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The Dead Game, by Susanne Leist, is a great novel for fans of Vampire stories. Actually, there's a lot more going on within the pages of this tome. Mystery awaits thee. Shenanigans of the nasty kind lurk in the shadows. The paranormal beings are waiting for you to read what they're up to. Indulge them. After all, this is their game. The Dead Game.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

Book 1 in Series
After graduating college, Linda Bennett leaves New York for the slower-paced lifestyle of Oasis, Florida. She opens a bookstore and makes new friends. Life is simple-that is until the dead body washes up on shore. She is horrified to learn that dead bodies and disappearing tourists are common for this small town. There is talk of secret parties being held by the original residents in their secluded mansions. Once the sun sets, the tourist-friendly town becomes a haven for evil and dark shadows. But this is only the beginning.
Linda and the other young residents receive an unsigned invitation to a party at End House, the deserted house in the forest behind town; a house with its own violent history. They are pursued through revolving rooms and dangerous traps, barely escaping with their lives. Two of their own remain trapped inside. Or so they think.
It's up to Linda and her friends to search out The Dead and find the evil one controlling their once peaceful community. Can they trust the Sheriff and his best friend, Todd?
THE DEAD GAME has begun.

Editorial Reviews


The Dead Game by Susanne Leist is a mysterious supernatural thriller withplenty of twists and turns that is well-written and keeps you turningthe page. From the first page you start a wild ride and just when youthink all is well, she throws in another twist. 
Rhonda Cratty, Parenting & Education Examiner

I was absolutely surprised by this book! I knew it had some enigmaticmystery and some dark action, but the author set up the story so well Iwas happily amazed. It starts with a very engaging character, a youngwoman who is very well portrayed in a community, Oasis, Florida. Thetown's mysteries are maze-like and become deeper and more sinister asthe book progresses. This is a very original approach to the concept of vampires and their existence.
Ray Miller "Relevant Reviewer"

The Dead Game by Susanne Leist is a top-notch haunted house horror thriller. The author excels at spookydescriptions, terrifying scenarios like opening a door and stepping into a black abyss or forever trapped in a dark maze with endless roomsstretching into infinity. Her characters are perfect and the reader caneasily connect with them.
Simon Okill, Simon's Phantom Blog

A beachfront town, a hauntedmansion, people disappearing or turning up dead--these are the elementsof gothic horror, but this unique novel has a more than a few twists.The writing is first-rate, and the pace is fast. The characters arewell-defined, and the plot is imaginative and unpredictable...
Howard Lipman, pen name PanOrpheus, author

Susanne's take on vampires is fresh andnew but you'll have to read to know. She takes the age old vampirelegend and turns it into something I've never read before...

Elle Klass, Author of As Snow Falls

From the Author

To be or not to be a writer.
This has been the hardest question for me.
Should I continue with my pursuit?
Or step away and claim defeat?
One book written.
One book sold.
It dances around on Amazon and Nook.
It reaches new heights in its niche,
And then it slowly bows its head in silence.
The highs feel good and lofty,
While the lows feel depressing and sad.
Is it worth it? 
Is it worth the aggravation?
I am told that a writer must keep writing.
More books to dance around.
More highs and lows.
Should I keep doing this?
Will I keep doing this? 
Yes, for now
As I wait for the next high.

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W. J. Howard's latest movie review is for The Stanford Prison Experiment. Go to and see how many stars she rates this movie at. While you're there, discover other great treats she has on her blog: movie reviews and much more. You'll be glad you visited!

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Follow author Lincoln Farish for a chance to win free e-books, and because his blog is great! Hustle thy bones over there.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017


 Linda Watkins has a sure-fire hit with Mateguas Island: a Novel of Terror and Suspense. This is a dark Gothic horror tale with plenty of suspense. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy!

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 What could be more idyllic than to live on an island off the coast of Maine? That's what Bill Andersen thought when he moved his family to Mateguas. But Mateguas is more than just pristine beaches nestled between rocky shores. No, Mateguas is really something quite different….

"Surprising twists and turns and a powerful old box filled with magic: these are the elements of a fine horror story that slowly builds its plot with believable protagonists and engrossing color...Any who like horror stories and gothic fiction will find Mateguas Island an exceptional read." ~ Diane Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"In Watkins’s slow-building haunted house novel, the new home that’s supposed to save a disintegrating family turns out to hold horrors from the past…The human drama and supernatural dread intertwine, and Watkins keeps the reader invested in Bill and Karen's fates." ~ PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY

"...a fast-paced and unpredictable story that is both spooky and entertaining. Mateguas Island is an absorbing horror tale and is highly recommended." ~ Jack Magnus for READERS' FAVORITE


Format: Kindle Edition
A super suspenseful novel...told slowly and deliberately with wonderfully crafted characters. Filled with rich description, this book was difficult to put down!

Living on an island off the coast of Maine is a totally new environment for this family. Karen and Bill's marriage isn't on firm footing to begin with, and there are some people on the island who become entwined in their lives, namely the beautiful piano teacher, Maggie and a handsome local, Dex. Karen is not happy and on the island and Dex falls in love with her.

