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 KT Pinto is my Woman In Horror today! She was born in Brooklyn, NY. Those city roots had a pretty strong influence on her, not only on her personally, but on her writing as well. Street tough and street smart describe KT.
KT describes herself as a weird girl. Weird is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe refreshing would be better word. My humble opinion. At any rate, we know that KT is not boring, and that is where it's at.
I would say that probably the best way to get into KT's head and discover her roots would be to go to
If you hit the links above, you will see that KT is into many different things, all of them a part of the whole that makes KT the interesting lady she is. Her Facebook page is humorous and filled with links to reviews, great pictures, and more

KT has some 34 books up on Amazon, either totally her own or some she shares with other authors. That's a lot to choose from. However, my favorites are her tales in the Sto's House Presents series. Here we have a blend of genres, adding to delightful reads. I suggest you read the free samples on Amazon. You will be hooked for sure.

Book description:

"...there had been some problems with the 'norms' since the change. Their fear of Changers has caused riots, fires, and even some deaths. But there's at least one group of us who stand up to the disgruntled ones and fight on the side of justice and good will.

I personally think they've been reading too many X-men comics."

On Staten Island, the forgotten borough of New York City, young men and women are changing, morphing, mutating... and there's nothing that can be done to stop it.

So the crew at Sto's house does what anyone would do in this situation: they go in search of the ultimate microbrew.

Join Sto, Diana, Jay and a host of other memorable mutants who want nothing more than to just be left alone.

Unfortunately for them, they seem to continually find themselves in situations where they have to save local landmarks and unknowing innocents from those that wish to do harm... and who wish they were as cool as Sto and his friends.

This book, known also as Sto's House Presents... Book #1, the Director's Cut, is the first in a series of humorous urban fantasy books. The first two novels in the series have been "remastered" as per the request of Sto's House fans. This book has more chapters, new characters, and even some drink recipes from the Sto crew! Enjoy!

Amazon bio:

KT Pinto is an author of alternate history (with vampyres), comedic urban fantasy (with mutants), YA fiction (with witches) and paranormal erotica (with everything). For more information, go to

For more about KT's life in her own words, go to:

Get caught up in the wonderful world of KT Pinto. She is a Woman In Horror and all around nice person.

Blaze McRob

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