Friday, May 26, 2017


Witches Among Us, by Kathryn Meyer Griffith, is out now. This is The Fourth Spookie Town Murder Mystery ( Spookie Town Murder Mysteries Book 4 ). Kathryn is one fantastic author, and you will not want to miss this great book! Go to the free sample on Amazon and see if you don't agree with me. I know you'll want to purchase her book.

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Blaze McRob

Book description:

Spookie is a quaint village often cloaked in fog and filled with mysteries. The usual eccentric characters are here for their fourth murder mystery and the case is one which really hits close to home this time for Myrtle, the town’s Perry Como singing and wagon-pulling bag lady. Her sister Evelyn, the local animal hoarder, is missing. Strange miniature figures fashioned of twigs are found hanging from one of Evelyn’s trees as warnings. Because of them Myrtle fears a coven of wanted-to-be witches she once knew, and escaped from, almost sixty year ago could be behind the kidnapping because she stole their ancient black grimoire–and they want it back. But Myrtle doesn’t want to let them have it because she believes the grimoire is dangerously real. The book mustn’t fall into the wrong hands and the old coven’s hands are covered in blood. So Myrtle again seeks Frank and Abigail’s help in getting her sister back, alive, and protecting the grimoire. What they don’t know is a fourth addition to their team of sleuths, a mysterious psychic and new addition to the town, will emerge and join the battle…but whose side will she be on? Is she merely a psychic or is she something more? And will they get Evelyn back alive or will the old witches find and possess the grimoire first? The fourth Spookie Town Murder Mystery.


  1. Thank you Robert for the plug. I can always use promotion. I'm still writing and am now working on book #26...the long awaited sequel to my 1993 horror novel Witches. Yep, only took me 24 years to get to it, ha, ha. I hope you are well and happy. Your friend, Kathryn Meyer Griffith

  2. I'm always glad to give you a plug, my friend! Keep your great books coming!