Thursday, February 8, 2018


Lori Safranek is my Woman In Horror today! This young lady has a lot going for her. Her Freaked Out series is going great, and already this year, she has three short stories going into publications. Way to go, Lori!

Lori now has six books in the Freaked Out series. The covers are done by Jeffrey Kosh, so they're outstanding. She has combined all the tales into one novel-length book

A project she is uber-excited about is a Zombie novel she will write. Where does this take place? Ah, on the prairies of her home state of Nebraska.This will definitely be interesting! I can hardly wait for this one. Lori is not new to Zombie writing, either. We share space in the delightful Fifty Shades of Decay. Of course, we added passion to the zombie world in that tome. I'm not looking for any in the novel Lori will write.

Lori believes in giving back to the community of authors, doing a lot of beta reading, interviews and such. But to her, this has many pluses. One is finding new authors to read and more friends to be made. That's what this business is all about, isn't it? Yes, writing is a profession, the same as any other, and like all artists, we should be compensated for it. However, I firmly believe, as many have said, that the best way to market yourself is to write a great book. Then you write more great books. Pretty simple, isn't it? Lori does this and is well on her way. She doesn't do a lot of her own horn-tooting, so it is up to people like myself and her many author friends to spread the word. That's what we do. It is the right thing to do. I do it because I feel obligated to show talented artists to the world. Lori is certainly one. My joy comes when people say, "Blaze McRob said this lady writes a scintillating tale of horror. I read her books and Blaze is right. She is great!"

And for this reason, my friends, the very uniqueness and awesome power behind her pen, I have to say that Lori Safranek is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

Amazon bio:
Lori Safranek's Freaked Out series takes a creepy look at life in the circus sideshow. Marie, the tale of the Fat Lady in the sideshow, was the first book in the series, followed up with Mesmer, a hypnotist gone bad. Lily Dean explores the life of a snake charmer with special skills. Smudge is about a tattooed man whose tattoos have a mind of their own! More twisted tales of freaks on the sideshow coming soon.
Lori spent several years as a newspaper reporter in Nebraska before deciding to try her hand at fiction writing. In addition to her Freaked Out series, she contributed to the Fifty Shades of Decay: Zombie Erotica anthology; Dead Harvest anthology; Cellar Door II; Slaughter House: Serial Killer Edition; and had a story published in Tim Baker's novel Unfinished Business.
Lori lives in Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband and two dogs. She can be found on Facebook at Author Lori Safranek.

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