Sunday, December 31, 2017

Terri DelCampo and I have some rather interesting discussions around the house. Terri was doing a puzzle on Jigidi, which is a fantastic online Jigsaw Puzzle website. I mentioned to her in my suave, sophisticated manner that she should put up book covers there. I thought I'd get the daggers look, but a light went off in her head and she posted one for Mists Of Papoose Pond. While she was there, she posted more for her children's stories and one of her novels. Since many kids visit this website, I would suggest that not every cover would be suitable, but many are.

What a great, fun way to spread the word about your books with a neat audience.

For your information, Mists Of Papoose Pond is only 108 pieces, but it is a challenge because of  the intermixing of mists and shading. Hey, what were you expecting? Can't make things too easy on you. For a real challenge, it could have been 500 pieces. Hmm.

Those of you with childrens' books should really have fun here. YA too. Lots of great times to be had. Get in on the excitement.

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Friday, December 29, 2017


Finding Susan, by Katie Mettner, is nominated for best Romance Novel in the Preditors & Editors Readers' Poll. This is quite an honor for this remarkable author, but one that does not surprise me at all. She writes some powerful romance! 

If you would like to vote for her, it is quite simple. Merely check the circle next to Finding Susan at, fill in your name and email address, type in the name of the author for the book that they show - to show you're human - and submit your vote. When you receive a notification from Preditors & Editors, merely hit the validating link they sent you. Bear in mind there is nothing you have to purchase, and your votes are kept secret.

Katie's novel is certainly a great one. She has my vote!

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The Chosen One, by Nicole Storey, is the first novel in the Grimsley Hollow series. This big book has sixty-five 5 Star reviews. Way to go, Nicole! It is a coming of age/fantasy/scary/paranormal/sci-fi book. However, this novel can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Read the free sample on Amazon and you'll see what I mean. I bought this book back in 2014 and love it.

Get yours now!

Blaze McRob

    Book description:

    Eleven-year-old Gage Gilbert is autistic, loves Halloween, and has no friends. He longs to share real adventures – not just those conjured in his head.

    A mysterious key leads him to Eve, a young witch from another world called Grimsley Hollow. It’s a place where all magical beings live in safety and peace, but their realm is in trouble. Gage is the only one who can save them from a nefarious witch who has taken control.
    And the human world is next on her list.

    With Eve’s help (along with a potty-mouthed pixy, a trouble-making werewolf, a half-vampire, and a couple of dragons) Gage travels to Grimsley Hollow and together, they embark on a journey that will change them all.

    It’s a deadly race against evil, where extraordinary creatures stalk the land under a harvest moon and nightmarish monsters take form.

    Gage wanted friends and adventure, but had no idea they would come at such a dangerous price.

    Editorial Reviews


    "I loved the Harry Potter books and i can heartfully say that Nicole Storey has captured the magic and mystery of Grimsley Hollow just as good as JK Rowling did in her books but with the additional insight of what an autistic person has to deal with on a day to day basis." -Mr. Magic
    "Nicole Storey deals with middle school issues in such intriguing way that leaves kids mesmerized by the story instead of realizing that they are learning tolerance and acceptance in the process. I read the Kindle version and was so impressed that I bought the paperback for the sixth grade class at my school. From what I heard, the kids loved it as much as I did!" -Jane Carroll, Author
    "The Grimsley Hollow series is clearly not just for young adults! However, it does inspire young people to read. It's a reason to get off of their devices and video games and actually read a book. What a concept! Something that is decreasing as time goes by which is a real shame since young people can get the best education by reading. Let's hope that changes because books like these gets you thinking as there are many positive messages and virtues shared throughout these pages. It's actually much more than it seems. It's golden!" -Brend Perlin, Author

    From the Inside Flap

    What are people saying about Grimsley Hollow: The Chosen One?
    Exciting, scary, a breathless chase to save Grimsley Hollow from the clutches of an evil witch.  This is Halloween at your doorstep, dark shapes in the woods at night.  Shivery wonderful!
    -Malla Duncan - Smashwords purchase many people (children and adults alike) look at autism as a disability in the world today, but Gage proves that this is not true
    -Arual - Just a reader - Amazon purchase
    This is truly a magical book that I hope will inspire empathy for kids that might be a little bit different
    -James Crawford - Amazon purchase
    ...this is a book I yearn to see on the movie screen.  This is also a book I would love to see used as part of the curriculum in middle school
    -ChristiAK - Amazon purchase
    ...Nicole Storey as captured the magic and mystery of Grimsley Hollow just as as JK Rowling did in her books but with the additional insight of what an autistic person has to deal with on a day to day basis
    Mr. Magic - Amazon purchase


    Club Blaze, by Zack Kullis and Blaze McRob, is nominated for best anthology in the Preditors & Editors Readers' Poll. We are both thrilled for this honor. 

