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It's another great year for Women In Horror! Starting out my posts, which will go well beyond the tiny month of February, is Terri DelCampo: my business partner at Blazing Owl Press, my editor, my formatter, my cover artist, and most importantly, the love of my life. Here we go!

Terri DelCampo – Woman In Horror

It's a pleasure having you start out my Woman in Horror posts this year, Terri DelCampo. Before I ask you to divulge some of your deep, dark secrets, could you tell me about yourself? A bio of sorts, I guess you could say. Any length you feel comfortable with is fine.

I'm honored and pleased to be part of Woman in Horror, and thank you, Blaze, for your interest in interviewing me. Moreover, thank you for showing interest over the past three years, the attention of Women in Horror has been extremely flattering and validating to me as a professional author. As for the bio, I hope this is what you're looking for:

In addition to founding, editing, and writing Owl's Eye View Magazine, I currently pen four non-fiction blogs (Write Now with Terri DelCampo, Disability Challenges, Healthy Nudge with Terri DelCampo, and my personal blog, Pause for Thought). I also write the RoJo Adventure Blog for kids, as well as the Lisa Galloway Poetry Blog and have published 35+ Kindle Books. I am married to some horror writer I affectionately refer to as my Hottie Scottie…and we partnered up to found Blazing Owl Press in 2015. Since then it's been a blur of once-a-month novel and short story collection publications that will continue on through 2017 and well beyond.

When the loooonnng writing and editing day is over, I enjoy crafts (crochet, jewelry-making, flower arranging, decoupage, needlepoint), cooking (It's a daily challenge to make the hubs' low-Vitamin K menus tasty), reading, music, and movies - I'm a huge movie buff. My tastes in books, music, and movies are extremely eclectic. I love dinner-and-a-movie every evening, holding hands with the hubs, and relaxing.

We live in Georgia (because Terri don't do no snow on Mother's Day like they have in Cheyenne!), in a studio apartment we rent from family. I love sending the hubs out into the yard with treats for the wildlife – squirrels and chipmunks have dubbed him the Food Dood (I've heard them, I swear, and yes, that's their spelling.). I call my mom (who lives 800 miles north in Delaware) every Sunday for our usual three-hour chats, with lots of laughs. My pleasures are simple, just the way I like them.

Thank you very much, Terri! Now we start with a few questions and answers. Feel free to pass on anything you don't want to answer.

  1. What drew you into this profession?
When I was little my favorite games to play with my friends were role-playing – I would come up with these scenarios, usually inspired by favorite TV shows or movies, and we would play all day. At age eleven, I had vivid fantasies, and a wicked crush on a teen idol (Bobby Sherman), and decided to write some of those games and fantasies into a story. By the time I was 13 I'd written a 145 page novel called "The Picnic Spot." (Yes, it was a romance – gasp!) A year later I read Poe for the first time, and my writing took a decided turn for the macabre. Et voila! A horror writer was born!

  1. What was the pivotal point that made you say, “I'm a writer.”?
When I cranked the final page of "The Picnic Spot" out of my little manual typewriter. I'd finished a novel. I was a writer.

My 9th grade English teacher, Dr. Peterson, published "Help Me!" a short story I'd written, in the school newspaper – the first time someone else made me feel like I was a writer.

  1. A little tougher question: when did you realize you were an author?
Ah! That is a tougher question! There were a couple of times. When I got my first rejection slip that had a personal note on it from Richard Chizmar at Cemetery Dance Magazine way back in the early '80s. Even though I didn't get accepted, I knew that someone other than my friends and family members had read and acknowledged my work. And then, decades later, I joined the Barnes & Noble Writers Workshop in Alpharetta. There were prize winning authors in that group, and they were giving me compliments on the stories and excerpts I offered for critique. Those were possibly the most validating moments of my writing life. Another one was when you, an established writer and publisher, first reviewed Owl's Eye View Magazine in 2014. I was just starting to publish my novels and collections as Kindle books, and being included in Woman in Horror and reviewed by a publisher was an incredible boost to my confidence.

  1. Who are your favorite authors, past as well as present?
Wow! How many pages can this interview run? Well, there's this one guy – Blaze something-or-other – I'm kindof partial to, and then there's Edgar Alan Poe, Stephen King, Thomas Harris, Jean Auel, Neil Gaiman, CL Hernandez, JD Robb, Donna Lynch (From Ego Likeness), Patricia Cornwell, John Saul, John Steinbeck, Louisa May Alcott, Paul A. Bussard, Irving Stone, George Weinstein, Dr. Seuss, O. Henry, Hermann Hesse, William Peter Blatty, Robert Ludlum, Jack Ketchum, Euripedes, Robin Cook, Anne Rice, Christine McCullough, Bram Stoker, Terry Segal, Andy Deane, Ernest Hemingway, James Fenimore Cooper, James Clavell, Erma Bombeck, William Styron, Anne Rule, Donald Clayton Porter, Tom Clancy, Susan Powter, John Grisham, James Patterson, Tami Hoag, Karin Slaughter, Dennis Miller, Paul Riser, VC Andrews, Harper Lee, JK Rowling, Richard Matheson, Alice Walker, Oscar Wilde, Rebecca Wells, Anne Foskey, Dave Barry, Dan Brown, Teri A. Jacobs, Poppy Z. Brite, CS Lewis, Alan Alda, Leonard Nimoy, Norman Partridge, Arthur Conan Doyle, Mary Higgins Clark, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Emily Dickinson, Dan Gutman & Jim Paillot, Mark Twain, Maya Angelou, Joe Hill, Robert Louis Stevenson, for starters.

