Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Mary L. Underwood is my Woman In Horror today! Mary writes chilling Gothic horror, and is a superb editor as well. She is great at taking the terror from that which exists around us and turning it into a masterpiece of words whispering at us from everywhere, drawing them into our minds and souls, and not allowing us to escape the grip of their agony. This is beyond good. It is great! Not everyone has this talent. Ah, but my friend Mary L. Underwood does.

I so like a piece that Mary wrote the other year that I will repeat it here:

"I think the edge I have with horror is that it truly frightens me. My husband and I will go to see a creepy movie and, when the lights go up, people in the theater turn, look at me and chuckle because (I'm sure) they heard me gasp and squeak in fear during the flick. I think if you are going to write love stories, at some time in your life you have to have experienced love. Along those same lines, if you are going to write horror, you have to understand fear. I understand fear.

"My favorite thing to do with my writing is to write from the monster's perspective or point of view. No true monster sees himself as a monster. In fact, they often see themselves as a hero. It is all perspective. I am fond of saying that Hitler did not see himself as the rest of the world saw him. Also, all of my monsters have ethics. Their ethics are not what your ethics or mine are, but they live by their own set of rules and they abide by those rules and they BELIEVE in them. I think the most successful I have ever felt, as a writer, was when a friend of mine read my short story, "The Believer," (which is a vampire story written from the vampire's point of view). After having read my vampire argue religion with a priest, my friend (who is very religious) was very angry with me for several weeks. (My vampire had some very well thought out arguments.)"
Her Smashwords bio:

"Mary L. Underwood, who has been a published journalist and columnist for more than 20 years, is new to the world of horror. “Horror stories have always really scared me,” she explained. “Maybe that is the secret to my success. I really do feel the fright and transfer it to the page.” Most recently Mary has been published in VICIOUS SPIRITS, an anthology of ghost stories with her 9,000 word short story, THE CHORES, and in VICIOUS BITES, an anthology of vampire stories where her 10,000 word story, THE BELIEVER, won the “best new vampire concept” award. Both these stories are now available as digital downloads for your e-reader."

I am honored to be a fellow author with Mary and some other talented authors in the anthology I Believe In Werewolves from Netbound Publishing. I feel that her tale For The Good Of the Fatherland is one of the best stories in this tome. Read it and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Teeth, fangs and claws, rent flesh, and howls in the night send fear as the creatures that were once men bring terror and death to those they encounter. Werewolves, vicious demons of the night, hunt for prey as their hell curse drives them to a destiny undreamed by them as men.

Netbound Publishing is pleased to announce what will be the first in a series of horror collections that will become an integral part of their “Night Terrors” imprint.

We've gathered together the best in independent horror authors to create a fresh and exciting anthology that will leave you wanting to howl at the moon. Your screams will fill the night as you read from one story to the next, each more terrifying than the last, as Werewolves feast on your nerves.


Afternoon Tea by Jennifer Tucker, Winter Moon by John Irvine, Justice Comes With The Moon by Jeremiah Coe, The Hunger Within by Elizabeth Kolodziej, Werewolves Of Mauvin by Robert A. Read, The Reunion by Melissa Stevens, No Poaching Allowed by Rob M. Miller, Lily's Angel by Shawn Pfister, The Lycaning by Lori R. Lopez, Parenting - Not For The Faint Of Heart by Scott M. Goriscak, Lakota Justice by Blaze McRob, For The Good Of The Fatherland by Mary L. Underwood, Queen Of The Dogs by Lee Pletzers, Once Bitten - Not So Shy by Sirrah Medeiros, Lie Canthropy by Jerry McKinney, The Seventh Son by Melissa Stevens, Mouretta by Linda M. Lovecraft, Solitary by Michael Bertolini, Wolf Killer by Mikel B. Classen, The Investigation by Jennifer Tucker

Check out the Amazon and Smashwords links I have provided and check out other great books by Mary.

Mary L. Underwood is indeed a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob 

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