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Nicole Hadaway is my Woman In Horror today! She writes fascinating Vampire tales. Her Miranda Dandridge series starts in Brooklyn, and travels to New Orleans and Egypt before taking hold in WWII and Nazi Europe. How's that for a superb scenario?

Miranda and her brother Cray travel from adventure to adventure while growing up, both taking different attitudes towards humans: Cray likes to eat them, and Miranda is fascinated by them.
When WWII arrives, Miranda finds herself in war-torn Nazi Europe and tries to help the children she finds there. She meets up with a Jewish doctor trying to save his fellow Jews from the atrocities of the Nazi death camps, and love develops between them. Mix well and we have Release, Nicole's novel. 
So, my friends, if you wish to read about off-beat Vampires, Nazis, war, history, fallen Angels, demons, a werewolf, and more, you will find what you are looking for in the great words of Nicole Hadaway.

On a personal level, I have known many people who suffered at the hands of the Nazis during WWII and feel so much for what the Holocaust victims went through. To me, Release exemplifies the worst in real life horror and also shows there are heroes who will do anything for the cause of what is right.

In Nicole's words:

"My short stories  show how Miranda met some of her friends: Egypt, 1906; Brooklyn 1830; New Orleans, 1842. They feature Miranda and her brother, Cray, who is somewhat of a rebel. Whereas Miranda loves humans and immerses herself in their world, Cray really only uses them for food and fun. Of course, he's got his secrets, but don't all bad boys?"

In response to why she writes horror:

"It depends on why you write -- to sell books or express yourself. I write my stories because they've been inside my head so long, I feel they should be told"  Nicole Hadaway

Amazon bio:

As a lawyer, Nicole Hadaway knows all about bloodsuckers and deals with the devil. She currently lives in Texas. Her novel, Release, was published by Visionary Press in January 2013 (previously it was published by Vamplit Publishing), and the same characters are featured in several short stories available on Amazon: Egypt, 1906; Brooklyn, 1830; and New Orleans, 1842.

Book description:

The ends justify the means...
For vampire Miranda Dandridge, using her supernatural abilities to rescue children from impossible circumstances is her means to be a part of the human world that she loves so much, despite the atrocities of WWII.
For doctor Ben Gongliewski, saving his fellow Jews from the horrific death camps is an end for which he risks his own life every day, hiding his Jewish heritage while feigning loyalty to the SS.
Neither Miranda nor Ben expect to find love in World War II Europe, but that is exactly what happens as they work for the Resistance. When the war draws to a close, it seems like the vampire and the doctor are free to start a future together. But just how far the Nazis will go to further their own evil ends?
Desperate times make for ruthless men as loves and lives are threatened, but, Miranda and Ben know that their world cannot go to hell, not by any means…

Nicole has four entire chapters of Release up on Amazon for you to sample for free. After checking it out, you'll definitely want to purchase the novel!

Nicole Hadaway is absolutely a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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