You asked – I told you I was eclectic!

  1. Did you have any help with your career along your path?
That came after I'd been writing for decades, when Owl's Eye View Magazine got reviewed on Amazon, and I got mentioned in Woman in Horror for the first time. Shortly after that, Visionary Press asked me to edit for them, and wham! I found myself being interviewed by Renee Shaw, Tony Wolfpaw, and Fiona Mcvie.

As far as support from authors, friends, and family, the list is astounding, especially since the advent of Facebook and Twitter which makes contacting writers, publishers, and editors easy and instantaneous. While the act of writing is solitary, writers today can get feedback on their work that is a tremendous boost to confidence.

  1. How did you find time to write back when you first started?
I used to sit up until three or four in the morning on weekends and vacations when I was a teenager – until my mother would call out, "please stop that damned clackity-clacking! It's time to sleep! At that point I would switch to pencil and paper.

I was married at 19, and I'd get up at 4:30 in the morning every day and hand-write screenplays (which I later expanded into my first novels) so that the typewriter wouldn't wake anyone up.

When I started working for my husband's plumbing business, I would write late at night after he and the kids were in bed.

When I went back to work full time after my divorce I started getting up at 4:30 in the morning again, proofread on my lunch hour, and wrote as soon as I got home.

The silver lining to my becoming disabled in a car accident was that I had unlimited writing time. It gave me the opportunity to produce Owl's Eye View Magazine every month, along with novels each year. Now my editing duties (first at Visionary Press, and now at Blazing Owl Press) crowd my writing time, but I'm getting that under control. I'm planning three different novels that should be coming out in 2017 and 2018. Bottom line is, if you want to write, the only way to do it is the AIC method: Ass in Chair. Even if you can only pound out 500 words a day, it adds up. Writers write. Skip the Sudoku or the computer games and start keying in paragraphs. Take a notebook and pen with you everywhere. Leave voicemails or emails for yourself if an idea strikes at work. Tell your stories – it's what you do.

  1. And today: when do you do your writing?
I prefer early morning when my mind is fresh and sentences just sort of gush onto the page. I hand-write to start, and then switch over to the laptop. In a studio apartment with the hubs, I often sit in the dark with a book light getting it all down if inspiration strikes while he's asleep.

  1. Why do you write in the horror genre?
When I read Poe in 8th Grade English, I fell in love with the macabre. It was scary, thrilling, and opened up a whole slew of writing scenarios. I think horror covers the whole spectrum of emotions – terror, or course, but also love, joy, compassion, anger, and sadness. Horror is part life as much as romance is. If you really love someone, the flip side is dreading all the things that can go wrong for them, including death. If there isn't contrast to the positive, there is no story to tell. So horror allows me to explore the dark side in the safety of my chair.

Also, if someone pisses me off, I can write them into an evil plot, do unspeakable things to them, even knock 'em off, and there is no jail-time. Muahaha!

  1. I first found you through Owl's EyeView Magazine, which I really love. Could you tell us about it?
Owl's Eye View Magazine is my baby. In 2009, I knew I wanted to self-publish, but had no idea how to really accomplish it. So I started the Owl's Eye View Magazine website, releasing an issue each month. I wanted it to be unique. I couldn't afford to pay writers to contribute their work, so I "hired" my ongoing novel characters (Meredith Alden, Nathan Williams, Lisa Galloway, Lucy Bernelli, Larry Nunn, Melanie Mirth, Signe Hannigan, Trudy Shriver, Loren Elliott) as columnists. It's been great fun to get inside their heads and write articles and poetry from their points of view and in their literary voices. And I publish one of my own short stories each month as well. In fact, I'm planning on Owl's Eye View being the only place for my short stories after 2017.

In the meantime, my Yahoo website builder crashed, and I couldn't make it work anymore. So I studied up on how to publish Kindle Books, started creating book covers on Pixlr.com (suggested by CL Hernandez – bless her little dark soul for all the pointers she gave me!) and began publishing OEV as monthly Kindle books. The first time I saw Benny the Owl up on Amazon my heart almost exploded.

Owl's Eye View Magazine kicked off Terri DelCampo's professional career.

  1. What is your opinion of Women In Horror Month? Do you feel it is still as important now as it was when it was first started?
You know, I've always considered myself a feminist. I know women who think that women in this country can relax and pat themselves on the back because American women are freer and treated more as equals to men than any other women on earth. And yes, we've come a long way, baby, I cannot deny that. But then along comes a president whose attitude towards women is reprehensible, and suddenly all the less-evolved men come out of the woodwork thinking that disrespect towards women is allowed again – not just in politics, but in every level of society. So it's important for women to support women, no matter what profession we're discussing. Writing is a tough, competitive profession, especially trying to get one's foot in the proverbial door. It's easier just starting out knowing you have a tribe.

