Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Red Tide, by David Reuben Aslin, is an action-packed Vampire/paranormal detective/mystery you will be sure to love. David has 42 reviews up on Amazon for this great book. Also, there is a generous free sample for you to read.

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Blaze McRob

Book description:

Paranormal Investigator, Ian McDermott, has come to the small coastal river city of Astoria, Oregon … to investigate a rash of recent slayings, that in their wake, have left the banks of the Columbia River littered with horrifically mutilated, completely exsanguinated … rotting corpses.

All leads point to the new waterfront nightclub aptly named: The Morgue—devilishly devised by its unabashedly flamboyant owner, Vladimir Drago Salizzar (a self-proclaimed vampiric creature of the night), to attract Gothic types and presumed vampire role-playing raving revelers.

Ian, along with his four-legged friend, Scout, and his financial benefactor’s niece, Zoey, finds himself in way beyond his depth, caught up in an unimaginable web of extreme danger, malevolent evil, and demonic deceit, in this terrifying tale that will leave you breathless at every twist and turn; as you dive deep into the cold hellish abyss that is … Red Tide – The Flavel House Horror / Vampires of the Morgue.

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