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Mary Genevieve Fortier is my Woman In Horror today! Mary has some great stories and poems in quite a few outstanding books, and she shares a great website with Thomas Scopel.  She is Nighty Nightmare, and believe me, she finds some great tales to spin for you. As I have mentioned in past Woman In Horror posts about Mary, her discourse on Horror is definitely going to provide some valuable insight. She discusses clowns, spirits, screams , hissing, laughter, shock, icy touches, and much more. Then she adds in the sense of smell and all the goodies lurking about ready to latch onto you. And in addition to talking about all the senses, she talks about the absence, the loss of these senses. Does the word Dark mean anything to you? Yes, I thought it would.

One of her posts on Nighty Nightmare has to do with the fact that Women In Horror Month is just not long enough . She is absolutely right, so who better to start off my second month of Women In Horror then Mary?

Haunted houses play an important part of the joy Mary shares. When I was a young child we did not have TV and I would sneak down the hallway and listen to Inner Sanctum on the radio. Remember that show with that creaking door? Sakes alive! It was grand. Mary re-enacts creaking doors, flickering lights, voices, laughter and more to make you feel uneasy in your surroundings. Yes, Mary, scare the crap out of your fans!

Mary discusses superstitions and ghost busting, but she really comes into her own when she talks about cemeteries. Such a lovely place to be, don't you think? Tombstones, grave markers, mausoleums, are all discussed, as well as that ever present chill in the air, fog, and gloom. She speaks of physical planes and soul-less entities. She mentions the fact that maybe not everything thought to be without a soul actually is. Bacon once said that knowledge is power. People walking around in cemeteries at night could use a little power. You are one of them, are you not?

These are only a few of the delights awaiting you if you merely venture to that succulent page of Horrific Glory. Nighty Nightmare has this and so much more to stimulate your morbid desires. To be quite honest, I was, and still am, quite flabbergasted at the wonderful tales waiting for me. You will be too. Visit, read, and Stay Scared!

Mary's Amazon bio:

Author; Columnist, Editor, Reviewer and published Writer of Poetry/Prose of various genres.
Co Producer of the Terror Train Anthology Podcast found on YouTube where she also created, performs and writes the dialogue for Terror the Disembodied Voice. Mary also wrote the introductory and closing poems for the podcast.
She is working on both "Terror Train Two" and "Toys in the Attic: A Collection of Evil Playthings" podcasts.

Imagine and Dream... two words that best describe the mind of this poet. An avid lover of the written word, Mary has penned many poems of various genres since the age of seven, having first been published by nine.
Mary grew up reading, watching, loving anything horror; her darkside so to speak.
Classic authors, whose pens have etched greatness in works that not only create shivers down the spine but inspire movement of the soul -- Such remarkable writers as Poe, Shakespeare, Browning, Gibran, just to name a few, gave Mary that special element that drives every poet to place their essence upon parchment. This became the ethereal foundation of her poetic form.
Writing as such gave way to countless poems/prose and other works, many of which found publication in anthologies. Today she has not merely found a new voice but added an intrinsic octave to her repertoire; the genre of Horror, both poetic and fiction.
Mary's poetry has been described as mystical, melodic, flowing with a unique grace that at times has been likened to the old world poets.
Her horror poetry has been deemed as "Poe-esque" by many.
She has most recently been published in eight horror anthologies, "Bones", "Satan's Holiday," "Welcome to Your Nightmare," "Blessings From the Darkness," Spectral Hauntings2" and One of her poems is used as the Intro in the recently released, "Temporary Skeletons" Anthology by Chupa Cabra House Publications. Mary's poetry will be included in two soon to be released Anthologies: "Terror Train" (JWK Publications)and "The Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2014."
She has two poems in the January 2014 issue of "Shadows & Light Magazine," (one of which is a photo caption award winner)- two poems are also published in the April 2014 issue of "Shadows & Light Magazine" (one of which is a photo caption award winner).Her work will also be included in the July 2014 issue of "Shadows & Light Magazine."
In addition to being in print, Mary's poetry is featured in "The Wicked Library," (a podcast available on iTunes, and
Season 3, Episodes 307
307.1 Bonus and The Christmas Episode "Christmassacre 2."
Hellnotes has published two of her pieces in a segment of the website known as, "Horror in a Hundred." "Darkness on a Lonely Stretch of Road"