On the other hand, I think women have always had a role in the horror genre, and history sure as hell has given us enough gruesome fodder to weave into novels and stories. Having a showcase for women is encouraging for female writers who need a jumping off point for their careers – like me! I'm glad WIH was around three years ago, and I'm sure many women coming up behind me will feel the same way.

  1. What is your favorite novel of yours that you have written?
Jeez, Blaze, which of your children is your favorite? (Heh, heh.) I wrote different novels for different reasons. I'm proud of Holy Terrors because it brought into focus molester priests, and allowed me to get revenge on them for hurting a dear friend of mine. I like Into the Mist because it was interesting dissecting Dan Wynthrop's conflicted heart, and those of his mother and grandfather as well. And MEDS – remember when I said that I write people who piss me off into evil plots? Well, MEDS would be the best example of that.

All in all I think most writers feel the same way about their novels. A novel isn't at all like a short story or even a novella. You have to be extremely passionate about a story line to sit down every day for months and tell a full-length story. You have to live intimately with your characters for months until you get their story told. You can't come away from that kind of commitment without loving what you produced.

  1. What's your favorite collection?
I like Chills because "Christmas Feast" is in it, and I like that story's nastiness. Owl Guts was my first Kindle collection, so, of course I'm partial to it – and it contains stories I wrote when I was a teenager. OwlMares because it has the story "Jamalia" in it, which was another early one. And I like Romantic Shadows because I thought romance was dead in my heart, and I was proven wrong when it zapped me right through my laptop year before last. Romantic Shadows was released on our first wedding anniversary, and represents my delight and amazement that our romance is still going strong, reality be damned.

  1. Time for the curtain to rise on your next projects. What's on tap, Terri?
A whole crap-load of ooky! I've already completed the next 6 issues of Owl's Eye View Magazine, which always comes first with me. Next month is an editing month in my planner, and I will be working on your book, Dogs, Skunks, and Other Runners," slated for a May release, as well as your horror romance story collection, "Blazin' Hearts," slated for release in February. As for my own stuff, we have a joint story collection, Assbiters from Hell, coming out in April, and "Dirges," slated for June. Somewhere in the midst of all that I will be working on three novel projects: Night Ops, Rising Up, and Merry Widow. I'm hoping to bring at least one novel out in 2017.

  1. What are some of your favorite sayings. This can be anything. Sock it to us!
Okay, anyone who knows me, has heard me say, "Bite me." Not original, but it's concise and effective. I also like "Treat others the way you wish to be treated." It might be the single sentence in the bible I actually agree with. Strings of profanities in no particular order bubble forth when computer/internet issues attack me. And "I love you," because my Hottie Scottie stepped out of my computer and into my arms…forever.

  1. This next part is all yours. Say whatever you wish, Terri. The world is waiting!
You can look back over this 5-page, wordy-ass interview and give me carte blanche? Wow! That's brave!

As most people know, I'm an opinionated bitch. I try for tact, but I have no problem expressing myself. I don't like unfairness, tyrants, condescension, inconsideration, or disrespect. I try and put myself in the other person's place, and give them the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, I won't be a hypocrite and turn my head and allow someone (especially someone in power) to get away with bad behavior. If I can do it with humor, I will, because sometimes that's the best way to make a point. Sometimes I make my point by building a horror plot around an asshole. Sometimes I fire off a blog, but I'd just as soon get things off my chest via my fictional characters. I've been doing that since I was a little girl. It's kept me sane… (stop laughing, Blaze.)

Great answers, Terri DelCampo. I very much enjoyed having you here today. You are more than welcome to place whatever links you wish to share with us below.

Thank you, Blaze! I enjoyed being here!

Thank you once again!

Blaze McRob









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Give W. J. Howard some love and visit her Facebook Author Page. She has some great stuff for you. She shares links for events and posts for other authors as well as herself. I will be involved in a few things she has going on. She's definitely upping her game!  As for her books, I can vouch for the fact that The Courier Series is excellent!

Hustle thyselves over!

Blaze McRob

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I have many Jewish friends and it pains me that a number of them relayed the horrors of Auschwitz to me in my younger days. Their eyes showed such pain and grief. For too long, many people denied that the wholesale slaughter of innocents even occurred. How dare they! And even today there are those who either don't care or feel guilt for what their forebears did and don't want to accept the truth for what it is. Wake up, people! This could happen to any race or creed. This is a painful lesson for humanity to have to accept, but it happened. We can't take it back. 
Real life horror is the worst kind. This horrid display of savagery committed all these years ago should never be forgotten. Reach out to your fellow woman/man and embrace them for who they are. We are all equal on this spinning rock. There is no superior race or nation. Love everyone!

I want to praise  Merna Kirschenbaum Shapiro, a schoolmate of mine from Memorial High School in West New York, New Jersey. She was the happiest kid in the school, always laughing, always having a good time. But, she became involved with the cause . . . the cause that we never forget what happened. I am proud of her hard work over the years! I bow to you, my friend. 
The deaths at these camps represent real life horror at their absolute worst. Remember. Always.
Blaze McRob

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Memento Mori, is one fantastic horror anthology! Published by Digital Horror Fiction, an imprint of Digital Fiction Publishing Corp, blessed with having Bruce Lockhart as the managing editor, and filled with stories by outstanding authors, this tome is certain to please your horror palate. And it's only 99 cents!