    If you would like to vote for us, it is quite simple. Merely check the circle next to Club Blaze at, fill in your name and email address, type in the name of the author for the book that they show - to show you're human - and submit your vote. When you receive a notification from Preditors & Editors, merely hit the validating link they sent you. Bear in mind there is nothing you have to purchase, and your votes are kept secret.

    Thank you very much for considering Zack and I for this award

    Blaze McRob

    Thursday, December 28, 2017


    I have a book review I did a while back for Touching Spirits: Contact, by JD Phillips. I love this book! Take a peek.

    Blaze McRob

    Book description:

    Fake ghost hunter (Dusty Yeager, star of Spectral Analysis) discovers he's suddenly able to hear a real live spook - and he's not happy about it.

    Real live spook (Killian A. Black) decides to make Dusty's life hell until he agrees to do the right thing and help solve a murder.

    Hijinxs ensue.

    "Who says dead can't be fun?"

    5 starsGreat Jumping Ghost!
    on February 16, 2016
    Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
    JD Phillips has a fantastic tale in Touching Spirits: Contact! She tells the story from the perspective of a ghost. This poor spirit is lost in an afterlife, unsure of how he got there. He deals with things as best he can, taking the good with the bad. He discovers there are perks to being a ghost, but there are also things that are beyond his control.

    One of my favorite lines in this novel is, "Still, the afterlife ain't all fireflies and rainbows, you know, or else damn near everyone would jump ship early to join the party."

    Obviously, there is humor in this story: a lot of it. I won't add in some of the fantastically witty phrases JD fills this book with, but there are some that had me laughing out loud! Don't let that make you believe there is no horror in this tome. There is. Plenty of it.

    Picture a ghost making a believer of a non-believing paranormal TV star and getting him to help solve a murder case. Add in hi-jinks of the highest order. Supply some touchy-feely moments and glimpses into the soul which show good as well as bad traits of humanity. Combine and stir well. Voila! You have Touching Spirits: Contact!

    I recommend this book highly.

    Wednesday, December 27, 2017


    I follow some great people on Twitter. Check out my page there and find some fantastic authors, film artists, and many more interesting people. I love to retweet and like others' posts. There are many super books that I've found there, as well.  I'm always surprised and happy when I run into someone I haven't heard from in a long time, and that happens a lot when I'm on Twitter. Check out my page and discover many fascinating people from all walks of life. I hope to see you there soon.

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    Sunday, December 17, 2017


    Kathryn Meyer Griffith, one of my favorite authors, has a new novel out: Witches II: Apocalypse. Kathryn knows how to spin a great tale. Don't miss this one. It's fantastic!

    Go to her Amazon Author Page and find some more of her many wonderful books. She could certainly become one of your favorite authors, too.

    Blaze McRob

    Book description:

    The long-awaited sequel to my 1993 best-selling paperback novel Witches is finally HERE! Yes, witches exist…the good and the bad ones…and one day the two ancient adversaries of good and evil will join the fight for control of the world. Amanda has been told her ten year old witch-child, Lizzy, is fated to someday become one of the planet’s most powerful witches. If she lives. If the world survives. Because the world is being threatened by an anti-Christ called Reuben who is prophesied to bring the end of the world by destroying everyone and everything good–including the white witches and warlocks of the world–unless he can be stopped. The Guardians, a secret society of those white wiccans who protect others of their kind and the world from great evil, along with the powerful good witch, Amanda Givens, and her gifted daughter, Lizzy, must battle Reuben and his demonic followers. They must somehow change the outcome of the prophesied end times, aid a possible child of God, help the earth’s people to resist the black witches, demons and the soulless, which the times have brought forth and who are trying to bring hell to earth. Good and evil will be brought together for the final battles. Will Amanda, Lizzy, and the Guardians defeat evil or will it defeat them as they fight with all their strength and powers to save the people, the lives and the world they love. Who will win?

    Thursday, December 14, 2017


    Many of you wonder why I would suggest self-editing your stories to your utmost ability before they go to a paid editor. Pretty simple. If your stories are in need of major editing, many editors won't go anywhere near them. Also, most small Presses, as well as the bigger boys, won't touch them if they need a major overhaul.

    I know one editing service that provides you with a free sample of his work. Then, he bases his rates upon your sample. He charges three times as much for an MS needing more work than for one requiring minor work. So, you could save yourself a lot of bucks if you hustle your butt into the self-editing chair and get better acquainted with the craft.

    I'm not talking beta readers either. I've mentioned before that I don't care for them. Read your stuff out loud and catch where punctuation might be needed. Purchase an online editing system such as AutoCrit or ProWritingAid These systems will find many errors. such as:
    • Check for hidden and passive verbs
    • Identify overuse of adverbs and glue words
    • Locate repetitive sentence structure
    • Replace commonly overused words
    • Reveal repeated words and phrases
    • Eliminate vague, abstract and complex words
    • Remove cliches and redundancies

    Get books and learn some things about the craft. There are a ton of them available. Don't rush to get your book out if it's not ready.

