Sunday, April 2, 2017


Eye Of The Storm: Eilida's Tragedy, by Elle Klass, is Volume 1 in the Ruthless Storm Trilogy. I purchased it last year and really love it! I'm not sure how long this great tome will be free, but it is at the present time. Like I said, there are other books in the series, so you get the chance to cut your horror teeth on this one.

Elle writes fantastic horror, so get this novel now!

Blaze McRob

Book description:

It’s a normal day for Sunshine as she takes the seat at her desk as receptionist at the Lyden Times until the tragedy of a young nameless woman floods the newsroom. Her head and body covered in bloody gashes and fresh bruises. Sunshine forms an immediate interest and digs into her life. After learning her identity, Eilida, she pokes around her hometown where she is mistaken for Eilida. Soon Sunshine’s world crashes. Everything she loved begins to fade. She trades in her skirts and heels for jeans and sneakers. A ghost avails itself to her and a man with eyes dark as coal stalks her dreams and waking nightmares. Her fiancĂ© worries as he can’t wrap his mind around her transformation yet refuses to let go. Time ticks down as their wedding date approaches on the anniversary of a day that changed Eilida’s life forever…