Get it now! I got mine.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

If you’re looking for an array of Horror stories to sink your teeth into, look no further than Memento Mori…pay the Ferryman, and prepare to take the ride of your life.

The title, Memento Mori, is Latin and literally means: “Remember you too must die.” An ominous-sounding phrase, the saying derived from Puritan settlers who would often display tokens of death as a reminder to the living of the fragility of life…not to mention the eternal punishment awaiting those who wallowed in wickedness.

Death has always been a fascination to the living, meaning different things to different groups of people. Edgar Allan Poe nailed it when he said: “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?”

There is a wealth of truly incredible talent within these pages, each storyteller attempting to explore that very question. Here is a healthy book full of decidedly unhealthy stories. With Death being the key element in each one of those stories, you might be expecting a morbid ride, but rest assured, there are quite a few pieces of comedic gold lined inside this skeleton’s spine, along with the many that will send a chill down your own.

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Muti Nation, by Monique Snyman, is available for your reading pleasure. Monique is a very talented author. That alone should make you want to read this gripping book. However, add in the fact that Omnium Gatherum is the publisher, and the enticement to purchase this tome increases. Omnium Gatherum is a class publisher, and their talent bar is set high.

Here is another reason to give this book a read. Sakina Murdock, wordsmith extraordinaire, has this to say about it:

"Do you read?
Fancy helping out with promoting a book from a great young author?
Great karma guaranteed! and you may never have to meet a tokoloshe (unless you read the book):
Muti Nation is a murder mystery that descends very quickly into horror. Not just terrifying creatures (although there are plenty of those, tokoloshe) but because some of the murders are committed through the very real use of magic, and not the pretty, cute, Wiccan kind. Oh no. Ain't no tree lovin going on HERE!
If you like gore and blood, you're on to a winner anyway, but this horror novel has very likeable characters, contains a love story (of a sort) and keeps you guessing in the style of the traditional whodunnit.
Anyway, all I'm asking for is a share of this post.
Please share! A starving writer is counting on it!"

Let thy finger find its way to the link above and thou can get immersed in a true horror tale when it comes out next month.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 Every country has its secrets. Every culture has its taboos. Every house has its cross.

When Esmé Snyders – a young occult-crime expert – investigates a grotesque muti-murder in Pretoria West, she doesn’t realise she’s become a player in the killer’s deadly game. Before long, more savagely mutilated corpses join the tally, proving that the evasive murderer is slipperier than what she’s used to when it comes to muti-killers. While searching for a monster capable of such heinous crimes, Esmé is thrust into a dangerous adventure of love, sex, death and the paranormal. Can she win a game she doesn’t know she’s playing?

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Stephen Hawking is more optimistic than I am about how long humanity has before getting wiped out. Go to the link above and see what he has to say. He's a pretty smart guy. This short article is worth a read.

Blaze McRob

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Below is my book review for Dinosaur Lake, by Kathryn Meyer Griffith. As you can read, I love this book. It is the first one in a series. Kathryn has this one priced at free, so there's no reason to let it pass down the road. Do you love Dinosaur stories? This one is for you. Don't miss out on some great reading.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 An ancient predator has been reborn in the caves beneath Crater Lake
…and it’s hungry.

Ex-cop Henry Shore has been Chief Park Ranger at Crater Lake National Park for eight years and he likes his park and his life the way it’s been. Safe. Tranquil. Predictable. But he’s about to be tested in so many ways. First the earthquakes begin…people begin to go missing…then there’s some mysterious water creature that’s taken up residence in the caves below Crater Lake and it’s not only growing in size, it’s aggressive and cunning…and very hungry.
And it’s decided it likes human beings. To eat.
And it can come up onto land.
So Henry, with the help of his wife, Ann; a young paleontologist named Justin; and a band of brave men must not only protect his park and his people from the monster but somehow find where it lives and destroy it…before it can kill again. ***

5.0 out of 5 stars Dinosaur Lake Is One Super Tale!, September 16, 2012
This review is from: Dinosaur Lake (Kindle Edition)
Dinosaur Lake, by Kathryn Meyer Griffith, rocks! Okay, so I'm one of Kathryn's biggest fans. I suppose I might be a bit prejudiced about her talents. This story contains many aspects that particularly grab me. I have visited Crater Lake many times; I have lived in Klamath Falls; and I am in love with the wilderness the way the people in this story are. However, Kathryn takes her magic wand and stirs all of these elements together to make one super story. I would rate this a multi genre book appealing to young adults and we older readers who simply love a great tale we can wrap our imagination around. This is perfect for that. Read this great book. You won't be disappointed!

Kathryn was kind enough to have given me a copy to read for review. However, I intend to purchase copies for my friends and family.

By the way, the cover art by Dawne Dominque is superb!
                                                           *    *    *    *
Since this review was written, I purchased this great book. Just like I said I would.

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W. J. Howard says:

 Pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Solomon Kane. WATCH IT if you like dark fantasy & good vs. evil.

