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Suzie Lockhart is my Woman In Horror today!  Suzie is not only a great author, she is a great editor and business lady as well. Much of this post comes direct from Suzie last year. Of course, I will update and add in some of my own thoughts on what makes Suzie such a fantastic author and editor.  
And now I present Suzie Lockhart.

Blaze McRob

"Hello my dear friend, Robert!

Thanks for handling things in this manner for me. WiHM really appreciates all you do to promote us! You rock!

First, I’ll offer a BIO/outline:

I began writing horror about 6 years ago, and as Bruce was on home-bound studies and discovered he was equally creepy…well, you know the rest.

To date we’ve been published about 50 times in dozens of eZines & paperback anthologies. We labored over an 85,000 word YA manuscript that made it to the desk of several good agents, but ultimately didn’t make the final cut. A major life change nearly two-years-ago put that on the back-burner for a bit. We also edited five anthologies together, two won top-ten P&E Readers’ Awards. In 2016 Digital Fiction Publishing released my first solo attempt with ‘Killing It Softly’, an all-female anthology I was managing editor for. Thanks to my hard-working publisher, the 32 amazing authors gracing the pages, and a top-notch copy editor, we hit #2 in this year’s P&E Poll. ‘KIS’ has been a best-seller on Amazon, and we are working on expanding distribution.

"Second, a few unknown facts…maybe?

In 7th grade, I wanted to write, and was highly encouraged by teachers to do so. I have an IQ in the ‘gifted range’, and was put in advanced English classes every year. But, like a number of ‘creative-types’, I was also good in other creative endeavors. By my senior year, art won out and I went on to study at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I ended up working in retail and making jewelry on the side for a few years before I landed a job back at ‘A.I.P.’, as an Assistant Director of Admissions. I took some writing and illustrating books in the evening, and was once again encouraged to write. After having my 3 boys, I stopped working full-time, and after being trained to do caricatures by the incomparable Angela Love, I worked the festival circuit for a few years.

Eventually, the fibromyalgia I’ve been fighting since the age of 27 made it impossible to sit drawing for hours on end. I went back to jewelry.

In 2008 I had a daughter at the ripe old age of 43. (lol) All those little beads didn’t bode well with a toddler running about, so guess what I decided to try my hand at again…?

Initially, I wanted to write romance and YA. But a little horror story I wrote, then another, then another…

I find that people have a misconception of horror-writers…female, in particular. I’ve had close family and friends frown on my writing about ‘dark’ stuff. One even said it ‘changed’ me. Things like that hurt. But, I have found a warm and accepting home in the horror community!

The past year has been a journey to acceptance…accepting myself! There is no law saying I can’t be the born-again Christian and a horror writer—both. (At least, not yet…) And I can love my Christian friends, my atheist friends, my horror writing friends, my white friends, black friends, gay friends, etc…ALL the same! (OOPsie, now I sound like I am making a political statement) And I can love myself, even though my creative brain makes it very hard for that other side to function!

I tell you all this, in order to tell my writer & creative friends—be who you are. Don’t be afraid…
And in the words of the great Mary Shelley—“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.”



Here is Suzie's Amazon Author Page link:

Below is the superb anthology Suzie was talking about before.

The Best by Women in Horror
Thirty-two waking nightmares; keep the lights on!

Suzie Lockhart and Digital Horror Fiction are thrilled to present 32 chilling tales of terror from some of the best authors in horror. Killing It Softly includes stories from New York Times best selling authors Nancy Holder and Elaine Cunningham, together with more shocking short nightmares from the finest award winning female writers in the genre.

Your heart won’t stop pounding as you dig into the pages of this book; from the moment you immerse yourself in the first tale, about a women waking to find herself inside a coffin, buried alive, until the last, a coming of age story about a sixteen-year-old’s journey of self-discovery amidst all hell breaking loose. You’ll find your proof that women can, indeed, do a wicked dance between science fiction and horror as they penetrate your darkest thoughts, to bring forth stories promising to leave you with a lingering anxiety you can’t seem to shake. Any romantic notions of vampires will be crushed, and dark and twisted plots will confirm definitively that females can even write about zombies. We dare you to read stories that will leave you deeply disturbed, and some that will slice into your very soul. It wouldn’t be horror if there wasn’t an ode to Edgar Allen Poe...we have two masterfully written tales. There are stories off the odd and unusual, stories that take a perilous dive into worlds of disturbing shadows, and there’s even an exorcism”"in a tale that daringly addresses the heartbreaking disease that is alcoholism.