    Then, and only then, should you submit your book to a professional editor. Online systems and books can teach you a lot, but you need a skilled human to go over your last draft. Anything less is not acceptable.

    Blaze McRob

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017


    Dina Rae rolls out another great novel. The Sequel: Volume 2. Dina blends sci-fi and conspiracy theory to craft a marvelous book. I have always been amazed at the way Dina always stays ahead of the curve with her multifaceted tomes. This novel is a brilliant companion to the first in her series: The Best Seller. I would suggest you buy both of these great novels. 

    Don't miss out on what Dina Rae has to offer you!

    Blaze McRob

    Book description:

    Maya Smock gets inside of a time capsule and travels back to 1944 Germany. A Nazi doctor forces her to meet his superiors, proving to them all that his invention works. Hitler studies Maya like a laboratory rat at his Eagle’s Nest and then introduces her to the Reptilians. She plummets deep into the hollow earth. Will she ever get home? Only Maya’s next novel can show her friends how to get her back.

    As Operation Chrome expands, General Andreas steals more babies. He believes that he is saving them from an extraterrestrial agenda connected with World War II. The hybrid babies have grown.

    They are here. They will take what is theirs.

    Sunday, December 10, 2017


    Go to the links above for chapters one and two of Brian Keene's History Of Horror Fiction. I'm very impressed with the treatment he has given to so many excellent horror authors. Both these chapters are free to read. Don't miss out!

    Blaze McRob

    Tuesday, December 5, 2017


    The Ghost Club: Newly Found Tales Of Victorian Terror, by William Meikle is coming out on December 9th. This is a great book by my Scottish friend. One I'm sure you'll love.

    Blaze McRob

    Straight from the master himself:



    I'm Willie, I'm a Scotsman, and I like horror fiction.

    A lot of my work, long and short form, has been set in Scotland, and a lot of it uses the history
    and folklore. There's just something about the misty landscapes and old buildings that speaks straight to my soul. (Bloody Celts... we get all sentimental at the least wee thing).

    Scottish history goes deep. You can't swing a cat without hitting a castle or a historic monument or, from further back, a burial mound or standing stone. Five thousand years of living in mist and dampness, wind and snow, lashing rain and high seas leads to the telling of many tales of eldritch beings abroad in the dark nights. Add in the constant risk of invasion and war from Romans, Danes,
    Irishmen, Vikings and English and you can see that there's plenty of fertile ground for both fact and fiction to merge into a rich and varied mythology.

    I grew up in the West Coast of Scotland in an environment where the supernatural was almost commonplace. My grannie certainly had a touch of “thesight”, always knowing when someone in the family was in trouble. There are numerous stories told of family members meeting other, long dead, family in their dreams, and I myself have had more than a few encounters, with dead family, plus meetings with what I can only class as residents of faerie. I have had several precognitive dreams,
    one of which saved me from a potentially fatal car crash.

    What with all of that, it was only natural that my taste in reading would take a turn towards the spooky.

    I think my first close encounter of the Scottish kind must have been with Rabbie Burns. I'm from Ayrshire like Rabbie, and we share a birthday, so he was ever present in my early schooling. I remember learning a recital of the galloping frenzy of Tam o' Shanter as drunken Tam escapes the witches Sabbath by the skin of his teeth.

    Walter Scott too wasn't above slipping wraiths and fairies and fey folk into his romances, and he too was an early sight for me of some old Scots preoccupations with the darker side.

    When I started reading seriously for myself, Treasure Island was one of my early favorites, and it led me directly to the man who would be a lifelong companion. Robert Louis Stevenson didn't just anchor a whole sub-culture of horror with Doctor Jeckyll and his alter-ego-- he also wrote some of the greatest adventure novels of all time, and some of the most beautifuly constructed short stories you ever did read. He also introduced me to Scottish history in a way that school books had never managed, and through him I was led to Victorian Edinburgh and London, and directly into the arms of another great Scotsman.

    Yes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was Scottish. No, he wasn't an English gentleman. Now
    that's out of the way... I fell in love with Doyle through Challenger more than Holmes at first, from a love of The Lost World that persists to this day. Holmes came along later, and when I started writing Holmes stories of my own, the supernatural kept creeping into them, which gets me castigated by
    Sherlockian purists, but I don't care; as a Scotsman, like Doyle, steeped in the stories told in the mists and dark rooms in old buildings, it feels as natural to me as breathing. Doyle also wrote some top notch horror shorts that were a big favorite of mine in those early years.

    Also writing at the same time was Margaret Oliphant, a prolific Scotswoman better known for  romantic dramas than supernatural works, but in later years I discovered a ghost stories collection of hers and was delighted to discover that she too shared our kinfolk's love for the things that live in the dark and foggy nights in the auld country.

    My later reading in my early teens before I found Moorcock then Lovecraft then King was almost
    all sci-fi or thriller based, but there too I found Scots with a taste for the darkside, in John Buchan and
    especially Alistair MacLean, a man who would have made a great pulp horror writer in different circumstances.

