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Today is Halloween and the last week for our Halloween Go Wrong theme. This poem is in an anthology, but today is the perfect day to post it again. Don't read this to your children. I warn you . . .

The Children

Dusk arrived and children teary, walked the streets a little dreary,
Halloween in all its glory seeming to escape their core.
And so they came, almost marching, all at once they started stomping,
No more were they simply coming, coming as they had before.
Now they had some kind of mission, walking down the streets of yore.
More than this, they knew for sure.

Thus there was no need to ponder, as to houses they did wander,
Seeking all their bags to fill with sweetened treasure at each door.
And so they went, filled with sorrow, knowing that upon the ’morrow,
Even winners would not show- show what happened at the door,
No one on this night would show- show what happened at the door.
Much more ‘round the night to store.

And the wails of all not certain, hollered out against transgression.
Tortured-angered  by the horrors of what happened once before;
Thus the anger now was pleading, from each child now entreating,
As the vision was repeating, sending out a call to war -
Some bad vision was repeating, sending out a call to war-
Thus it was, a call to war.

All at once their hearts grew harder; and with no one would they barter,
Hatred now for one and all, no mercy coming from their core.
Relentless now were they coming, in their souls a song was strumming,
Animosity was humming, humming as in souls they bore.
And their anger spewed much venom, as they reached each opened door.
Very soon, folks lived no more.

People in the homes were crying, as the children started slicing,
Stabbing, piercing, dicing flesh as no one ever had before;
But the shrieking was soon broken, and the sounds were no more spoken,
And the air around did darken, but no sounds were there for sure-
For within the homes no movement , nothing that was there for sure-
Surely this, and nothing more.

Evil all around was churning, hatred in their hearts was burning,
As each body piece was filling up the bags the children bore.
Now there was no need for pretense, all the children having full sense,
Knowing that there was no penance coming from the evil gore-
Knowing now the truth was coming, coming from the evil gore-
‘Tis the truth and nothing more. 

Door to door their steps no stutter, blood flowed down like from a gutter,
Drenching all within the homes with fluids flowing on the floor.
Slipping, sliding, all around now, knowing what but wondering how,
That maybe they could wrest a vow from children coming through the door.
Maybe they could wrest a vow from children coming through the door.
Maybe this and something more.

Thus with all the children smiling, all their pent up hate was driving,
Them to limits no one knew was present in their bodies’ core.
Once the homes had been a haven, keeping out all those thought brazen
‘Nuff to pucker like a raisin those who guarded safety door.
But now there would be no protector guarding at the safety door.
No one left to guard the door.

Residents all acted poorly, still not seeing at all clearly,
Why the children wished to enter into their once private door.
And they really had no feeling why they came with so much grieving
Almost like they were bereaving everything beyond the door-
No one knew about the sadness for the things beyond the door,
Sadness lurked beyond the door.

But the children, quite forlornly, marched as one so uniformly
That their spirits filled the air with sounds of grief on air did soar.
Now their souls no longer shuttered, feelings true now could be uttered,
And their cries no more were muttered, and so the houses filled with gore.   
Into the night the children came, and so the houses filled with gore.
Blood did spread upon the floor.

Justice meted out not token, went to those with promise broken
When the barbs of cruel unkindness showered down upon the poor
Children who were born to fester, never meaning ‘ere to pester,
Those who took each simple gesture to mean something to abhor.
The hateful beings finding things, to mean something to abhor.
Now they would be no more.

From building large, they came walking, on this night their bodies hiding.
Under costumes, who could tell from where they came for what they wore?
Even though their steps were shuffling, all because of so much suff’ring,
Which the residents were stuffing in their heads of feelings poor-
Evil people had been stuffing in their heads of feelings poor.
So they needed all the gore.

Now too late for second guessing, residents in hearts confessing,
All the horrors they had shown against those who did once implore.
When they saw the bright lights shining, in those eyes which had no whining,
They had merely started lining all their souls with filthy gore.
People merely started lining all their souls with filthy gore.
Filthy gore and so much more.

