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J. G. Williams is my Woman In Horror today!  In addition to writing horror, Jackie writes children's books and poetry. Another part of the mystique that is Jackie. I love  the Welsh wording in her tales. Don't ever say she is English! One of her monsters will come up and beat the living crap out of you!
How good is Jackie? She is one of only a few authors to have stories in all of the Satan's Toybox series from Angelic Knight Press. That says a lot.
My favorite story of hers is her long novella Emelia. When I edited this, I was amazed at how well she started the book out with a bang and kept the action and the horror to the very end. And, my friends, this is number one in a series. It doesn't get any better than this.

Jackie is one of those great people who is active in the writing community plugging other authors' work. She is everywhere, sharing posts and links and always having a kind word for everyone. There is a group on Facebook called The Graveyard. Jackie is one of the administrators there and is always helpful to the new members, assisting them in many ways, inviting them into the group, and more. Since I have started out my little adventure into Women In Horror, she has responded to every one of my posts, as well as for those my friends have posted.
Like me, her love for the written word came from her grandfather who spun tales of ghosts and ghouls for her pleasure. I feel sorry for people who have not been blessed by the exquisite luxury of being front and center, and even bouncing on a knee in rapture, as magic is weaved from someone you love. This is a lost art, but Jackie captures the magic and majesty within her written words. Oh, the joy!

A quote from Jackie:
"I write because my heart is in it. I was asked why I write the other day, and that was my reply." Jackie Williams

Jackie's Amazon bio:

J G Williams was born in Wales UK. She is married with three grown children and nine grandchildren. She has always loved horror and ghost stories. From an early age her father told her creepy tales of ghosts and ghouls. That's when her love of horror began. Besides writing, she enjoys art and looking after her menagerie of pets. There's never a dull moment in the Williams household.
She also writes children's books;The Tori-Jean Series is available now. Written for young children, so too Liam and Storm's Space Adventure. Great little books for kids. She's also written a book on Fibromyalgia called, Baby Steps, Facing up to Fibromyalgia. Horror, Poetry, life and Children's come from the same pen. Pop in and say hello.
J G Williams
Author Jackie Williams

My favorite book of  Jackie's is Emilia

Book description:

When Susanna and Ruben's baby is born, they discover that she was a twin...was, because the twin died in birth. The hollowed eyes of the newborn sends a fear through Susanna and she and her husband vow never to speak of their deceased child again. Emelia will be their only child. However there is something not right about their daughter, something Ruben realizes early on, while Susanna looks the other way.

This great book is no longer available on Kindle because the publisher folded. Keep your eye's peeled to get available paperbacks. I sure hope Jackie re-publishes this on her own.

Check out Jackie's Amazon Author Page and get some of her great books. You'll be glad you did.

J. G. Williams is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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