    Later still William McIllvaney and IanRankin, while ostensibly working in the crime field also showed me more than a few glimpses of their familiarity with the dark and the ways of things that creep in the shadows.

    And then, in the Eighties, horror cameback to Scotland in full measure, in Ian Banks' The Wasp
    Factory, in Jonathan Aycliffe's Edinburgh ghost story, The Matrix, and in the many works of Joe Donnelly, a much missed genre writer who gave us a whole range of Scottish spooks, spectres, bogey-men and monsters in his short horror career during the boom years.

    Which brings us round to when I started writing for myself, in the early '90s. I've tried over the
    years since then to explain in a variety of works what the rich history of Scottish supernatural writing has given me.

    In my new book, THE GHOST CLUB, I've gone right back to basics, and provided as part of it three tales as if told by Stevenson, Oliphant and Doyle, and a wee cameo by Rabbie Burns in another story for good measure. I hope I've done them justice.

    I'm Willie, I'm a Scotsman, and I write horror fiction.


    THE GHOST CLUB, a new collection of supernatural stories, is coming from William Meikle and
    Crystal Lake Publishing on 8th December 2017. 

    It's a simple premise.

    In Victorian London, a select group of writers, led by Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker and Henry
    James held an informal dining club, the price of entry to which was the telling of a story by each invited guest.

    These are their stories, containing tales of revenant loved ones, lost cities, weird science, spectral appearances and mysteries in the fog of the old city, all told by some of the foremost writers of the
    day. In here you'll find Verne and Wells, Tolstoy and Checkov, Stevenson and Oliphant, Kipling, Twain, Haggard, Wilde and Blavatsky alongside their hosts.

    Come, join us for dinner and a story.

    Here's the TOC, which may have a different running order in the final book.



    Robert Louis Stevenson
            Wee Davie Makes aFriend

    Rudyard Kipling
        The High Bungalow

    Leo Tolstoy
            The Immortal Memory

    Bram Stoker
            The House of the Dead

    Mark Twain  
            Once a Jackass

    Herbert George Wells  

    Margaret Oliphant
          To the Manor Born

    Oscar Wilde  
          The Angry Ghost

    Henry Rider Haggard  
         The Black Ziggurat

    Helena P Blavatsky  
         Born of Ether

    Henry James  
         The Scrimshaw Set

    Anton Checkov  
          At the Molenzki Junction

    Jules Verne  
           To the Moon and Beyond

    Arthur Conan Doyle  
           The Curious Affair on the Embankment


    'The Ghost Club is a massively ambitious anthology of stories 'by' classic authors as imagined by the extremely talented William Meikle. Massively entertaining, too.'

    - Simon Clark, author of the award winning THE NIGHT OF THE TRIFFIDS

    'In the past, we’ve had the Diogenes Club, the ‘Club of the Damned’, and even Peter Straub’s ‘Chowder Society.’ Now we have THE GHOST CLUB by William Meikle. And it is, quite simply, a delight. Not only has the author displayed his knowledge of and love for the writers of yesteryear, but in creating ‘The Ghost Club’ our host has produced his own collection of unknown and previously unpublished short stories ‘by’ Robert Louis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, Leo Tolstoy, Bram Stoker, Mark Twain, H. G.Wells, Margaret Oliphant, Oscar Wilde, H. Rider Haggard, Helena P Blavatsky, Henry James, Anton Chekhov, Jules Verne and Arthur Conan Doyle. I say  ‘unknown’, when I mean – of course – that all the stories are written by Mr Meikle in the style of the aforementioned authors; and the entire experience of reading this collection is like sitting with him in an old fashioned study, with a roaring fire, guttering shadows and a snifter or two of brandy as he unfolds his ‘Ghost Club’ tales. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.'

    - Stephen Laws, author of GHOST TRAIN

    'William Meikle is an audacious writer! In The Ghost Club he takes on the personalities of literary
    icons Bram Stoker, Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne and the like and creates stories they might have told, mimicking their voices and writing styles.  And he makes that work! I have too many favorites to name but as I read from start to finish, the stories just got better and better and I found myself as absorbed as if I were reading spooky tales told by these master storytellers. Kudos to Meikle!  Lovers of traditional and quirky ghost stories need The Ghost Club in their library!'

    - Nancy Kilpatrick.  author of REVENGE OF THE VAMPYR KING

    "Masters of literature spin classic spooky tales in this chilling collection."

    – Scott Nicholson, author of THE RED CHURCH

    Sunday, November 26, 2017

    I have a book review I wrote a while back for Even Hell Has Standards: Pride, written by Chantal Noordeloos. Chantal has a wonderful way with words. She brings you into her stories in a most delightful way. Make sure you check out this great book as well as her other tales of horror. They are all great.

    Blaze McRob

                                                                    *    *    *    *

    Book description:

    Sometimes life brings out the worst in a person, but Adolf Zakerny was born for evil. After a life of torment and murder, all in the name of Hell, it’s time for Zakerny to take his place amongst the demons. Will the blood he spilled appease the charismatic Lord of Hell, or will Zakerny’s Pride come to a fall?

