destroying one patron after another, some killed as quickly as Jack but others forced to linger in pain longer as limbs are torn off, and they virtually bleed out from where arms and legs had found a home just moments before.

     The doors are blocked with the debris of the dead and dying, preventing anyone from escaping. All fifty patrons are slaughtered at the whims of the maniacal Van Tassel.

     Happy with what he has done, the butcher goes behind the bar and grabs a bottle of beer, sucking down the smooth taste as he surveys the carnage before him.

     "Thanks for the beer, Jack," he says as he removes the costume worn over his other clothes. The bullet-proof vest he leaves on. One never knows when the cops will come. He is big; he is invincible, but he is not immortal.

     "I hope that my ancestor is happy I have kept up the tradition."

     Mike Van Tassel walks out the door of the Inn, back into the fog where he soon disappears from view.

     Twisted revenge: once more served.

Blaze McRob   

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Don't Eat That and Other Stories, by Benjamin Bautz, is a fantastic collection of short stories. These are horror to the bone, by a new author who is going places fast. I have been around the business for a while now, and I can honestly say that this man has talent. Serious talent. Buy this great book and do yourself a big favor. You are in for a horrific treat!

Blaze McRob

Book Description

October 21, 2014
Halloween approaches and Billy and his best friend Camille are excited. Trick or Treat is coming and the whole neighborhood is decorated like the Disney version of a nightmare. But something is different this year. All the residents are putting out plates of raw meat on their stoops, and go about their business with the shadow of fear on them.
What is the reason for this, and why are the adults too afraid to tell their children? Billy is determined to discover the secret, only to learn that some secrets are kept as a favor.
Bonus story-Kissing Frogs
Has a dead hotty finally found her prince charming?
Bonus Story-Tribute of Treat
There is something not quite right with this trick or treater.
Plus- Preview of Johnny Chaos-a novel by Benjamin Bautz coming soon from VCP


Visit with Chad Lutzke and Rebecca Boucher! Chad delivers an Inspiration 101 lesson you won't want to miss. Go to and get the whole kahuna!

Blaze McRob

What Ifs..... Chad Lutzke Talks About The Inspiration Behind Horror

Post piĆ¹ vecchio Home page

Today I am turning the blog over to Chad Lutzke. Chad is an author of many interviews, articles and reviews in the independent movie and music scene. He is also an author, his upcoming book of horror shorts will be released by Dark Moon Press in early 2015. Chad is more than qualified to speak on this subject, and when I read his piece, I have to say I was extremely excited.

Here he is exploring the motivation behind why we write horror. His take is so on the money, and if you never thought of the 'what if's' before, you surely will now. The many levels and outlets of creativity in the paranormal and horror world are hard to pigeon hole. And it's true, we like to be scared when we are in control. And what better way to be in control than if you can close the book or turn off the TV. Just because one can explore those dark corners others shut off, doesn't mean they live there. Well, I'll just let Chad explain it, he does a much better job. Take it away Chad:

Read what Chad has to say at the above link.


Step closer, Damnlings. That's right. Closer. Let the Damned whisper in
your ears... KEPT SECRETS this week's newest
‪#‎horror‬ from Pen of the Damned's Craig McGray.
Darkness devoured every ounce of light. Opening her eyes, Beth's mind spun, groping for traction as to where she was and how she'd gotten there. The air, musty and thick, made breathing difficult a...
Kept Secrets, by Craig McGray, is our Terror Tuesday this week! Go to our link above and read this great story and more by Craig and the rest of the Dark members of the Pen Of The Damned. All for the price of free! 

Blaze McRob

Monday, October 20, 2014


Zack Kullis has disclosed some super stuff about himself and his books that is a must read over on Rebecca Boucher's website. I only included the introduction here, so go to the link I have provided and read the rest. You'll be happy you did. Zack is a very interesting man and a super author.

Once more, I wish to commend Rebecca for the great job she is doing this month with her interviews. Thank you .

Blaze McRob

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Guest Post: Zack Kullis


Over the course of the last four years, the years I have really devoted myself to blogging and writing, I have been privileged to meet some amazing authors and artists. These people really exemplify the best in the Indie world. Zack Kullis is one of those people. Through Blaze McRob and VPC, I have had the opportunity to become familiar with Zack's work, and he is truly one of those great horror writers. He takes everything he knows and throws it into his writing. And with his background, he has a lot to draw on.

