Tuesday, January 2, 2018


There has been a lot of controversy lately with artists of all kinds, and that includes authors, of not being politically correct. I have been wondering about that myself. I've been reading a lot of Mickey Spillane and Raymond Chandler detective novels lately and find that they were not kind to various races and sexual preferences. Probably, they would not be written the same today. However, they were a product of their times - 30's, 40's, and 50's for the most part - and that's the way people were in those times. Their stories were honest representations of the way many folks thought and spoke back then.

Mark Twain was often chastised for his use of certain words in his writings. Some were on and off the banned list because of his use of the N word. Once again, Twain wrote in the vernacular of the day.

One point to get straightened out before I go any farther, I do not in any way show disrespect to anyone based on any part of who they are. It's not my style. I believe we're all equal. But, should I present a story full of fluff to my readers, one that has been watered down to the point where it is comparable to Dick And Jane? No. No matter what an author writes, someone will find fault with it.

So, what is an author to do? First of all, write what you want to write. Be true to yourself, and, as Stephen King says, never censor yourself. Use real words. The thoughts are yours. Don't pollute them according to what other people think.  

Zack Kullis and I have a collection of extreme horror out now: Club Blaze. I believe there are tales in this tome that will piss off many people. But, it's our book and we wrote it as we wanted to. No holds barred; no punches held back. Many, people, I'm sure, will love it. Others, not so much. Does it matter? No. There's a lot of shit going on in the world. Evil stuff. We write about that. That's our job. To write in any other way would tell the world we're fakes, writing to the ever changing climate of social justice.

Probably some time next year, I will be writing some hard-boiled detective stories. I love the genre. Always have. Which way I go, as far as the language is concerned, depends upon the time frame I put it in. I remember many of the areas of New York City which Spillane wrote about. I was born in the forties and remember the street language in the fifties and early sixties. Obviously, going along with what I wrote above, my wording would have to be true to those times, if that's my choice of setting and time. I might decide on post-Vietnam days in Oregon and Colorado. Those were entirely different times. I lived those days and remember them well. All of them. That comes with life experience. And since I never forget anything and hold a grudge forever, I will be certain to vent a lot. I'm entitled. It's my book.

So, my friends, if you write a book you love, others will love it too. Not everyone, but that doesn't matter. Your story will come from your soul and will ring true.

Happy writing!

Blaze McRob   

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