    ‘Pride’ is the first of seven short stories in the ‘Even Hell Has Standards’ series, where Chantal Noordeloos takes the reader through the darker side of human nature, and it’s road to redemption. This is Hell as you’ve never seen it before.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Don't Believe In Hell? You Will Now!, April 24, 2014
    Verified Purchase(What's this?)
    This review is from: Even Hell Has Standards: Pride (Kindle Edition)
    Chantal Noordeloos has come up with the perfect tale for those who do not believe in Hell. Her story is filled with plenty of gore and sadism, but it is the psychological horror which comes to the fore-front. Take one truly evil human, Adolf - even her choice of a name for the antagonist in this romp through the worst of what an entity could possibly foist upon his fellow humans is perfect - add pride which exceeds no known limits, mix well, and wham! We are blessed with a story which will most likely have theologians shaking their heads, wagging fingers, and spouting venom when perhaps they might see that maybe, just maybe, Chantal has hit upon something . . . something which could possibly be.

    Am I saying the Gospel According To Chantal Noordeloos is true? Of course not. This is a fiction tale of horror, and the author is not bandying about any new dogma. What she does do, as any great author does, is open the reader's mind to the possibility of truth within the story. By creating a story line which appears to be reasonable, the reader is drawn into its intricate meanderings of what is to happen next to this man Adolf, a man who fears no one and is truly not repentant for his sins.

    Does Adolf win? Does Satan win? Or does God win? Oh, me lads and lassies, that is not for me to say. Read this great story and get carried away within conceptual beliefs you may have never heard before. This book pushes the limits, but in the most delightful of ways.

    Are you tired of fluff? Do you wish to read a thinking person's story, yet one filled with a telling and hypnotic spell? Chantal Noordeloos has written what you are looking for. Embrace the words of a master at her craft.

    Even Hell Has Standards: Pride, will not let you down!

    Tuesday, November 21, 2017


    Above, you will find the Amazon Author Page for William Cook. William has a fantastic list of horror, novels and collections, that you will be sure to enjoy. He has them priced well for the holiday season. William has had books published with Presses that eventually folded, but instead of whining about it, he reissued them himself. Wise move, and one that other authors should look into.

    Check out his great books and get caught up in them. You could very well find a new favorite author.

    Blaze McRob 

    Sunday, November 19, 2017


     If you're looking for a big collection of holiday horror tales that cover the entire year and every holiday, Happy Bloody Whatever is for you. Terri DelCampo and I have 46 stories for your ghoulish pleasure. Yes, I realize that not every collection of short stories is this meaty. This tome is filled with the ooky and spooky you're accustomed to getting from Terri and me. You can read it once, and then go back again and again for your favorite holidays. Twelve months equals a lot of holidays. A lot of horror. You can read our free sample on Amazon and see if this tome suits your desire to engage in dark reading with the lights down low. That's the best way, I believe.

    Enjoy every holiday, the Happy Bloody Whatever Way!

    Blaze McRob


     HAPPY BLOODY WHATEVER (Book Description)

    Confetti at New Year's brings meaning to death.
    Murder of crows revenge does bequeath
    Mass slaughter of family had to be done
    Groundhog war on frackers has only begun.
    The longer the noodle the longer the life.
    Lincoln's tears avenge many decades of strife.
    Funeral train glides along without tracks.
    To save father and children a young ghost comes back.
    Turning death into life calls for special seeds.
    Easter eggs tell of mothers' harsh deeds.
    Take caution when dating on April Fools' Day.
    Mother earth finally has her own way.
    Tree takes revenge on corrupt greedy ranger.
    Killing killers can carry much danger.
    A man just a bit too 'into' his mother.
    Soldiers bring honor, one way or another.
    President plays with toy soldiers that bleed.
    Wipe your ass with the flag and ghosts punish your deeds.
    A poacher sees to it his kids will survive.
    A girl's selfish need leads to mourned suicide.
    Even the angel of death meets defeat.
    Wiping out traitors is a wizard's feat.
    Fog brings death to green louie's team.
    Violent waters with rats do teem.
    Violent cult lord controls Clinton Road.
    Evil murderer's showdown at cabin abode.
    A stalker killer needs much preparation.
    Some teachers require bratty libation.
    Medicine man sends Columbus a-packing.
    Beware a kid's bubblegum after a hacking.
    Mother Nature gives thanks to her bees.
    Turkeys bring Farmer McRob to his knees.
    Elf barters gifts for naughty kid's meat.
    This trading of wishes is so bittersweet.
    Anniversary of slaughter kicks Vatican ass.
    Marionette clown – heed my warning and pass.
    How well do you know your partying friends?
    Vamp vs Lycan celebrate to the end.
    One star reviews end you up in a batter.
    Christian rite turns into a whole different matter.
    Popeye's deal gives grad party some strings.
    Wedding crasher gives murderous bride a fling.
    Father's duties trumped by mom's old wedding dress.
    Satan's bride punishes hubby with zest.
    Animals just cannot let their friend go.
    Vincenta and Theone forever linked to Van Gogh.
    Terri DelCampo and Blaze McRob
    Bring holiday stories to make your heart throb
    In anxious terror and dreadful fright
    For every celebrant, day and night. 

