Monday, January 9, 2017


I've been waiting for this book to come out. Why? Look at the cover art. How could you not want to put Brains Bacon Beer & Zombies on your Kindle? David Reuben Aslin did a great job with this humor/satire book. Okay, zombies are nasty, horrific critters, but why not add some humor to the mix? Frivolity can be a good thing.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

Life has become little more than a day to day fight for survival in this, TONGUE and CHEEK (and other body parts) APOCALYPTIC THRILLER.

The year is 2036. The place … a rapidly decaying totally (Baked) “Big Apple” New York City. Brains along with a few of his family, his best friend, Gil … and three very orthodox, Rabbi’s - have so far managed to survive the plague to end all plagues; by holding up inside the protected walls of what once not long ago was his families former Jewish Delicatessen.

On this day of days … Brains is determined to brave the dangers of zombies, street gangs, and other predators of the four legged variety. He and several of his rag-tag Kosher-eatery holdouts have decided to venture out into the city to try and have some good old fashion Fourth of July fun.
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This was really a fun zombie book! You have to check this one out. It has zombies, adventure, laughs and so much more. Came wait for the next one. 
5 starsGreat intro to a new serial by David Aslin By Billjr13 on July 22, 2016
Great intro to a new serial by David Aslin! A group of survivors from a Jewish neighborhood in New York scratch and claw for supplies and food. Oh and they live above their old family run delicatessen. A fun mix of humor and horror. As my friend Joe Bob says "Check it Out."

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