Taunts and jeers from horrid censor made the feelings ever tenser,
As specimens perceived so perfect judged those they did not adore.
For those who wished so to be free, did not rejoice with any glee,
When those they met refused to see, the beauty in their inner core.
And those around refused to see, the beauty in their inner core.
And they had beauty in their core.

Laughter is a thing of evil, when it mocks those seen as feeble,
Poking fun at children born with defects now that they must bore.
Now the children who are haunted, by the hatred of those daunted,
Know it’s time to face the taunted evil lurking at the door.
So they must attack the taunted evil lurking at the door.
Taunted evil and much more.

So it is a thing of evil, attacking those seen as feeble,
That attached itself to minds of those who victims now abhor.
Fallow feelings now are maiden, and the souls are heavy laden,
And so the light is now shaven, from the children needing more.
And also hope is now shaven, from the children needing more.
Light and hope, and yet there’s more.

So with knowledge now imparting, all around the streets be charting,
All the vengeance that the children need to use to change the score.
Damn the hardships having spoken to the dreams forever broken,
Due to all the bad taunts spoken, coming out from ev’ry door.
And so the children march as one, not sparing those at any door.
On the floor, there is much gore.

And the children, never quitting, still are killing, still are killing,
Down each street and to each house where love has never lived for sure.
Even though their souls are feeling all the pangs of justice reeling,
In the world where they are dealing special law that rules for more.
Thus they come to one last house before they end their night of gore.
Night repeated-nevermore!

Blaze McRob




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Coffin Hop Web Tour has arrived! There are hundreds of authors involved, and there are prizes everywhere you look. This great tour will be going on from October 24-31. Don't forget to check in at for the latest and greatest news.Also, the Facebook place to get the latest news is

Today is the last day of Coffin Hop Web Tour 2014, and I close it out with a bang! Today just happens to be Bruce Lockhart 2nd's birthday, and  Adventures In Horrorland, a super collection of short stories penned by Bruce and his mother Suzie Lockhart, was published last year on Halloween. So, it's time to start up a tradition and keep the fires burning.

Bruce and Suzie are not only superb authors, but they are fantastic editors as well. Their anthology Fractured Realms, published through Horrified Press and available on Lulu is a CHARITY ANTHOLOGY IN AID OF THE AUTISM TRUST. Great cause. There are many superb horror tales here by fantastic authors. This might be a little unusual, but my favorite story in the book is Perfect Strangers. Why is this unusual? Because this is the foreword. It is written by Bruce. I love it. It shows the heart and soul of my friend. I purchased a number of copies and will purchase more. This is a labor of love for Suzie and Bruce, and envelops a cause that they, and I, hold dear to our hearts.

My review for Adventures In Horrorland below will tell you how I feel about this great book. It also lead to some sales for them. I love that even more.

What I say for Bruce and one of his stories is very true:

"Shadow Rain, by Bruce, is so great it's hard to describe. It is part horror, part fantasy, and a lot about love. In short, it is a literary gem."

It is a literary gem indeed. Bruce is a very gifted man.

So, in honor of Bruce's birthday, so aptly having come on Halloween(yes I'm jealous), I am giving away ten copies of Adventures In Horrorland. You're reading this right. Ten copies. This is 204 pages of superb horror.

Let's get your fingers working now on the keyboard. Get your copy! 


Book Description

October 31, 2013
Beware once you cross this threshold, there’s no going back. Experience 20 different tales of dread and despair that will have your heart pounding, and your mind drifting through gateways of things not of this world.
Relinquish your understanding of fear at the door, for the things that sprout forth from the minds of Suzie & Bruce Lockhart 2nd are far beyond the normal ideas of terror you’ve become accustomed to.
HorrorLand will take you on a rollercoaster ride of insanity, from the undead, to the great deceiver himself!
Around every corner, in every crack and crevice, you will encounter terror. You can’t find sanctuary even in your own home…
So why run?
Would you strike a deal with death, hunt the things of shadow and substance, or seek revenge over justice?
Come now, just one more step, to face your fears behind that looming, wrought iron gate. This is going to be one helluva of a show, and, in truth, now that you’re here… I really can’t let you go
5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect Title For A Perfect Horror Anthology! October 5, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Adventures In Horrorland, by Suzie Lockhart and Bruce Lockhart 2nd was aptly published last year on Halloween. Read it again this year. The stories will blow you away!

