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Carole Gill is my Woman In Horror today! As I have said in past posts, she certainly deserves the honor! Carole is my favorite Gothic Vampire author, bar none. The House On Blackstone Moor   starts off  The Blackstone Vampire Series, and a grand beginning it is. This story, as are the rest in the series, are Gothic Horror at its best. This is  horror in the style of Stoker, albeit, in my opinion, up a notch or three.

There are no sparkly Vampire tales from her pen. Her tales are filled with blood, gore, and mayhem when her Vampires strike. Horror is everywhere. There are many victims, as her stories certainly have an abundance of these fanged creatures.
Even though darkness is present through every fiber of her tales, The House On Blackstone Moor also includes love. Yes, love. But how is that love to survive when we deal with ancient, decadent creatures where even the best of them are horror incarnate? This is not an easy task, my friends, and the only solution for you to wrap your head around this is to read her thrilling novels.

From madhouses, ancient magic, good and evil, and Satan worship, Rose Baines fights a tough struggle to survive, let alone think about love. But it is interwoven into the tale, showing us that deep inside us, no matter how difficult things become, that the spark of love exists, no matter the horrible price one must pay.

The sequel, Unholy Testament, brings history to life as Carole brings some of the most horrific people from the past front and center. This romp through time is nothing like what you read in the history books. In Unholy Testament - Full Circle, Carole continues the story of Eco, a villain bad enough to rank amongst the worst of all time.

The Fourth Bride is filled with twists and turns, and contains erotic sex and graphic violence. Many say this is Carole's finest novel. I believe that if you are looking for an extreme story of decadence, you will find it here.

Some of her books delve into sci-fi writing. I happen to love science fiction and Carole writes it so well. Having read her tales in this genre, I would have to say that her approach is refreshing after reading a lot of the pap that is bandied about. Her tales have a "maybe this could happen" feel to
them, no matter what road they follow. Tres cool.

Carole is no flash in the pan. She is the real deal.

Carole's bio:

"I've always written but life, as it often does, got in the way and I turned back to writing some years ago. In 2000 I was selected by North West Playwrights of England for further development but found I preferred writing fiction (novels and short stories).

My fiction is not easy on the heart. It will frighten you and shock you. You might never be the same after reading it. But you know what? Maybe that's good. Perhaps I am doing my job. I'm not just dishing out novels to make up series, I'm giving you a piece of my soul. I'm telling you, if you care to read my work, the dark side is evil! It always was. Satan is wicked, his demons are his servants.

No reward can await those who forfeit heaven for a taste of hell.

Most crucially of all because I write vampire fiction, I portray my vampires as VAMPIRES, yes they may be capable of love but it is tortured love. They are not happy little fairies prancing about enchanted forests. They do not inhabit a pleasant world, if they are good it is because "they do less evil than themselves."

That quote by the way is from "The House on Blackstone Moor."

If you are a mature reader and want to read gothic fiction that portrays evil as being evil, then please check out my books and short stories. If not, go in peace and with my blessing. We are all different and that is good because diversity enriches the genre!

The House On Blackstone Moor is literary style horror at its darkest. The themes are vampirism, madness, obsession and devil worship."

Amazon bio:

Carole Gill is published by Creativia. She writes dark Gothic romance as well as contemporary horror.
Preditors & Editors’ Readers’ POLL
Her acclaimed 4-novel series, The Blackstone Vampires:
2014 - Amazon Bestseller in Dark Fantasy - THE BLACKSTONE VAMPIRES OMNIBUS
2015 - Amazon Bestseller in Vampire Horror - THE BLACKSTONE VAMPIRES OMNIBUS
2015 - Amazon Bestseller in Horror Anthologies - HOUSE OF HORRORS
eBook Festival of Words 2014
Best Horror: The House on Blackstone Moor and
Best Villain: Eco
Top 10 Books - 2013 - The House on Blackstone Moor
Aoife Marie Sheridan - ALL THINGS FANTASY
Publisher, Ultimate Fantasy Books
92 Horror authors you need to read right now,
Carole Gill - The Blackstone Vampires Series. ~Charlotte Books Examiner,
Justine: Into The Blood Book One - Blood and Passion Series is on sale at Amazon.
Book 2, Anat: Blood Princess, follows.
I, Bathory, Queen of Blood, a novel about the Blood Countess Erzsebat Bathory is her latest book.
For dark horror fans there is, Carole Gill's House of Horrors and the novel, Circus of Horrors.
In 2000 she was selected by Northwest Playwrights of England for further development. Short stories and novels were what she preferred to write.
Her story, The Devil's Work is being broadcast web and television in the Fragments of Fear Program in 2016.
facebook author page:
She is widely published in horror and sci-fi anthologies:
Fragments of Fear tv and You Tube, 'The Devil's Work
Killing it Softly, Digital Fiction Publishing Corp.
Sideshow, published by PsychoPomp
After Armeagedon short story collection by Brian L. Porter (guest story by Carole Gill)
Rogues Gallery, The Illustrated Police News, Firbolg
Enter at Your Own Risk: Dark Muses Spoken Silences Firbolg
Vampires: Romance to Rippers an Anthology of Tasty Tales
A S Publications: Enter at Your Own Risk: Old Masters New Voices, An Anthology of Gothic Literature,
Fresh Fear: Contemporary Horror
Triskaideka Books' Masters of Horror Anthology One,
Triskaideka Books' Masters of Horror Damned If You Don't,
Sonar 4 Publishing's Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2010,
SNM's Bonded By Blood3 Languish In Lament,
Sonar 4 Publishing's Whitechapel 13, Anthology,
Rymfire's Undead Tales,
Rymfire's Zombie Winter,
Rymfire's Zombie Writing
Angelic Knight Press' Satan's Toy Box: Demonic Dolls and
Whitechapel 13, An Anthology of the Victorian Era
Sci Fi Almanac 2009 and 2010 and
Science Fiction Freedom Magazine, issues 1-4,
Sci Fi Talk's Tales of Time and Space.

One of Carole's great books is I, Bathory, Queen Of Blood

Book description:

In present day New York, a woman is writing her memoirs...

Born in 16th century Hungary, Damita wasn't always known by her current name. A human monster with absolute power, she murdered and tortured for pleasure.

After her confrontation with Darvulia, she thought that blood could reverse any sign of aging. And in her death, she was raised by her vampire lover, Anton.

Spanning centuries and concluding in modern day, this is the story of Damita, previously known as Erzsebet Bathory - The Blood Countess.

Carole writes some of the best Gothic tales out there. And, no one beats her when it comes to Vampire stories.

Carole Gill is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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