Sunday, March 11, 2018


Quinn Cullen is my Woman In Horror today! Quinn blends genres, combining horror, poetry, erotica, and paranormal romance.

Quinn is not only an author. She also edits and formats. And, all this is done in addition to a busy day job and working on a number of projects around the house.

I'm hoping that this is the year Quinn gets her novel published, as well as a novella she has been perfecting for a while now.

Quinn loves to spread the word about other authors. You can see that in the picture of her I have here where she is holding Heath Stallcup's book up.

 Quinn's Amazon Page bio:

"Quinn Cullen, Director of Romance at Visionary Press is a multi genre author. Her writing includes paranormal romance, erotica, horror and poetry. A long time New England resident, Quinn feels fortunate to be living in an area that affords her the privilege of all four seasons, enjoying the fringe benefits of the different climates that each one has to offer. In awe of its overwhelming brute force and mystique, Quinn's favorite place on this wonderful earth is by the ocean."

One of Quinn's super books:

Carnal Justice is a different kind of story about cannibalism. It adds erotica and justice to the mix. The tale goes along lines I never expected it to, which for me is always a grand thing. This is a super story at a wonderful price and is available in paperback version as well as Kindle.

Book description:

No one helped Kate when she was young and vulnerable. Not one person was brought to justice for the crimes committed against her.

Molested and forced into cannibalism, years later, Kate, along with a few trusted friends, lend a new meaning to the word ‘justice.’ Thanks to Kate, pedophiles and rapists are tried, convicted, and executed, never escaping her ‘Carnal Justice.’

Quinn is an author to watch. With her skills at writing multiple genres, she is sure to capture many readers' attention. Keep your eyes peeled for more fantastic books from her!

Quinn Cullen is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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