    Thursday, November 16, 2017


     The Rogues Gallery: The Illustrated Police News, from Firbolg Publishing, is 171 pages of pure Gothic delight. My story, Ominous Atonement, is included. There is some great art in this tome courtesy of The Illustrated Police News. In fact, all the great authors in this tome wrote their tales to these pictures. Might I say that even though my story is a tad gruesome, as are many of the other tales, I had a lot of fun writing mine. Tells you a lot about me, doesn't it?

    Check this out! Hit the free sample on Amazon and read what's there. You'll want to read the rest. Guaranteed.

    Blaze McRob

                                                                        *    *    *    *

    Book description:

     A newspaper vendor in the nineteenth century could always ensure sales with the gruesome cry “Murder! ‘Orrible Murder!” Published around 1870, the Victorian tabloid The Illustrated Police News took this sales tactic to heart. It had the largest circulation of any periodical of its time. The public devoured a weekly diet of real-life horrors deliberately calculated to churn the strongest stomach and boost the next issue’s sales. The Rogues Gallery has resurrected these disturbing, morbid images to bring you a collection of flash fiction as equally frightening. Using Victorian England's murder and mayhem as their inspiration, dozens of authors will haunt your nightmares long after the lights go out. Three Gothic tales of terror from the masters Poe, Lovecraft, and Thackeray round out this macabre Rogues Gallery of terror. With an introduction from DarkMedia's Eva Layne, remember this... you have been warned.  

    Tuesday, November 14, 2017


    The link above is for Nicole Storey's Amazon Author Page. You will be sure to find some great books there. I know: I have them. On another note, we're getting into the gift giving season. Nicole has both ebooks and paperbacks for sale. A lot of folks would be thrilled to receive these great gifts!

    Check out Nicole's great books!

    Blaze McRob

    Sunday, November 12, 2017


    Tales From The Lake Volume 4, is the latest release from Crystal Lake Publishing. And a grand book it is! Take a look at the TOC below and you will see some of the greatest horror authors in the world. This is one fantastic anthology. I suggest you get yours now.

    Blaze McRob

    Book description:

    The Legend Continues…
    Twenty-four heart-rending tales with elements of terror, mystery, and a nightmarish darkness that knows no end.
    Welcome to my lake. Welcome to where dreams and hope are illusions…and pain is God.
    • This anthology begins with Joe R. Lansdale’s The Folding Man, one of his darkest stories ever written.
    • Kealan Patrick Burke’s Go Warily After Dark pulls us into a desolated world, and reminds us of the price of survival: a guilt that seeps into the marrow.
    • Damien Angelica Walter’s Everything Hurts, Until it Doesn’t places us in the middle of a family whose secrets and traditions are thicker than blood.
    • Jennifer Loring’s When the Dead Come Home explores a loss so dark, that even the stars are sucked into its melancholic vacuum.
    In the spirit of popular Dark Fiction and Horror anthologies such as Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories and Behold: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders, and the best of Stephen King’s short fiction, comes Crystal Lake Publishing’s Tales from The Lake anthologies.
    This fourth volume of Speculative Fiction contains the following short stories:
    • Jennifer Loring – When the Dead Come Home
    • Joe R. Lansdale – The Folding Man
    • Kealan Patrick Burke – Go Warily After Dark
    • T. E. Grau – To the Hills
    • Damien Angelica Walters – Everything Hurts, Until it Doesn’t
    • Sheldon Higdon – Drowning in Sorrow
    • Max Booth III – Whenever You Exhale, I Inhale
    • Bruce Golden – The Withering
    • JG Faherty – Grave Secrets
    • Hunter Liguore – End of the Hall
    • David Dunwoody – Snowmen
    • Timothy G. Arsenault – Pieces of Me
    • Maria Alexander – Neighborhood Watchers
    • Timothy Johnson – The Story of Jessie and Me
    • Michael Bailey – I will be the Reflection Until the End
    • E.E. King – The Honeymoon’s Over
    • Darren Speegle – Song in a Sundress
    • Cynthia Ward – Weighing In
    • Michael Haynes – Reliving the Past
    • Leigh M. Lane – The Long Haul
    • Mark Cassell – Dust Devils
    • Del Howison – Liminality
    • Gene O’Neill – The Gardener
    • Jeff Cercone – Condo by the Lake
    With an introduction by editor Ben Eads. Cover art by Ben Baldwin. Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing – Tales from The Darkest Depths.

