Saturday, July 22, 2017


Re-Civilize: Elaine ( Zpoc Exception Series Book 2 ), by Rebecca Besser, is up for sale now. This is another super addition to her other 58 books she either has on her own or in anthologies with other fine authors. This is quite an achievement. 

Check out the free sample on Amazon and decide if this great book is for you. The decision will be an easy one.

Blaze McRob                                                                                                        

Book description:

Elaine is an average teen girl. All she wants is to be noticed by the boy she likes and for her parents to relax enough to let her go on a date with him. She’s tired of her boring life where the most excitement she has is her parents fighting, which she hates.

When the zombie apocalypse wipes out the world as she knows it, she makes her way home, where she has always been overprotected and safe.

This time, home is not the fort of comfort she has always known. Instead it’s a den of danger where she’s bitten by her zombie mother.

Wounded and scared, she manages to hide. Her father comes to her rescue and attempts to get them to a safe zone he heard about on the radio. They run out of gas and end up having to find shelter. They end up in Chad’s house.

Chad tells them how he’s immune to the zombie virus, and that he believes Elaine is too, because she hasn’t turned into a zombie from her bite.

They make plans to travel together to the safe zone once Elaine is strong enough. When Chad goes to find them a new vehicle and supplies, he finds a small boy named Tad.

At the safe zone, Elaine has to deal with being separated from her father and Tad, while being forced to make a decision that will change who she has always been…and her relationship with Chad.


  1. 58 books? Wow! That's amazing. I have some serious catching up to do lol. This piece sounds thrilling so will be sure to be check it out. thanks :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, DRC! How's everything going with you?