Enter at your own risk...

Featuring: Rebecca Snow, H.R. Boldwood, Christine Lucas, Gerri Leen, Tracie McBride, Rie Sheridan Rose, Aliya Whiteley, Marion Pitman, Jenner Michaud, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Carole Gill, Tina Rath, Airika Sneve, Carson Buckingham, Chantal Boudreau, Eleanor R. Wood, Nidhi Singh, Rebecca J. Allred, Rebecca Fraser, Jo-Anne Russell, K. S. Dearsley, Amanda Northrup Mays, M.J. Sydney, Rose Blackthorn, Annie Neugebauer, Elaine Cunningham, Sandra Kasturi, Jess Landry, Sarah Hans, Lillian Csernica, Tory Hoke, and Nancy Holder

5/5 STARS "There are 32 amazing stories in this collection and it certainly does not disappoint!" - Veronica Vasquez

5/5 "Great read." - Linda Gordon
Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Thank you for your interest.

Not one to be sitting on her laurels, Suzie put Killing It Softly 2 together.

The Best by Women in Horror

The first ‘Killing It Softly’ was just the tip of the iceberg…

Beneath the icy depths of this next installment, you’ll be plunged into a world where 38 female horror writers give you a glimpse of their inner-demons, unleashing the hell-fire they suppress in the ‘real’ world. It will disturb you to discover what really lurks inside their minds, because many of these stories delve into pain that can only be experienced by women—leaving you unhinged as you curl up with them during their darkest hour.

Post-partum depression, hording, anorexia, and mental health will be brought to light when viewed through the shadowy perspective of cognitive deception.

Sci-fi, romance, steam-punk, and fantasy intertwine with horror to deliver unsettling, chilling stories; traditional tales of witches, zombies, werewolves, and vampires will be told in twisted new ways that will shock, unnerve, and even repulse you…and within these pages, sometimes new monsters will arise from the ashes.

You may even discover that women can not only write good horror…but in some cases, can do it better.

Part 1 – Another Space, Another Time
The Whims of My Enemy – Amanda J. Spedding
A Moveable Feast – Jenny Blackford
Softly into the Morning – L. D. Colter
Whispers in the Wax – Tonia Brown
The Screaming Key – Lillian Csernica
Framed – Diana Catt
Bloody Rain – Rie Sheridan Rose
The Idlewild Letters – H.R. Boldwood
Kristall Tag – Holly Newstein
The Adventure of My Ignoble Ancestress – Nancy Holder

Part II – Monster Party
The Devil’s in the Details – Stacey Longo
Octavia – Chantal Boudreau
The Skeench – Debra Robinson
Sandcastle Sacrifices – Jennifer Brozek
Unfilial Child – Laurie Tom
Milk and Cookies – M.J. Sydney
Figaro, Figueroa – Karen Heuler
Scarecrow – Vonnie Winslow Crist
A Great and Terrible Hunger – Elaine Cunningham

Part III – Cognitive Deception
Belongings – Abra Staffin-Wiebe
Evil Little Girl – Barb Goffman
Blue – Julie Travis
The Devil Inside – Shannon Connor Winward
Shining Brook and the Ice Moon Spirit – Jean Graham
Damaged Goods – Lindsey Goddard
Project Handbasket – Rebecca J. Allred
Behind the Eight Ball – Lena Ng
A Faithful Companion – Deborah Sheldon
Omega – Airika Sneve

Part IV – The Changed and the Undead
Little Fingers – Christine Morgan
Golden Rule – Donna J. W. Munro
Fifth Sense – Tina Rath
Cycle – Rebecca Fraser
The Hand of God – Gerri Leen
Vile Deeds – Suzie Lockhart
The Holy Spear – Barbara A. Barnett
Skin and Bones – Rebecca Snow
Death Warmed Over – Rachel Caine

Killing It Softly 2, as did Killing It Softly, reached #2 at Preditors & Editors Readers' Poll for Anthologies. Way to go, Suzie!

Check out Suzie's Amazon Author Page for her other fantastic books and see why Suzie Lockhart is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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