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This is a post I put up a while back. It appears a lot of what happened in France is still going on around the world. Hmm. I guess it's not outdated. Let me know what you think. My language is a bit coarse, but it has to be. Some things are wrong. The gloves need to be taken off.

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The recent events in France have certainly filled me with hatred and disgust. Those who perpetrated these crimes have been killed. But there are more waiting in the wings. And these are soldiers of God? Give me a fucking break.

Now, before anyone says this is an anti-Muslim post, it's not. I have many Muslim friends. These terrorists are sick bastards hiding behind religion, using it as a reason to do what they do.

And lest any of you sitting in the pews of Christian churches raise your voices against Muslims, let me ask you why it took so long for the Black people in this country to get out from under the yoke of second-class citizenship. Your high-noses did not want it to happen. Not all of you, of course, but certainly plenty. And, as your voices were raised in praise of God centuries ago, the slave ships were bringing untold thousands of people over here.

Show me a passage in the Bible that states this was a proper thing to do.

What the events in France have shown me is that it is time for me to write about sacred cows. Some things are wrong, damn it, and they need to be exposed. Have you ever heard that an author should never post about politics or religion. Why? Makes no sense to me. Post away, authors. If I don't like it, I don't have to read it.

I won't post about either of those two things. There is no religion that is the right one in my eyes. And I feel if you want to be a good Christian all you need to do is open up your Bible and read. The same goes for other religions. Who needs an interpreter? I don't.

As for politics, it has become a big joke: from the politicians to us. Both parties hold out their hands to the big interest boys and slap cash in their pockets. Fuck the voters. We don't count. For example, one U.S. Senator wants to hand over Apache ancestral grounds to foreign companies so they can mine copper. Yes, he comes up with the,"This will be great for the economy in this area." Bullshit! Big business will get all the money, and they are not even from this country. This disgusts me. This land belongs to the Apaches.

Another case is the Keystone fiasco. Foreign interests and the Koch's will make the money. And . . . and they want to ship out the worst oil on the planet. Think of the environmental impact. You better, because big business and the politicians don't. And if you own a ranch or farm in the path of all this, eminent domain will allow these destructive bastards to simply take the land they need. Cool, huh?

Big oil doesn't stop there. Fracking is spreading everywhere. It sucks. It destroys the infrastructure, pollutes the water, causes earthquakes and more. If you don't want you and your children to get ill because of this lesson in stupidity, get the facts. Pennsylvania knows all about the downside.

And those of you who like to eat, Monsanto is preparing yummy food that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot stick. Big Business working hand in hand with Big Government again. Both parties. It doesn't matter. Another delightful thought is the use of insecticides killing bees and more. We need bees, people. They die; you starve. Some of these insecticides have the same chemical base as what was in Agent Orange. That's right, the same stuff that gave Vietnam Veterans cancer galore.

I'll stop here. I could go on and on about all of this, but I will take pen to hand or fingers to keyboard and let my tales of horror display real life horror intermixed within my fiction. No one will be a sacred cow as far as I'm concerned. My readers are smart. They will figure it out.

I Am Charlie is the slogan going around. I support that.

I Am Blaze, and I am pissed off. It is time to take off the gloves. Right is right and wrong is wrong. My stories are about to get darker. Much darker.

Blaze McRob


  1. Excellent post. You inspired me to add a link section for responsible rants in my weekly wrap up. This is featured Saturday.

  2. Thank you, Wendy. I'm looking forward to your weekly wrap up rants.