So for today's horror hop post I'm turning my blog over to Zack. I think he can best explain it all. (And thank you Zack for all the kind words. I know horror guys don't like to be called out as having a soft side, but I think you do ;)  )
Here is the link again for this great post in its totality.

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 Cover for '68 Buick. Artwork by Sue Midlock.

'68 Buick, written by yours truly, Blaze McRob, and published by Visionary Press Collaborative, will be out next week in time for Halloween! I will have more information when it is published, but I am really glad to see this novel come out. For a number of years, it has taken a back seat to other books. I have had a number of editors come and go, one who regrettably died. He was a great guy. I miss you, Dennis.

But now it will be ready for the masses.

This is the first of two back to back novels where all the proceeds are going to my Safe House For Abused Women And Children. So, I hope it sells like crazy and can help bring a little joy to some very special people. A fellow Publisher friend of mine is jumping on board in the fight against domestic violence by donating sales from one of his books as well. We will have a world-wide base. I will allow him to make his statement when the time is right.

I feel it is incumbent on me to help where I can. This is one place where I can help. Notice I am not asking for donations. Buy the book if you wish to read it. The rest is up to me.  

Here are the short and longer versions of my synopsis:

Short version:

How does a dead, immortal reaper transport souls to Hell and still wage a battle for good? Read ’68 Buick and find out.

Longer version:

Robert Anderson, a man plagued by a demon trying to get inside his head, is attacked and killed by this evil entity. But is he really? Satan and God are waging a battle for his soul. God loses when Robert kills himself.

Yet, not is all what it seems. A Reaper actually kills Robert, but the Reaper turns out to be Robert himself. Thus, he is doomed to roam in a limbo fashioned by the hand of the Dark Angel, unable to go to Heaven but too good to go to Hell.

This marks the beginning of his new career: bringing the most despicable souls to the portals of Hell in a ’68 black Buick rag top with red interior, dice, and flames on the front panels. This immortal, dead Grim Reaper does what needs to be done through the power of his mind.

’68 Buick has a lesson to teach all of us: it is never too late to do what is right.
Even from beyond the grave.

If you purchase '68 Buick, I hope you enjoy this action packed tale. I can tell you that every chapter ends in a cliff-hanger, and the following chapter takes off running.

See you next week, my friends. Meet a new Grim Reaper!

Blaze McRob


This is a repost of an earlier announcement I made in August. I'm doing it again because my great friend Yvonne Mason loves Halloween, and it is Halloween month, and the fact she is shy about tooting her own horn. I'm not shy. Yvonne Mason writes great horror!

Check out the great headlines about her forthcoming interview, and read her Amazon bio. I am honored to call Yvonne Mason my friend!

Most Evil On the Investigation Discovery Channel
Indie Author Yvonne Mason
In Yvonne's words:
"On August 13,2014 I met with and was interviewed by the Producer of Most Evil, one of the shows for the Investigation Discovery Channel. The interview lasted almost three hours. The documentary will be released sometime after January of next year. It has taken seven years for the girls to not only be heard but to be seen as well. Schaefer was an evil monster who destroyed so many lives. I will keep you updated as to the time and day."
I, for one, can hardly wait for this! What a feather in Yvonne's hat. Not only is she a woman In Horror, but she is a caring human being! I am proud to call her friend.

The eldest of five children, Yvonne was born May 17, 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in East Point, Georgia, she moved to Jackson County, Ga. until 2006 then moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida where she currently makes her home.
Licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia.
After a 34 year absence, returned to college in 2004. Graduated with honors in Criminal Justice with an Associate's degree from Lanier Technical College in 2006.
Nominated for the prestigious GOAL award in 2005 which encompasses all of the technical colleges. This award is based not only on excellence in academics but also leadership, positive attitude and the willingness to excel in one's major.
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority
Member of The Florida Writer's Association - Group Leader for St Lucie County
The Dream:
Since learning to write at the age of five, Yvonne has wanted to be an author. She wrote her first novel Stan's Story beginning in 1974 and completed it in 2006. Publication seemed impossible as rejections grew to 10 years. Determined, she continued adding to the story until her dream came true in 2006.
The Inspiration:
Yvonne's brother Stan has been her inspiration and hero in every facet of her life. He was stricken with Encephalitis at the tender age of nine months. He has defied every roadblock placed in his way and has been the driving force in every one of her accomplishments. He is the one who taught her never to give up
The Author:
Yvonne is currently the author of several novels, including:
Stan's Story- the true story of her brother's accomplishments, it has been compared to the style of Capote, and is currently being rewritten with new information for re-release.
???Tangled Minds - a riveting story about a young girl's bad decision and how it taints everyone's life around her yet still manages to show that hope is always possible. This novel has been compared to the writing of Steinbeck and is currently being written as a screenplay. This novel will be re-released by Kerlak Publishing in 2009
Brilliant Insanity - released by Kerlak Publishing October 2008
Silent Scream - Released by October 2008- Slated to be made into a movie -Listed at #5 in Mainstream Novels for 2008 In Predators and Editors Poll
Yvonne's Philosophy in Life - "Pay it Forward":
"In this life we all have been helped by others to attain our dreams and goals. We cannot pay it back but what we can do is 'pay it forward'. It is a simple concept. By helping three people, those three people help three more people and soon that becomes nine. Those nine people each help three more people and the giving continues. As you see, it is the power of three. Our giving comes back to us ten-fold. So one could say it is three to the power of ten. We all started out with nothing. By using this philosophy we can help one another and share the goodness of life's wealth."
Speaking Engagements:
Yvonne is an accomplished motivational speaker and is available for speaking engagements. Previous engagements include:
April 27,2009 Martin County Member of Panel on Being a Victim
April 6,2009 Book Signing in Vero Beach at Business Block Party
March 7,2009 Brevard Authors Book Fair - Speech on Gerard Schaefer, Florida's First Serial Killer
December 2008- "Commemorative Speech on Gerard Schaefer's Victims - IRSC Vero Beach, Fl
November 2008 - "How to write different genres" Lewis Carroll Sixth Grade Merritt Island, Fl.
April 2008 at IRCC - "How to Sell One's Self in the Business World" presentation to the student body.
April 2008 at The Palm Glades Girl Scouts Council Sixth Annual Luncheon as the featured keynote speaker - "Dreams, Goals and Aspirations" presentation.
May 2007 at Lanier Tech - "Succeeding in Life" Power Point presentation to the student body using the concepts of Stan's Story.
May 2007 at Blackshear Baptist Church - Power Point presentation entitled "Acceptance of Self and Others".
May 2007 at IRCC - "How to Reach Your Goals - It's Never Too Late" presentation to adult women returning to school to become professionals in different fields.
Personal Appearances':
Yvonne has appeared on Blog Talk radio shows:
Now that's what I 'm talking about with Louise Aveni
The Odd Mind with Angel Lesa
She will be appearing on the Cliff Roles show out of Sarasota on Oct 10,2008
And several other shows in the upcoming months
Personal Appearance Circle Books Sarasota, Florida Nov 8,2008
Appeared in The Fort Pierce Tribune, Vero Beach Press, Stuart News and Port St Lucie News
Lewis Carroll Middle School - the Sixth grade class
Book Signings:
Yvonne is available to autograph books and welcomes the opportunity to attend local events, bookstores, conventions, schools, writer's clubs or any other function interested in her books.
Contacting Yvonne:
All inquiries should be directed to Yvonne
Yvonne's Online Bookstores -

Blaze McRob

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Go to the link below and read a fascinating interview with Fiona J. Mcvie and Janni Styles. And then save those links Fiona provides and get interviewed by Fiona. I have. Don't be shy!

Blaze McRob

One Dog and His Spirited Master = One Author Interviewer Extraordinaire: Thank you, Fiona J Mcvie!

Meet Fiona J Mcvie interviewer extraordinaire, a spirited lady who features all of us crazy writers/artists interviews on her blog. If you have a book that needs promoting, you will want to learn more about this dynamic, very busy woman with, apparently, endless energies! Fiona and I have seen one another around in different groups over the past couple of years but when my second book was released earlier this year, she messaged me asking if I would like an interview and I was so grateful and excited, I wanted to thank her for doing that for me. This interview with her seemed to me to be the best way to do that. Welcome Fiona, thank you for answering a few questions and thank you also for doing an author interview with me earlier this year.
Fiona Mcvie photo

Read the rest here .