My favorite story is The Monster In Me, penned by both Suzie and Bruce. I am amazed at the fact a duo of authors was able to write this. Great job on both their parts. I can't tell who wrote what. All I can say is that this is horror at its best.

Be Careful What You Wish For, by Suzie, is another great tale, one that has a super ending. Gotta love that!

Shadow Rain, by Bruce, is so great it's hard to describe. It is part horror, part fantasy, and a lot about love. In short, it is a literary gem.

These three stories are my favorites, but they are all great. To show you how much I love this book, I have an autographed paperback version signed by both Suzie and Bruce, and I also bought the Kindle ebook. I don't wish to be one of those people who reviews without buying a book. It's not my style.

I want to see more from these great authors! 
Happy Birthday, Bruce! And Happy Halloween!
Blaze McRob

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Coffin Hop Web Tour has arrived! There are hundreds of authors involved, and there are prizes everywhere you look. This great tour will be going on from October 24-31. Don't forget to check in at for the latest and greatest news.Also, the Facebook place to get the latest news is

How great is this! I am giving away five copies of Nina D'Arcangela's great story Bent Metal on her birthday! Woo, hoo! This is one fantastic tale of psychological horror. My favorite kind! You will notice the review below. That's me with my boring name. I got to do the first review for this great story. I love when that happens. I also love when Amazon tells me it led to sales. Double joy. Anyway, look this over and tell me you want this book and it is yours. Here or on my Facebook page. I guarantee you will love it.

Book Description

September 16, 2014
Where does reality end and dreamscape begin?

Woken each night by the sounds of screams and twisting metal, Lauren must relive the panic and fear of discovering her brother’s broken body on the asphalt. But each morning, she finds it’s only a dream… One she doesn’t want to keep having.

At what point does a dream become a nightmare, and what if the nightmare was more than a figment of her subconscious?
5.0 out of 5 stars Bent Metal Will Bend Your Mind! September 19, 2014
Verified Purchase
Bent Metal, by Nina D'Arcangela, is one of those mind-blowing tales that takes twists and turns from start to finish. You know the ending, but you really don't. You are pulled into alternate realities that pull at you from all directions, whispering into your ears that what you are reading only hints at the truth, and no matter how it plays out, there will be deep sadness.

Many people say never to write about dreams. No one cares to hear about them. I beg to differ. Dreams are on a plane of existence unlike our waking psyches. Nina's dream world is interlaced with realities, and bonds itself to the physical reality we try to ground ourselves in.

I have had the same dream every night for 47 years. I keep hoping for a different ending so that happiness will finally wash over me. This gives me more insight into the tale Nina shares with us. I understand. I believe. And I can still hope.

Read Bent Metal. Nina D'Arcangela is a master of psychological horror. 


I am really excited to share this with you today! Suzie and Bruce Lockhart are not only two of my favorite authors and editors, but they are also two of my favorite people on this spinning orb. I have included a bit of introduction about them here, but I hope you will go to Rebecca's website and read everything in its entirety. Their short story posted there is superb.

I'm really glad Rebecca Boucher teamed up with my friends today!