I guess that makes it clear that W.J. likes this movie. Go to the link above and read her entire review. Also, find out some  goodies about W. J. Howard and some other great movies and some not so great flicks, as well.

I'll see you there.

Blaze McRob

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This award came as a total shock to me. With there being so many great review sites on the internet, for me to be a TOP 10 FINISHER BEST REVIEW SITE PREDITORS & EDITORS READERS POLL is a supreme honor. This website has always been much more about others than it has me. My Women In Horror Month extends well beyond the month of February every year. This year is no exception. I love talking about other authors, publishers, movies, and other review sites. It makes me extremely happy that someone saw fit to nominate me for this great award and that so many people saw fit to vote for me. Thank you very much. I will do my best to continue spreading the word about those who deserve it. I'll always be here for all of you.

Blaze McRob

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I wrote and posted this last year, and I'm putting it up here again. The link still carries the entire article. The post pretty much says it all.


The above post is a rather interesting one, I think. Hamden Rice is quite eloquent in talking about a discussion between his dad and him. Obviously, his father's message got across to him, and Hamden came to some concrete truths.

I read a lot of literature from both sides of the fence and keep an open mind on what happens around us. This article points out what Martin Luther King actually accomplished. The sixties were hell-on-wheels for many people. We had the war in 'Nam, and we had the Civil Rights movement. While many people equate John and Robert Kennedy with being major players in the Civil Rights Movement, the truth of the matter is they were not. They were actually ashamed of what others around the world were seeing in regards to what happened in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and other states. They told the Civil Rights leaders to chill.

Martin Luther King, the Freedom Riders, and others, refused to chill. How they were able to use a non-violent approach is beyond me. With so many politicians and idiot bigots running amok, it was an impossible task. And yet, they did.

I would prefer you read this article without me detailing what it contains, but remember one thing: white people are not responsible for Civil Rights having advanced as they did back then. Black people are.

Martin Luther King, you were a great man. You took upon you the mantle of responsibility and did your best, and you suffered for it. We suffered for it as well, for you are no longer with us. I will never forget that day in Alabama that I got to shake your hand. One day down the road, I hope to do it again.

Blaze McRob

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This is a post I put up a while back. It appears a lot of what happened in France is still going on around the world. Hmm. I guess it's not outdated. Let me know what you think. My language is a bit coarse, but it has to be. Some things are wrong. The gloves need to be taken off.

                                                            *    *    *    *

The recent events in France have certainly filled me with hatred and disgust. Those who perpetrated these crimes have been killed. But there are more waiting in the wings. And these are soldiers of God? Give me a fucking break.

Now, before anyone says this is an anti-Muslim post, it's not. I have many Muslim friends. These terrorists are sick bastards hiding behind religion, using it as a reason to do what they do.

And lest any of you sitting in the pews of Christian churches raise your voices against Muslims, let me ask you why it took so long for the Black people in this country to get out from under the yoke of second-class citizenship. Your high-noses did not want it to happen. Not all of you, of course, but certainly plenty. And, as your voices were raised in praise of God centuries ago, the slave ships were bringing untold thousands of people over here.

Show me a passage in the Bible that states this was a proper thing to do.

What the events in France have shown me is that it is time for me to write about sacred cows. Some things are wrong, damn it, and they need to be exposed. Have you ever heard that an author should never post about politics or religion. Why? Makes no sense to me. Post away, authors. If I don't like it, I don't have to read it.

I won't post about either of those two things. There is no religion that is the right one in my eyes. And I feel if you want to be a good Christian all you need to do is open up your Bible and read. The same goes for other religions. Who needs an interpreter? I don't.

As for politics, it has become a big joke: from the politicians to us. Both parties hold out their hands to the big interest boys and slap cash in their pockets. Fuck the voters. We don't count. For example, one U.S. Senator wants to hand over Apache ancestral grounds to foreign companies so they can mine copper. Yes, he comes up with the,"This will be great for the economy in this area." Bullshit! Big business will get all the money, and they are not even from this country. This disgusts me. This land belongs to the Apaches.

Another case is the Keystone fiasco. Foreign interests and the Koch's will make the money. And . . . and they want to ship out the worst oil on the planet. Think of the environmental impact. You better, because big business and the politicians don't. And if you own a ranch or farm in the path of all this, eminent domain will allow these destructive bastards to simply take the land they need. Cool, huh?

Big oil doesn't stop there. Fracking is spreading everywhere. It sucks. It destroys the infrastructure, pollutes the water, causes earthquakes and more. If you don't want you and your children to get ill because of this lesson in stupidity, get the facts. Pennsylvania knows all about the downside.

And those of you who like to eat, Monsanto is preparing yummy food that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot stick. Big Business working hand in hand with Big Government again. Both parties. It doesn't matter. Another delightful thought is the use of insecticides killing bees and more. We need bees, people. They die; you starve. Some of these insecticides have the same chemical base as what was in Agent Orange. That's right, the same stuff that gave Vietnam Veterans cancer galore.

I'll stop here. I could go on and on about all of this, but I will take pen to hand or fingers to keyboard and let my tales of horror display real life horror intermixed within my fiction. No one will be a sacred cow as far as I'm concerned. My readers are smart. They will figure it out.

