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Lily Childs is my Woman In Horror today! Pretty much, Lily's Amazon bio below will tell you a lot about this talented lady's work. However, there are a few other things I wish to say.

Lily edited February Femmes Fatales and has some great stories in this anthology as well. This is an all woman collection and I believe every reader of the Dark will find something here to whet their appetites. This is the first of Lily's projects which attracted me to her mastery at the craft.

From Lily:
"Just signed the contract with Crystal Lake Publishing for my story Woe, Violent Water to be included in Tales from the Lake: Volume 3. The anthology's lovely editor Monique Snyman says I'm allowed to tell you, so there we have it! Very excited to be part of such a great series from a highly respected publisher."

Gotta love this! I'm in a number of books created by Crystal Lake Publishing, and Joe Mynhardt is a class act!

 Amazon bio:

 Lily Childs is a writer of dark fiction, horror and chilling mysteries.

*New! WITHIN WET WALLS, is a short, gothic ghost story which undulates through time within the wet walls of Wealdstone House. Slip into Eliza Lundy's Victorian sub-existence of servitude and debauchery, laced with opium and absinthe. Taste the terror. Embrace life... while you can.

Eliza's wandering spirit will take you by the hand, by the throat, by the lips. Enter her darkness to discover the beautiful horrors that reside there. She's waiting. She's always waiting. For you. Out in chapbook and ebook formats. (30 pages)

THE HOUSE OF THREE is a ghostly short story set in a dilapidated Victorian terraced house, where siblings Sarah and Johnny return to face the horrors of their tragic past. Out in chapbook and ebook formats. (34 pages)

Available now in paperback and for Kindle. FEBRUARY FEMMES FATALES, a collection of dark fiction and poetry written by twenty-three women from across the globe. Sixty-eight quick sips of horror, crime and noir; tales of revenge, murder and the supernatural. Published by Ganglion Press, edited by Lily Childs.

December 2013 saw the arrival of THE BESTIARUM VOCABULUM, the second in the "Tres Librorum Prohibitorum" series from Western Press Publishing, edited by Dean M. Drinkel. It includes Lily's 1930s trippy journey RAPTURE, and introduces the being that calls itself Veltis.

November 2013: STRANGE TASTES - a contemporary cannibal thriller - was released in the terrifying new compilation FRESH FEAR: CONTEMPORARY HORROR, by James Ward Kirk Fiction, edited by William Cook.

In September 2013 Lily won an Editor's Choice award for her chilling tale, The Ossillatrice Shift in BONES, an anthology from James Ward Kirk Fiction.

March 2013 saw the release of long-awaited horror anthology THE DEMONOLOGIA BIBLICA, including Lily's story THE TWISTWEAVER'S SON. This collection features some of the best horror writers of the moment - Barbie Wilde, William Meikle, Jan Edwards, John Palisano, Mark West, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Adrian Chamberlain, Raven Dane and more. Edited by Dean M. Drinkel it is the first in a collection of anthologies to be published by Western Legends throughout 2013 under the banner "Tres Librorum Prohibitorum".

April 2013 - the paperback version of CABARET OF DREAD: A HORROR COMPENDIUM VOL.1. Eleven terrifying tales studded and sewn together with thirty-two flash frighteners. Perfect to read on the go. This collection of Lily's horror stories is already live as an eBook for Kindle on all Amazon platforms. [Extreme horror - adult only].

Author of the urban fantasy novella 'MAGENTA SHAMAN' Lily has now released the terrifying second episode in the series, 'MAGENTA SHAMAN STONES THE CROW'. Both books are available to download direct to your Kindle from Amazon.

Published as an ebook in 2011, 'COURTING DEMONS - A COLLECTION OF DARK VERSE.' is now available in paperback. Thirty-two wickedly macabre poems to trouble and delight you.
Lily's stories 'The Infanta Triptych' and 'Walls of Flesh' are featured in the extreme vampire horror collection 'Their Dark Masters'. Read her tale 'Softly' - a morbid dialogue - in Caught By Darkness or wander though Daily Bites of Flesh 2011 which includes two further works 'Spangles' and 'Pustula Peculiar'. All available on Amazon.

Many more of Lily's short gothic horrors, ghost stories and nerve-janglers are currently touring publisher and the blogosphere. She has a novel or three on the way - all set in the south of England where she lives, a stone's throw from the sea.

She blogs at where you can read some of her fiction, dark verse, reviews and interviews. Follow her on Twitter @LilyChilds and at

Lily is former Horror Editor at award-winning e-zine Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers.

Here is the great anthology that introduced me to Lily Childs. February Femmes Fatales

Lily has a number of stories in this great tome and also did the editing for this fantastic collection of horror by some of the best Women In Horror!

Book description:

 Edited by Lily Childs – a collection of dark and wicked words from twenty-three women, the FEBRUARY FEMMES FATALES.

From quick sips of short, sharp micro-fiction to full-length stories; from poetry to a novel tease, ‘February Femmes Fatales - the book’ dishes out fear by the bucketload.
Noir, horror, crime, myths. Travel in time. Be reborn. Take revenge.

Meet demons. Dally with ghosts. Fight gun totin’ kick-ass gals with gumption… and dig deeper, where you’ll encounter war crimes, murder and foul-play. Not to mention a deadly dose of darkest humour.

The writers have offered up a smokin’ selection of dark fiction and poetry which will make your skin crawl, have you wiping away tears or laughing out loud. May they terrify and unnerve you.
Sweet dreams...
The authors:
R.S. Bohn
Lily Childs
Erin Cole
Dorothy Davies
Sandra Davies
Marissa Farrar
Ellie Garratt
Sue Harding
Anna Harris
Helen A. Howell
A.J. Humpage
Susan May James
Rebecca Kovar
Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw
Jodi MacArthur
Marietta Miles
Laurita Miller
Katherine Moriarty
Tania Redd
Icy Sedgwick
Lou Treleaven

Lily is a multi-talented lady. Her great books are not to be missed.

Lily Childs is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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