Blaze McRob

Ten To Midnight

I have some thing a little different tonight. I'm introducing you to the mother/son team of Suzie and Bruce Lockhart. Not only that, they have graciously provided their short horror story Ten To Midnight, in it's entirety, for me to post. So without further ado here they are. The amazingly talented mother son team who is rocking Western PA.....The best thing about these guys, they support a cause close to my heart, Autism. (This is a long post, so be sure to click on the page break and continue reading)

All about…

Suzie Lockhart and Bruce Lockhart 2nd

Suzie Lockhart and Bruce Lockhart 2nd are co-editors of Sinister Saints Press, the ‘Young Adult’ Imprint of Horrified Press. (They are a mother/son writing and editing team—they hate when people think they’re a married couple! Ewww!!!)

          Suzie is married & a mother of 4, and was supposed to be on a beach somewhere writing romance novels. 

Bruce, her second child, was born on Halloween, and dreamed of playing football.

          Shit happens.

          So there they are, writing horror in Western PA—otherwise known as purgatory.

          Hey, Suzie was just trying to get published when Dark Moon picked up a little flash fiction piece she wrote, entitled ‘Instinct’.


          What about all those romances? 

          Next thing she knew, Bruce and her were working together, getting short stories accepted left and right in a variety of publications such as: Dark Moon Digest, Sirens Call, PMMP, James Ward Kirk Fiction, The Chicagoland Journal, Women on Writing (Top Ten, Spring Flash Fiction contest), Dark Lore, Diabolic Publications, and, of course, Horrified Press!
Try them out with this fantastic piece..... Ten To Midnight

Okay, you have had plenty of time to read this portion. Go to  and read the super short story Suzie and Bruce wrote.

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Coffin Hop Web Tour has arrived! There are hundreds of authors involved, and there are prizes everywhere you look. This great tour will be going on from October 24-31. Don't forget to check in at for the latest and greatest news.Also, the Facebook place to get the latest news is
Today, for Coffin Hop Web Tour Day 6, I wish to present Terri DelCampo! Terri is the Queen of ookiness. Make no mistake about it. She asked me back in early July what she should do with all the stories and novels she has written. I said, "Publish them," and she is going gangbusters. 
I figured the best thing to do would be to start with her first book and let you see what a fantastic author she is. So, me lads and lassies, I am giving away three Kindle copies of Owl Guts. The title alone should suck you into the book. 
Three lucky people will grab some ookiness today. You know you want this great book!
Blaze McRob

OWL GUTS by Terri DelCampo (Jul 26, 2014)

Book Description

July 26, 2014
"Owl Guts" is ookiness with a side of willies dished out in six healthy servings by dark fiction writer Terri DelCampo, publisher of Owl's Eye View Magazine. Chills!

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Coffin Hop Web Tour has arrived! There are hundreds of authors involved, and there are prizes everywhere you look. This great tour will be going on from October 24-31. Don't forget to check in at for the latest and greatest news.Also, the Facebook place to get the latest news is
Today is Coffin Hop Web Tour 2014: Day 5, and it belongs to Yvonne Mason! I am giving away one Kindle copy of Silent Scream, a non-fiction horror book about Gerard Schaefer, a notorious serial killer. Yvonne Mason tells it like it is. This is a gruesome book. Yet, we cannot ignore what the scum of humanity foist upon their victims. It had to be told, and Yvonne did a fine job.

 Why am I giving away only one copy today? This is a meaty tome and the winner will receive a $9.99 book for free. You can't beat that. 

One more thing before it comes up: this book is one that is either loved or not. I love it. There are those who don't. That is their prerogative. We all enjoy different books. Read the free sample to see if this is your kind of book. Check out the reviews if you wish. But don't dawdle for too long because this book won't be around long. 
Blaze McRob 

Silent Scream by Yvonne Mason (Sep 27, 2008)

