Thursday, February 2, 2017


Nina D'Arcangela is my Woman In Horror today! Nina and I go back a ways. We both love the lore of New Jersey and New York horror tales and shared space on Pen Of The Damned for quite some time. As you can see below from all the links that Nina has that she is very busy in the world of horror, both the writing and promotional aspects of it. She has always supported other authors and worked to champion their works.

I have a couple of  her horror flash tales below - read them to get a taste of her fantastic writing - along with her bio and tons of links. Happy reading!

Blaze McRob

Nina D’Arcangela

Menthol, that’s all I smelled. The bloated mass before me waited patiently. I picked up the scalpel, the fluorescent light humming above glinted off its metallic surface. The Y incision made, I peeled back the outer layer of skin exposing globules of fatty residue and further decomposed tissue. Thick yellow fluid oozed from the gangrenous edges of the incised flesh. The second stroke sliced through muscle, invaded the stomach cavity; the gaseous release hissed in competition with the fixture overhead. The half-digested, half-rotted contents within were easily discernible. Next, I moved to the throat and began a vertical slit in the esophagus. The small, elongated objects lodged in the upper esophageal sphincter left no doubt; they were human fingers. Removing my mask, I glanced at the chart, confirmed the preliminary findings.

Cause of Death: suffocation due to blockage of the systema respiratorium.

Nina D’Arcangela

Like the maelstrom that swept in her tide, she swirled with a tempest of fate. Those before her attempted to flee; begged forgiveness for their evils. Misunderstood lives, unappreciated deeds, this lot unaware the veil had thinned solely to allow their pardon. Gleaming ebony skin that smoldered of embers left to flame, she bore down upon them with brutality unknown to these worthy heathens. Necks twisted most unnatural, bodies rent of their companion cog and spokes, these children of misdirection now granted reward for actions unprovoked yet savored by that which waits. As claws struck and teeth ripped, screams wailed the song of souls unburdened. Mother to the immoral, sister of the dishonest, beacon for the misguided, she stilled as the slop of her task struck a final note. More would come, born of those who kneel in perverse fealty. In the interim, the void of silence stirred her home.
Nina D’Arcangela: bio

Nina D’Arcangela is a horror devotee who likes to write soul rending snippets of despair, insanity, and pain. She reads anything from splatter matter to dark matter. She’s an UrbEx adventurer and professional photographer whose wanderlust takes her to abandoned locations, decrepit buildings, purportedly haunted places, and old graveyards. Nina is the co-owner of Sirens Call Publications, a co-founding member of the horror writer’s group, and the owner and resident anarchist of Dark Angel Photography.

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  1. A mistress of gruesome description. Love Pen of the Damned!

  2. Thank you for the fantastic introduction and spotlight, Blaze! I truly appreciate it. Many hugs, kind sir! :) <3

    1. My pleasure, DarcNina! so glad to have you here!