    Additional book categories:
    • Horror
    • Suspense
    • Thriller
    • Mystery
    • Short stories
    • Anthologies
    • Horror anthology
    • US Fiction
    • Lovecraftian / Lovecraft
    • Dark Fantasy
    • Monsters
    • Occult
    • Supernatural
    • Haunted house and ghosts
    • Myths and Legends

    Wednesday, November 8, 2017


    Hit the link above and find out who will be presenting what and when they will be doing it. That's a mouthful, but there are many of your favorite Zombie authors zipping around this month, and they all will be presenting much to know about these undead nasties. Head over there now and visit along with the rest of the cool kids!

    Blaze McRob

    Monday, November 6, 2017


    Killing It Softly 2 is a fantastic all-women anthology of great horror from many of the most talented women authors around. Read the book description below and you will agree that this big tome is well worth your time. Thirty-eight great stories by thirty-eight great authors. Get your copy now!

    Blaze McRob

    Book description:

    The Best by Women in Horror

    The first ‘Killing It Softly’ was just the tip of the iceberg…
    Beneath the icy depths of this next installment, you’ll be plunged into a world where 38 female horror writers give you a glimpse of their inner-demons, unleashing the hell-fire they suppress in the ‘real’ world. It will disturb you to discover what really lurks inside their minds, because many of these stories delve into pain that can only be experienced by women—leaving you unhinged as you curl up with them during their darkest hour.
    Post-partum depression, hording, anorexia, and mental health will be brought to light when viewed through the shadowy perspective of cognitive deception.
    Sci-fi, romance, steam-punk, and fantasy intertwine with horror to deliver unsettling, chilling stories; traditional tales of witches, zombies, werewolves, and vampires will be told in twisted new ways that will shock, unnerve, and even repulse you…and within these pages, sometimes new monsters will arise from the ashes.
    You may even discover that women can not only write good horror…but in some cases, can do it better.

    Part 1 – Another Space, Another Time
    The Whims of My Enemy – Amanda J. Spedding
    A Moveable Feast – Jenny Blackford
    Softly into the Morning – L. D. Colter
    Whispers in the Wax – Tonia Brown
    The Screaming Key – Lillian Csernica
    Framed – Diana Catt
    Bloody Rain – Rie Sheridan Rose
    The Idlewild Letters – H.R. Boldwood
    Kristall Tag – Holly Newstein
    The Adventure of My Ignoble Ancestress – Nancy Holder

    Part II – Monster Party
    The Devil’s in the Details – Stacey Longo
    Octavia – Chantal Boudreau
    The Skeench – Debra Robinson
    Sandcastle Sacrifices – Jennifer Brozek
    Unfilial Child – Laurie Tom
    Milk and Cookies – M.J. Sydney
    Figaro, Figueroa – Karen Heuler
    Scarecrow – Vonnie Winslow Crist
    A Great and Terrible Hunger – Elaine Cunningham

    Part III – Cognitive Deception
    Belongings – Abra Staffin-Wiebe
    Evil Little Girl – Barb Goffman
    Blue – Julie Travis
    The Devil Inside – Shannon Connor Winward
    Shining Brook and the Ice Moon Spirit – Jean Graham
    Damaged Goods – Lindsey Goddard
    Project Handbasket – Rebecca J. Allred
    Behind the Eight Ball – Lena Ng
    A Faithful Companion – Deborah Sheldon
    Omega – Airika Sneve

    Part IV – The Changed and the Undead
    Little Fingers – Christine Morgan
    Golden Rule – Donna J. W. Munro
    Fifth Sense – Tina Rath
    Cycle – Rebecca Fraser
    The Hand of God – Gerri Leen
    Vile Deeds – Suzie Lockhart
    The Holy Spear – Barbara A. Barnett
    Skin and Bones – Rebecca Snow
    Death Warmed Over – Rachel Caine

    Thursday, November 2, 2017


    Let's Scare Cancer To Death, from May December Publications LLC, has many great stories from super authors and all the proceeds go to The V Foundation For Cancer Research. I have a story within this tome titled The Judas Contingent. This anthology is available for only .99 on Kindle. It is also available in paperback for $13.95, a great price for a 334 page book. Either version has all the proceeds going to cancer research.  

    I guarantee the horrific stories in this anthology will sate your horror appetites. Give it a try.

    Thank you.

    Blaze McRob

                                                                *    *    *    *

    Book description: 


    For millions, there is no word that inspires more fear. It is about time to give some payback. Enter a cadre of talented authors with a common purpose: to SCARE cancer to death.

    Okay, the premise may seem silly, but the truth is that these writers have all given their stories freely in hopes that you will be enticed to come check out this anthology. Every penny generated will be given in a quarterly check the The V Foundation for Cancer Research. So, when you purchase this book, you are tossing your hat in the ring with people who are out to eradicate a killer that has touched far too many lives.