I particularly liked the fishing scene with Dex and Karen. There are well-written love scenes and the actions of the characters are realistic.

The plot is well-paced and the scenes are interesting, filled with well written description. I've been on Maine islands before and this author puts you right there -- you smell and feel the ocean -- the isolation and raw beauty -- and all of the details of island life are evident.

The children find something (I don't want to spoil the story), and they take a trip that is filled with terror.

The characters are realistic and well developed; the story line is interesting and the ending is amazing. You won't be able to stop reading until you get to the end, so schedule some time to read this great book (like a rainy weekend), just make sure you're not on an island off the coast of Maine when you're reading it! 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I was completely blown away by this story. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was an award-winning book and it had received some great reviews, so I decided to read it for myself. The author does a remarkable job, not only developing the characters but also the plot. Slowly, we learn about Bill and Karen, their past, their kids, and their current predicament. It was obvious there was evil lurking in their new home, as both began to behave out of character. It was actually quite sad to watch their lives fall apart.
I wasn't sure which characters I got the most attached to... at the end, I think I just felt for the whole family. Oh and speaking of the ending... did not expect that at all! So, I guess now I have to hurry and read the sequel.
If you're ready to read a good suspense, with paranormal and horror twist, this one is highly recommended! 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
MATEGUAS ISLAND is an excellent horror novel. It's success lies in the fact that Linda Watkins builds believable - and identifiable - characters, which only ramps ups the suspense as the novel unfolds. Highly recommended for fans of the genre, and fans of good books in general.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Veronica Magenta Nero is my Woman In Horror today! I first met Magenta on Pen Of The Damned, a rather eclectic bunch of authors spinning tales and poems of a Damned, Dark nature. Her stories there are free and are inspired by the devilish, deviant, and deranged. Dark fantasy, Gothic horror, erotica, and gritty realism all find their way into her stories. Her work is also included in a number of Sirens Call ezines, including the FIFTH ANNUAL WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH ISSUE. Go to and download it for free!

From Magenta:

"Read ~ HELL'S DAUGHTER ~ a flash fiction piece I contributed to Nina D'Arcangela 's blog for #WiHM8 Women in Horror Month.
Thanks for inviting me Nina Check out the many ladies of horror featured on her blog this month."

Go to Magenta's website and get a complete list of all of her tales. It is quite impressive. Also, she has some free stories for you to read there. 

Her Facebook page will keep you up to date on what's happening in her world.
Women in Horror Month Issue

Fifth Annual
Women in Horror Month Issue

One of my favorite stories by Magenta is The Marionette, in the anthology Toys In The Attic.

Book description:

 Imagine… An old house; one that has stood many generations. WAITING… You step inside and begin to explore. Was this a good idea? You begin to doubt, but continue to step deeper within the eerie darkness. Something stirs above. Should you investigate? Wandering, you reach the second floor landing. In the center of the upstairs hall, directly above, you discover a trap door. You know, the one that leads to something so terrible, you dare not think to touch it, much less attempt to open the latch! Nevertheless, you are drawn to inspect further. Something is stirring above… of this, you have no doubt. You stand upon tiptoe, stretching as far as your fingers will allow, until you grasp the cord attached to the door. With a loud creaking, it opens, releasing a set of stairs, descending before you. Gazing up, there is nothing but a black hole. There! Again! That stirring! Against your better judgement, you begin to climb. Sweat forms upon your brow with each step, as your stomach turns sour. Still, you climb. Those few stairs feel an eternity to ascend. There at the top, nothing. Dark and empty… nothing. Your eyes adjust… Wait! Beneath the cobwebs and years of layered dust, stands a long, wooden chest. Is it locked? Hmmm… You step within the musty room. There, propped against the side of the chest, an old metal rod. You pick it up, using it to pry open what should have been left locked away, eternally. Toys! Old toys! Somewhere in the darkness, a melody plays, soft and haunting. A music box?
NO! A small carousel is moving beside you, its once colorful horses bobbing in time. You look about. There are toys everywhere! Old, broken, forgotten toys fill this attic room. A doll, cracked skull, hairless, limbs askew, stares from behind one eye, the other an empty, hollow socket. A rocking horse begins to sway in the corner. Toy soldiers, their green metal chipped and rusted. How odd; they appear in battle stance, staring… Suddenly, the trap door closes. Darkness… the stirring… These toys… You know why they have been locked away. You stand among evil incarnate. The melody stops. No one hears your final cries…

TOYS IN THE ATTIC: A COLLECTION OF EVIL PLAYTHINGS is an anthology of horror like no other. Step inside…WELCOME TO THE ATTIC

Magenta's Amazon bio: 

Veronica Magenta Nero spins dark tales and poetry, weaving threads of horror, fantasy and erotica.
She hails from Italy and currently resides in the Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia.
Twitter @VM_Nero   

Magenta does not toot her own horn a lot. She writes her stories and lets the words within them speak for her. I certainly respect her for that. In this day of authors hammering away at readers with their sales pitches, her style is very refreshing.
Veronica Magenta Nero is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob