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Veronica Magenta Nero is my Woman In Horror today! I first met Magenta on Pen Of The Damned, a rather eclectic bunch of authors spinning tales and poems of a Damned, Dark nature. Her stories there are free and are inspired by the devilish, deviant, and deranged. Dark fantasy, Gothic horror, erotica, and gritty realism all find their way into her stories. Her work is also included in a number of Sirens Call ezines, including the FIFTH ANNUAL WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH ISSUE. Go to and download it for free!

From Magenta:

"Read ~ HELL'S DAUGHTER ~ a flash fiction piece I contributed to Nina D'Arcangela 's blog for #WiHM8 Women in Horror Month.
Thanks for inviting me Nina Check out the many ladies of horror featured on her blog this month."

Go to Magenta's website and get a complete list of all of her tales. It is quite impressive. Also, she has some free stories for you to read there. 

Her Facebook page will keep you up to date on what's happening in her world.
Women in Horror Month Issue

Fifth Annual
Women in Horror Month Issue

One of my favorite stories by Magenta is The Marionette, in the anthology Toys In The Attic.

Book description:

 Imagine… An old house; one that has stood many generations. WAITING… You step inside and begin to explore. Was this a good idea? You begin to doubt, but continue to step deeper within the eerie darkness. Something stirs above. Should you investigate? Wandering, you reach the second floor landing. In the center of the upstairs hall, directly above, you discover a trap door. You know, the one that leads to something so terrible, you dare not think to touch it, much less attempt to open the latch! Nevertheless, you are drawn to inspect further. Something is stirring above… of this, you have no doubt. You stand upon tiptoe, stretching as far as your fingers will allow, until you grasp the cord attached to the door. With a loud creaking, it opens, releasing a set of stairs, descending before you. Gazing up, there is nothing but a black hole. There! Again! That stirring! Against your better judgement, you begin to climb. Sweat forms upon your brow with each step, as your stomach turns sour. Still, you climb. Those few stairs feel an eternity to ascend. There at the top, nothing. Dark and empty… nothing. Your eyes adjust… Wait! Beneath the cobwebs and years of layered dust, stands a long, wooden chest. Is it locked? Hmmm… You step within the musty room. There, propped against the side of the chest, an old metal rod. You pick it up, using it to pry open what should have been left locked away, eternally. Toys! Old toys! Somewhere in the darkness, a melody plays, soft and haunting. A music box?
NO! A small carousel is moving beside you, its once colorful horses bobbing in time. You look about. There are toys everywhere! Old, broken, forgotten toys fill this attic room. A doll, cracked skull, hairless, limbs askew, stares from behind one eye, the other an empty, hollow socket. A rocking horse begins to sway in the corner. Toy soldiers, their green metal chipped and rusted. How odd; they appear in battle stance, staring… Suddenly, the trap door closes. Darkness… the stirring… These toys… You know why they have been locked away. You stand among evil incarnate. The melody stops. No one hears your final cries…

TOYS IN THE ATTIC: A COLLECTION OF EVIL PLAYTHINGS is an anthology of horror like no other. Step inside…WELCOME TO THE ATTIC

Magenta's Amazon bio: 

Veronica Magenta Nero spins dark tales and poetry, weaving threads of horror, fantasy and erotica.
She hails from Italy and currently resides in the Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia.
Twitter @VM_Nero   

Magenta does not toot her own horn a lot. She writes her stories and lets the words within them speak for her. I certainly respect her for that. In this day of authors hammering away at readers with their sales pitches, her style is very refreshing.
Veronica Magenta Nero is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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