Book Description

September 27, 2008
It was a time of innocence, a time of hippies, flower children and the Age of Aquarius. A time when young people felt free to roam about the countryside hitchhiking without fear. A time when law enforcement was trusted by the people they were sworn to protect and serve.
That time was shattered by one of law enforcements own. His name was Gerard Schaefer. He was a former Wilton Manors, Florida Police Officer who lied his way into the office of the Martin County Florida Sheriff’s Office. He used his lie to continue to perpetrate his crimes of torture and murder of young women who hitchhiked along Florida’s roads.
Gerard Schaefer shattered the lives of the families of these young girls and destroyed the faith of the public in law enforcement. He killed without pity. He tortured without conscience and he hid the crimes without thought.
Schaefer not only destroyed the lives of as many as 34 young women, he kept trophies of his kills, and he lived the crimes over and over again. He believed he was doing the world and his victims a justice by ridding the world of the “whores” who hitchhiked. Gerard Schaefer was a narcissistic psychopath who wanted his fifteen minutes of fame. He believed he had earned it.
Florida Author, Yvonne Mason, in her newest release Silent Scream, has captured not only the essence of evil in Gerard Schaefer, she has also captured his brilliance. But more than that Ms. Mason has finally given a voice to the Silent Screams of Gerard Schaefer’s victims, the known and the unknown.
Ms. Mason who has a degree in Criminal Justice and was a Bounty Hunter in Georgia before moving to Florida has given a voice to such victims as Georgia Jessup and Susan Place, the two who were discovered on South Hutchinson Island, April 1, 1973 seven months after they disappeared on Sept 23, 1972 in a shallow grave in pieces. She has also given a voice to Collette Goodenough and Barbara Ann Willcox who were killed in Jan 1973 and whose bones found four years later at C-24 Canal.
Ms. Mason has captured the not only the pain, the agony and the suffering Gerard Schaefer’s victims went through, she has captured the pain, the anger and the hurt which law enforcement suffered at the hands of this killer.
Even after thirty four years the ones who were in law enforcement at that time still haven’t forgotten. They still carry the emotional scars of the heinous tortures and murders of Gerard Schaefer on the innocent.
Retired FBI Roy Hazelwood writes after reading Ms. Mason’s book: "Yvonne Mason has captured the true essence of Gerard Schaefer, a deputy sheriff who enjoyed torturing and killing young women. It is a gripping story and you should prepare to be disturbed. I guarantee that you will find it difficult to put this book down."
Retired Oakland Park PD Detective Chuck Hemp who worked the disappearance of Jessup and Place wrote this after reading Silent Scream: “When Gerald Schaefer used his badge and gun to terrorize and kill rather than protect and serve he crossed a line that not only snuffed out the lives of his victims but also affected the lives of their loved ones and the police officers charged with investigating these crimes. In her book “Silent Screams” Yvonne Mason has captured more than just the story, but has also given voices to all of Schaefer’s unknown victims. I’m sure there are many.”
Ms. Mason stated this “The victims no longer scream silently, they now have a voice and with that voice comes peace.”
Silent Scream is a voice for the victims. It is their way of never being forgotten and of also reminding each of us that at any time or any place we also can become a victim.

Yvonne Mason

Image of Yvonne Mason

Thumbnail image of Yvonne Mason Thumbnail image of Yvonne Mason Thumbnail image of Yvonne Mason Next page
The eldest of five children, Yvonne was born May 17, 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in East Point, Georgia, she moved to Jackson County, Ga. until 2006 then moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida where she currently makes her home.
Licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia.
After a 34 year absence, returned to college in 2004. Graduated with honors in Criminal Justice with an Associate's degree from Lanier Technical College in 2006.
Nominated for the prestigious GOAL award in 2005 which encompasses all of the technical colleges. This award is based not only on excellence in academics but also leadership, positive attitude and the willingness to excel in one's major.
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority
Member of The Florida Writer's Association - Group Leader for St Lucie County
The Dream:
Since learning to write at the age of five, Yvonne has wanted to be an… Read more


I am truly meeting some fantastic authors on Rebecca Boucher's blog. Kameryn James is certainly one of them. She is a most fascinating author and a super person as well. Go to this link and read it in its entirety. You will be most enlightened and I hope you find a new favorite author.

Blaze McRob

Come Meet Kameryn James......

