Thursday, April 13, 2017


Book Dreams - Volume 1 is the first anthology from Brain to Books. There are many great stories by super authors included within its pages. I am familiar with many of them and happy to find new authors to read. Check out some fantastic stories and poems!

Blaze McRob

Book description:

Brain to Books presents its first anthology, "Book Dreams (Volume #1). Here we present a collection of short stories and poems featured in the 2017 Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo.

Authors include Ani H. Manjikian, Adam Dreece, W.J. Howard, Toi Thomas, Timothy Bateson, Laura McHale Holland, Ash Krafton, Charlene Diane Jones, Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra, Sanzaki Kojika, Tyrean Martinson, C.T. Callahan, Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra, and Angela B. Chrysler

This collection includes:

Ying to Yang a poem by Ani H. Manjikian
Snappy and Dashing by Adam Dreece [Blurb Coming soon]
Road to Nowhere by WJ Howard [Blurb Coming soon]
From the Inside by Toi Thomas
April Fool by Timothy Bateson [Blurb Coming soon]
The Quilt of Belonging by Laura McHale Holland [Blurb Coming soon]
Anamnesis by Ash Krafton
The Archive of Sinners: Priti by Sanzaki Kojika [Blurb Coming soon]
Here There Be Dragons! By Tyrean Martinson [Blurb Coming soon]
Through My Eyes by C.T. Callahan [Blurb Coming soon]
Retribution Served by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra
Mother/Earth a poem by Charlene Diane Jones
Continuum a poem by Charlene Diane Jones
The Unborn Dreaming the Born a poem by Charlene Diane Jones
My Sea of Dreams a poem by Angela B. Chrysler

From the Inside
Eric finds himself trapped inside an ever changing box with only his mentor Victor to help him get out. The thing is, Victor’s been keeping a secret that just may be the answer to their salvation.

Retribution Served
Retribution, when served, can take quite an unexpected turn.

When the past comes back to haunt you, sometimes the least of your problems are the ghosts.A woman’s mundane life is suddenly turned upside down when a mysterious stranger gives her back the memories he’d hidden from her fifteen years ago.

She remembers more than their dangerous past together–she remembers his magic and how he used it against her. That magic would be a dangerous weapon in the hands of a mother who would do anything to protect her son…even if faced with the father who’s come back to claim him.

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