I Am Charlie is the slogan going around. I support that.

I Am Blaze, and I am pissed off. It is time to take off the gloves. Right is right and wrong is wrong. My stories are about to get darker. Much darker.

Blaze McRob

Friday, January 13, 2017



As is my custom, I will be jumping into the festivities at Women In Horror Month. I have been doing this for a number of years now. While this grand event showcases the talents of  many women - who give their all for the world of horror - in the month of February, I always extend it out. I believe that one year I went into August. Twenty-eight days is never enough for all the women masters at the craft. For too many years, this genre has been dominated by men. Wrongfully so. Women are every bit as good, and often better than men, when it comes to writing horror, acting in the genre, coming out with great music, and more. There's no sense in trying to deny this. It is the truth.

Follow my posts as I present to you fantastic Women In Horror. I will have interviews, shout-outs, book reviews, and more. I like to change things around. Also, I will let you know where you can find other folks who will be spreading the word.

Women In Horror. Find some new favorite authors. Read what your favorite horror women have coming up. Be here. I'll spread the word.

Thank you.

Blaze McRob

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Call For Obstruction, by W. J. Howard, is free this Friday on Amazon. What a great way to spend Friday the 13th! You will love the demon in this great book. Margery rocks!

Blaze McRob

Book description:

In a supernatural world where Hell's been over capacity since World War II, Satan has no choice but to open the Gates of Hell. When Barry's tricked into signing a contract to serve Satan, he's faced with a choice to help release the damned souls onto Earth or turn against Satan's evil plan. Either choice comes with a price, and with a screw up like Barry at the center of it all, there's no telling if God, Satan, or rogue demons will prevail.

Call for Obstruction is a past winner of the Textnovel Writing Contest.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This book moves fast. Once you start it, it's hard to put down. The story features memorable, unique characters engaged in a battle between heaven and hell. The characters act like you'd expect them to act, speaking with natural dialogue and using language that is typical of their ages and professions. It feels like a very real story even though supernatural elements are present. It's a great book for somebody looking for a story that is different from the norm. It was set up well for a series and look forward to reading future installments.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This story is a lot of fun. It looks at hell in a light-hearted way, and all the characters are well-developed. This story reminds me of Terry Pratchets work. This book is a quick read that is hard to put down.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017



Hit the link above for an engaging interview between Armand Rosamilia and Tim Meyer. You will learn everything there is to know about Armand. Well, not everything. That would not be cool. A man has to have a few secrets. Also, I asked Armand about his smile, since he never has one. He says it was photoshopped. Couldn't fool me. I knew it all along.

This is a great interview. Armand is a very talented author and podcast guru. There is much you can learn here.

Tell him Blaze sent you. That will give him pause to ponder.

Blaze McRob

Monday, January 9, 2017



I've been waiting for this book to come out. Why? Look at the cover art. How could you not want to put Brains Bacon Beer & Zombies on your Kindle? David Reuben Aslin did a great job with this humor/satire book. Okay, zombies are nasty, horrific critters, but why not add some humor to the mix? Frivolity can be a good thing.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

Life has become little more than a day to day fight for survival in this, TONGUE and CHEEK (and other body parts) APOCALYPTIC THRILLER.

The year is 2036. The place … a rapidly decaying totally (Baked) “Big Apple” New York City. Brains along with a few of his family, his best friend, Gil … and three very orthodox, Rabbi’s - have so far managed to survive the plague to end all plagues; by holding up inside the protected walls of what once not long ago was his families former Jewish Delicatessen.

On this day of days … Brains is determined to brave the dangers of zombies, street gangs, and other predators of the four legged variety. He and several of his rag-tag Kosher-eatery holdouts have decided to venture out into the city to try and have some good old fashion Fourth of July fun.
Verified Purchase
This was really a fun zombie book! You have to check this one out. It has zombies, adventure, laughs and so much more. Came wait for the next one. 
5 starsGreat intro to a new serial by David Aslin By Billjr13 on July 22, 2016
Great intro to a new serial by David Aslin! A group of survivors from a Jewish neighborhood in New York scratch and claw for supplies and food. Oh and they live above their old family run delicatessen. A fun mix of humor and horror. As my friend Joe Bob says "Check it Out."



Are you aware there are Viking legends of the Undead? No? Hit the link above and read this free short story by Carole Gill on her website. Now you will be enlightened. While you're there, check out her other great stories, links, and more. Not only does she write great horror, she shares the word about other authors. She believes in giving back.

Right on, Carole Gill!

Blaze McRob

Sunday, January 8, 2017



Her Only Son, by Shawna Platt, is a great thriller/suspense/mystery that you'll want to read. Shawna has quite a way with words and tells a wonderful tale. Check out her other great books on her Amazon page,  http://www.amazon.com/Shawna-Platt/e/B00HL5Z2FA/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0, as well. Shawna is no one hit wonder, and she does justice to many genres.

Read and enjoy!

