Sunday, January 14, 2018


I wrote and posted this last year, and I'm putting it up here again. The link still carries the entire article. The post pretty much says it all.

The above post is a rather interesting one, I think. Hamden Rice is quite eloquent in talking about a discussion between his dad and him. Obviously, his father's message got across to him, and Hamden came to some concrete truths.

I read a lot of literature from both sides of the fence and keep an open mind on what happens around us. This article points out what Martin Luther King actually accomplished. The sixties were hell-on-wheels for many people. We had the war in 'Nam, and we had the Civil Rights movement. While many people equate John and Robert Kennedy with being major players in the Civil Rights Movement, the truth of the matter is they were not. They were actually ashamed of what others around the world were seeing in regards to what happened in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and other states. They told the Civil Rights leaders to chill.

Martin Luther King, the Freedom Riders, and others, refused to chill. How they were able to use a non-violent approach is beyond me. With so many politicians and idiot bigots running amok, it was an impossible task. And yet, they did.

I would prefer you read this article without me detailing what it contains, but remember one thing: white people are not responsible for Civil Rights having advanced as they did back then. Black people are.

Martin Luther King, you were a great man. You took upon you the mantle of responsibility and did your best, and you suffered for it. We suffered for it as well, for you are no longer with us. I will never forget that day in Alabama that I got to shake your hand. One day down the road, I hope to do it again.

Blaze McRob

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