Mary was a featured, guest author on Viktor Aurelius' "Whispers in the Dark," on Blogtalk Radio:
Currently, Mary has a position as a columnist, "Nighty Nightmare" for the horror website, Staying Scared, for which she was named, "Woman in Horror" by Blaze McRob's Tales of Horror: As well as 2015
In addition, she is a partner/editor/author for Black Bed Sheet Books and a reviewer for Hellnotes and Dark Regions Press.
You may also find an interview on Mary at
"A Knife and a Quill"

Mary is working on a personal website,
Presently, you will find her at:
Mary's column; Nighty Nightmare
For her complete bibliography, please visit her Facebook Writer Page.
Facebook Writer Page:


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"Cellar Door III"- James Ward Kirk Publisher 2014
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"Widowmakers" James Newman Benefit Anthology 2014
"Axes of Evil II" J. Ellington Ashton Press 2014
"Chunks" J. Ellington Ashton Press soon to be released
"Toys in the Attic: A Collection of Evil Playthings" -James Ward Kirk Publisher

Mary's masterpiece is Verses From A Deeply Darkened Mind.

Book description:

 VERSES FROM A DEEPLY DARKENED MIND Yes, “Deeply Darkened.” These are the words which reside within the depths of a mind haunted. A haunting, of neither the ethereal persuasion, nor the ghosts of a hidden and unrelenting past. Here before you, etched upon parchment, are verse written from a mind haunted by “words.” This tome is unlike your typical, modern day collection of “Horror Poetry.” It is rather an assemblage of “Horror Stories” written in poetic form. Written to tease that final nerve, before the fatal break. Ah, yes. Here, this “DEEPLY DARKENED MIND,” who with pen in hand (black ink a must), has taken meter and rhyme to send a heartbeat racing in terror from one page to the next. “DEEPLY DARKENED,” is my mind, my world; and I offer you entrance. That’s right… Turn my page… Crack my spine… I want you to cringe, squirm, look over your shoulder into the shadows and dare you to shut out the lights once this cover has been closed. This “DEEPLY DARKENED MIND,” bids you “welcome.” Yes, join me… in my darkness… Mary Genevieve Fortier

I had the pleasure of writing the foreword for this fantastic collection collection of indescribable verse.

My words:

VERSES FROM A DEEPLY DARKENED MIND, by Mary Genevieve Fortier, is a collection of horror poetry that grabs the soul of a reader and refuses to let go. Every poem is special in its own way, enhancing the depth of darkness Mary is able to share with us.

Can it be that truth is found within death? Maybe a close brush with evil and escape from its clutches shows one what is inherent within what lurks around us. But is there any true escape? Mary paints a visual of dark and evil brooding, yet there is also joy to be found when the answers to puzzles trapped within the mind are finally unleashed.

But Mary tells us of another facet of decayed, deformed, and dark creatures, those with special attributes. Yes, my friends, they will find passage into your gray matter, attacking your sleep, creating restless nights. Ah, this is not a bad thing. Truth is to be found within the lovely verse Mary shares with us. For those who search for literary poems of unforgettable dimension, you have come to the right place.

Death and life are closely entwined within this tome, seemingly at odds with each other, making the reader wonder where one begins and the other ends. Perhaps death is the beginning of life and not the other way around. I read one of these great poems of Mary's and felt this to be the case. Her haunting poems will heighten your senses. Every one of them will become razor sharp, uniting with each other. A true synesthesia occurs. You will hear what you see, smell what you touch, and so much more. Mary's artistry is capable of doing just that.

I write some dark poetry myself, but I am a mere fledgling compared to the master at the craft that Mary is. It is easy enough to develop a sing-song banter that entertains, but to create what she has given us goes far beyond that. This grand collection is simply the best poetry of pure horror you will ever find.

It is no wonder that Mary Genevieve Fortier has been called the Modern Day Poe. She is that good. I am proud to have been asked to write this foreward. All you have to do now is to sit down and read what my talented friend has agreed to share with all of you.

Happy reading.

Blaze McRob 

I will go out on a limb here - well, not so much of one actually, since it is true. VERSES FROM A DEEPLY DARKENED MIND should have been nominated for, and won, every award for poetry that exists. That it wasn't saddens me deeply.
Mary Genevieve Fortier is the best poet around today, bar none, and is a magnificent Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

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