Blaze McRob

                                                            *    *    *    * 

Book description:

 A government program gone wrong. Artificial insemination used to create a new breed of solider. The year is 2020 and war still plagues our world. After suffering extreme loss of life, the United States government creates a voluntary program called Operation Vala, which involves the artificial insemination of women between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-five to produce a child the military will claim and raise to be a new breed of soldier. When Kinsey Garrick finds herself an unwilling participant in the program, she chooses to fight back. When she escapes the compound with her newborn son, she becomes the target of a nationwide man hunt lead by the head of Operation Vala. Known only as Hakon, this man will stop at nothing to capture and destroy Kinsey, and take from her the one thing she's willing to risk it all for...her only son.

on September 22, 2015
Shawn Platt knows how to write a nail bitter. Her Only Son will keep you up at night because you can't put it down. Suspense from the first sentence. A must read.
Shawna Platt is an author and editor. She has published Her Only Son, Reflections-A Book of Poetry & Prose, and Lessons From the Shadows-Healing the Mind and Body.

She publishes the Shadows & Light Anthology.

She wrote Clover Hill and Shattered Sanctuary under the pen name Angel Shadow. Please visit her other Amazon author page under that name for information on these titles.

Editing credits include: Shadows & Light Quarterly Anthology, Night Shall Overtake by Michael Collins, and The Hollow by AnnMarie Martin.

She is a featured author on Peter Shepherd's Cultivate Life! eMagazine.

Some of her self-help articles are available via Podcast at iTunes (free of charge) through Cultivate Life! eMagazine by Trans4Mind.

Podcast #'s: 11, 13, 17, 22, 33, 76, 77, 127, 155, 156, 157, 158, and 239.

Her article Human Relations and Dynamics was featured on the International Beat (InBeat) 'Writer of Note' Program.

On March 18, 2010, she was the guest on the 60th episode of The Funky Writer Radio Show.

For more information, visit her website at: www.angelshadowauthor.webs.com


This interview is a little dated, but is still fantastic! Check it out!


Terri DelCampo has an amazing interview on Wolf Paw Radio with Tony Wolf Paw. The link to the youtube podcast is above. This is a great job by Terri and Tony both. They share a lot of common beliefs. Tony is quite an interesting guy and puts his guests at ease, becoming instant friends with them. I love his folksy stories of his own upbringing and experiences.

I want to thank LR Shaw for introducing Terri and me to Tony. 

Enough from me. Hit the link above and get transported to a great podcast!

Blaze McRob

                                                          *    *    *    *

Some links for Tony Wolf Paw and an intro into the podcast with Terri:

Published on Oct 4, 2015
Terri DelCampo writer and Editor for Blazing Owl Press
Specializes in Horror you can find her books in Amazon.com
Together with Husband who also is an Editor and Writer of Horror Books are the founders of their own publishing company.
In this interview we met the most dedicated workaholic author in the U.S

Saturday, January 7, 2017



Have you ever wondered about those ads on TV for totally quirky items you might never seek out otherwise, but there they are, staring you in the face courtesy of the boob tube? My friend Cory Cline has written about just one such ad. Things do not work out as expected. Ooh, la, la. Read Cory's book As Seen On TV.

Remember. Let the buyer beware.

Blaze McRob

                                                                    *    *    *    *

Book description:

 Gus Grissom is newly divorced and ready to get into "killer" shape. The high-tech exercise machine he bought from one of those late night commercials promises to help, but Gus will learn what they mean when they say, "buyer beware".

By Mr. Gibbons on November 13, 2015
For fans of Wrath James White, Richard Laymon, ect. Mr. Cline's short story had me laughing, cringing, laughing, and laughing. The main character Gus, is a recently divorced man , who like every divorced man, wants to get back in shape and score with the ladies. Gus has a very special way of scoring, and a very special machine to help him get his figure back. You will like this story. I am looking forward to reading more from this budding author. Funny and sick.
By Brisco County, Jr. on November 15, 2015
Dig up a bar of soap and a bottle of Jack. And not in that order.



Jon Olson is a Canadian author who is moving up the ladder in the horror genre. I like his original style. And, I have to admit that I enjoy his monsters and legends. Read Marrow and you'll see what I mean.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

There’s a reason no one ever harvested the trees off logging road number 17.

For generations, a creature has hidden deep in the woods of Nova Scotia. Those who knew of its legend feared it, and prayed it would never see the light of day. Ignoring the warnings, Tony Barrymore - of Triple L Lumber Company - cut deeper into the forest than any man should. The price? Unearthing a terror he couldn’t have imagined even if all the stories were true…

Thursday, January 5, 2017



I have a book review I did a while back for Adventures In Horrorland, by Suzie Lockhart and Bruce Lockhart 2nd. As you can see, I certainly love this collection of super horror tales.

Book description:

 Beware once you cross this threshold, there’s no going back. Experience 20 different tales of dread and despair that will have your heart pounding, and your mind drifting through gateways of things not of this world.
Relinquish your understanding of fear at the door, for the things that sprout forth from the minds of Suzie & Bruce Lockhart 2nd are far beyond the normal ideas of terror you’ve become accustomed to.
HorrorLand will take you on a rollercoaster ride of insanity, from the undead, to the great deceiver himself!
Around every corner, in every crack and crevice, you will encounter terror. You can’t find sanctuary even in your own home…
So why run?
Would you strike a deal with death, hunt the things of shadow and substance, or seek revenge over justice?
Come now, just one more step, to face your fears behind that looming, wrought iron gate. This is going to be one helluva of a show, and, in truth, now that you’re here… I really can’t let you go.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Adventures In Horrorland, by Suzie Lockhart and Bruce Lockhart 2nd was aptly published last year on Halloween. Read it again this year. The stories will blow you away!

