Sunday, December 31, 2017

Terri DelCampo and I have some rather interesting discussions around the house. Terri was doing a puzzle on Jigidi, which is a fantastic online Jigsaw Puzzle website. I mentioned to her in my suave, sophisticated manner that she should put up book covers there. I thought I'd get the daggers look, but a light went off in her head and she posted one for Mists Of Papoose Pond. While she was there, she posted more for her children's stories and one of her novels. Since many kids visit this website, I would suggest that not every cover would be suitable, but many are.

What a great, fun way to spread the word about your books with a neat audience.

For your information, Mists Of Papoose Pond is only 108 pieces, but it is a challenge because of  the intermixing of mists and shading. Hey, what were you expecting? Can't make things too easy on you. For a real challenge, it could have been 500 pieces. Hmm.

Those of you with childrens' books should really have fun here. YA too. Lots of great times to be had. Get in on the excitement.

Blaze McRob

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