This month has been spooktacular! (OK, pardon the corny pun.) I have meet some amazing and talented horror writers, introduced them to you guys, and hopefully will have some great collaborations in the future. As the month draws to a close, we visit with our last three authors. Hopefully I have given you guys a glimpse into the minds of a horror writer. We are all like you, just  a little more in tune with the darkness around us.

We have visited hard core horror, YA paranormal fantasy, psychological thrillers and everything in between. We have learned some of the tricks of the trade, and got to know some great new books. Today is no exception. We are taking our seven questions to the talented Kameryn James. Kameryn's work has appeared in anthologies from Sirens Call and Dead Gun Press. Her story Skin appearing in the anthology Voices from the Gloom


Halloween is upon us, Damnlings! The dead rise and play. The Damned
spread their decay. All while our Magenta Nero steals your soul... BLACK
WIDOW this week's newest ‪#‎horror‬ from Pen of the
The street is alive with festivities but my house is sombre and silent. The neighbourhood knows I am a widow in mourning, that I want to be left in peace, but that doesn’t prevent those roaming lit...
Magenta Nero has a super tale of horror for you today! Black Widow is a return to old horror. That of a psychological nature. She does it so well.

Go to the link above and read her story. You won't be sorry. Unless you're a sissy-la-la, that is.

Check out the rest of Magenta's stories and those from the other members of Pen Of The Damned. They are all free and all of them are Damned Dark!

Blaze McRob

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Coffin Hop Web Tour has arrived! There are hundreds of authors involved, and there are prizes everywhere you look. This great tour will be going on from October 24-31. Don't forget to check in at for the latest and greatest news.Also, the Facebook place to get the latest news is
Today is Coffin Hop Web Tour 2014: Day 4. I am taking a bit of a departure from my other posts for Coffin Hop in that I am now going to be giving away author books for some outstanding authors not at all related to any of the authors in my Press. These are authors published either on their own or by other Presses. They have no idea I am doing this. I am paying for these great Kindle books. Take advantage of the books I am offering. They will not last long.
First up is Carson Buckingham and her great novel, Gothic Revival! I read and loved this book! Once the wonkiness of this week is over, I will post a review and it will be Five Star. 
 I am giving away two Kindle versions of this great novel. Don't dawdle! The first two to respond will be winners. Happy winners.

Blaze McRob

Gothic Revival by Carson Buckingham, Gloria Bobrowicz and Bob Freeman (Aug 17, 2014)


Book Description

August 17, 2014
Alex and Leo Renfield are a husband and wife contractor team who’ve recently moved to the village of Woodhaven, Connecticut to escape the chaos of life in New York. Pretty close to broke, they meet Theodora Hamilton, a somewhat unsavory and odd individual, who offers them an astronomical amount of money to repaint the first floor of her family home.

But along with the huge paycheck comes a set of unsettling rules that must be followed explicitly if they are to accept the offer; one of which is they must reside on the property having no direct contact with the outside world until the job is complete.

Is Theodora Hamilton just an eccentric woman with a peculiar way of doing things, or is there a more sinister agenda that Alex and Leo are unaware of? What exactly does she have in store for this down-on-their-luck couple who have no choice but to accept the offer and the strange requirements that come along with it?

Image of Carson Buckingham
Carson Buckingham knew from childhood that she wanted to be a writer and began, at age six, by writing books of her own, hand-drawing covers, and selling them to any family member who would pay (usually a gumball) for what she referred to as "great literature." When she ran out of relatives, she came to the conclusion that there was no real money to be made in self-publishing, so she studied writing and read voraciously for the next eighteen years, while simultaneously collecting enough rejection slips to re-paper her living room...twice.
When her landlord chucked her out for, in his words, "making the apartment into one hell of a downer," she redoubled her efforts, and collected four times the rejection slips in half the time, single-handedly causing the first paper shortage in U.S. history.
But she persevered, improved greatly over the years, and here we are.
Carson has been/is a… Read more