My favorite story is The Monster In Me, penned by both Suzie and Bruce. I am amazed at the fact a duo of authors was able to write this. Great job on both their parts. I can't tell who wrote what. All I can say is that this is horror at its best.

Be Careful What You Wish For, by Suzie, is another great tale, one that has a super ending. Gotta love that!

Shadow Rain, by Bruce, is so great it's hard to describe. It is part horror, part fantasy, and a lot about love. In short, it is a literary gem.

These three stories are my favorites, but they are all great. To show you how much I love this book, I have an autographed paperback version signed by both Suzie and Bruce, and I also bought the Kindle ebook. I don't wish to be one of those people who reviews without buying a book. It's not my style.

I want to see more from these great authors!




Here is the link for the book trailer produced by Beverly Cialone for Destiny Changed, my gritty Ghoul novella. She did a fantastic job once again. Beverly does all my book trailers.


This is not a book for children, by the way.

I hope you enjoy the book trailer.

Blaze McRob

Wednesday, January 4, 2017



Check out W. J. Howard's movie review for Cooties, an off the wall romp through Zombie Land. Her review pretty much will spill the beans on what this horror flick is all about. While you're there, leave a comment and you're entered to win a signed paperback copy of one of her great horror books Call for Obstruction or Warrant for Damnation. There will be one copy given away every week.

Great win/win, my friends!

Blaze McRob

Tuesday, January 3, 2017



The Island, by Clarissa Johal, is great psychological horror. A short while ago, it stood at #1 on Amazon's charts for horror/occult. Well deserved for sure. I bought a copy last year, so I can heartily recommend it. Clarissa wields a mighty pen. See what the buzz is about. Get your copy now!

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 Exploring a remote island can get you into trouble.
Especially when you stumble upon a cave and awaken two demons.

Rumors and superstition.
That's what Emma thinks about local gossip concerning her grandmother's "cursed" private island. Emma journeys to the island to ready it for sale. While out exploring, she unearths a hidden cave-a cave which holds answers to the island's dark past.
There may be more to the rumors than she thought.

Editorial Reviews


A Bookaholic's Fix: Feeding the Addiction "...simply brilliant...I loved how the suspense built throughout...I never knew what to expect next. If it had been a movie, I would have chewed my nails down to the quick. As it was, I couldn't put my Kindle down."

Us Girls & A Book "It was an AWESOME book! I absolutely loved it! I would give it more than 5 stars if I could. This book gripped me right from the beginning. The suspense kept the pages turning. I couldn't put it down! This is the first I have read by this author, but it definitely will not be the last."

Tammy's Tea Time "I was left on the edge of my seat not willing to put my Nook down until I could know how it all would end."

About the Author

Clarissa Johal is the author of paranormal novels, Poppy, The Island, Voices, Struck, and Between. When she's not listening to the ghosts in her head, she's swinging from a trapeze, or taking pictures of gargoyles. She shares her life with her husband, two daughters, and every stray animal that darkens their doorstep. 

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
A bit grittier than her previous books, still not too gory (no swearing or sex either). More mainstream horror than psychological paranormal (like her last book, Voices). It’s the psychological aspect that really hits home. Clarissa Johal gets this. I find I enjoy each book more than the last. They’re all good, all interesting, all different. She knows how to build the tension, characters, and plot until you feel as tortured as her poor heroines. This one, though, gave me nightmares! I was careful where I stopped reading after that and made sure to do a little web surfing before turning out the light. The writing is superb. I don’t do spoilers (or even care to describe stories—I leave that to others), but will tell you Emma is terribly brave (too brave, I kept wanting to yell into the book “don’t!”—I know you know what I mean). Yet it’s totally believable for her character. The romantic element, Nathaniel, adds to the story without taking over (another thing this author does well). Same thing with her friend, Paisley. I may never look at the ocean or small islands the same again. Oh, and I think I need a bell, or two. Yes, this is one of those books.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Suspense, mystery, and horror all mixed up into one story where you'll love the characters and fear what lurks on the island.

I can't recommend this book enough, it was such a good read, one I was barely able to set down. 

Format: Kindle Edition
When I heard about “The Island”, I immediately thought that it was a book that I would definitely not read at night. And that I did, which was fortunate, as there are several moments that would have made me sleep with the lights on.

The story is centered, as the title indicates, on an island that is believed to be cursed and Emma, whose grandmother Fae is the owner of the island. However, Emma’s grandmother has been missing for several years and is believed to be dead, so Emma sets out towards the island to prepare it for sale.

As soon as she arrives on the island, to clean up Fae’s cabin, strange things start to happen, but Emma disregards them and provides her own explanations to the events. As she explores the island, she stumbles upon a cave, and after she falls into it, she discovers that there is something lurking in the shadows. What happens next will have you guessing until the last page, wondering not only what this thing is, but if Emma will eventually make it out alive.

I would say that this is truly a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with much suspense and some scary moments to go along.