    Join us, and Let's Scare Cancer to Death!

    with Eli Constant, Alyn Day, Heath Stallcup, Gregory Carrico, T. Fox Dunham, Claire C. Riley, Armand Rosamilia, Catie Rhodes, J. Thorn, Chantal Boudureau, Mark Tufo, Michael James McFarland, Julianne Snow, Blaze McRob, TW Brown, and Rhonda Hopkins.
    By *lizzie starr on March 31, 2014
    Format: Kindle Edition
    Cancer is frightening enough, and this anthology is definitely well on the way to achieving its title—and scaring cancer to death! As with any anthology, I enjoyed some tales more than others, but recommend them all. Who knew there were so many takes on Zombies? Or mystic cancer treatments? Or survival...and death?

    We’ve all been touched by cancer in some way and these stories contain characters to cheer and cry for. At times, they’ll make your heart hurt. But don’t worry...there’s a zombie around the next corner! This volume is a must read for any horror fan.

    By fluffyredfox on May 9, 2014
    Format: Kindle Edition
    All the author dedications are heart breaking, so many people’s lives are touched by the dreaded big C. Here is to finding a cure, fast.

    Z Children by Eli Constant: It is the start of the zompoc and Suz, Dad and the twins must make it out of town to their boat whilst dodging the zombies who are primarily children.
    The reasons for the start of the zompoc are really well laid out, the back story made me care for this little family so the ending was a real shock.
    I really enjoyed this writing style so another author to be on the lookout for.

    Of the Dead by Alyn Day: a toughened foraging unit comes across a child “zed”; or is she just a wild child trying to survive?
    As many of the unit are mourning fathers the emotions brought to the surface on the trip back to base and the scientists are really well played out by the author.
    I love the twisted endings, so not expected. Another fantastic writer.

    Memories by Heath Stallcup: the author physically brings you along for the ride on this tale as he drags you around a research facility whilst he unloads his story upon you.
    The sordid tale carried on around me and I was so absorbed that the ending, again, gave me a real thump to the heart.
    HS has managed to pull off a spectacular PoV perspective with not even the slightest error. Not surprisingly he is already one of my favourite authors.

    Project Arizona by Greg Carrico: poor Henry, he is a sad and misplaced man in a long line of hidden experiments, of which the author keeps us in the dark about.
    But the telltale zombie theme is there, along with a strange flensing obsession.
    A strange little late that has an even weirder ending. Not sure what I read but I really liked it!

    Just Life by T.Fox Dunham: “dragging its colon behind like a dead snake” – has to be my favourite line from the whole book, it made me feel a little nauseous and smile at the same time.
    Robert, the main character, has just recovered from a strange surgery where his tumour went wild and attacked a surgeon!
    Now Retribution has begun which looks suspiciously like a George Romero film set.
    Essentially this is a beautiful love story another really fantastic ending.

    Choices by Claire C. Riley: Adam had completed his cancer treatment but now all Hell has broken loose and he is unable to find out his final test results.
    He risks life and limb to try and find his medical notes but thankfully there is Old Yella to help him out.
    The moral of the story seems a little undone at the end but wow I really enjoyed the characters in this one.

    Dying Days Mortality by Armand Rosamila: two good men are trying to do right by their dying wives.
    A dilemma is set before one of them and a decision is made.
    The emotions run really high in this book and AR does not shy away from rubbing your face right in there.

    Gift Wrapped Box by Catie Rhodes: Kathleen just keeps getting more Hell heaped upon her as she falls for some mumbo jumbo about a cure for her terminal cancer, which actually turns out to be soul eaters!
    Not to mention her wicked neighbor is trying to kill her kitten.
    A blast from the past and she has a chance to put all things right and as she faces down a massive demon she gets more than she hoped for.
    A sad but brilliant ending, really enjoyed the complexity of the story and certainly nothing run of the mill.

    Tunnel by J. Thorn: not sure about this story as I really disliked one of the three characters and the other two were just meh for me. Plus the story never really went anywhere IMO.

    One Lonely Night by Chantal Boudreaux: Quinn is dying from cancer, but all he desires is death by zombie.
    With all the pain surrounding him he is set on his mission and CB does nothing to shy you away from being witness to this painfully honest tale.

    Sweet Release by Mark Tufo: Ted’s life is over; his body just needs to catch up.
    Kindness seems to be lacking all around him and just one small moment is all he wants.
    The tenderness with which this tale is written really made my heart ache.

    Uncle by Michael James Macfarland: crippled Uncle has a secret that he brought back from the war.
    His constant care is sucking the life from those around him.
    The slow but steady build up gives a good indication of what the end will be but it’s still a cracker.

    The Legacy by Julianne Snow: they say when you get a terminal diagnosis you begin the grieving process for your own loss of life, one stage of that is anger.
    This is the tale of a chap who gets stuck at that stage. Of all these little stories, this one really scared me.

    The Judas Contingent by Blaze McRob: my heart bleeds for this wonderfully strong and brave man (the author not the fiction – of all the dedications and bios this one really touched me).
    Revenge is the main drive for this story, a well written piece that left me wondering just who are the good guys.

    My Name is Charles by TW Brown: what’s worse than dying cancer in the zompoc? Adding dementia into the mix.
    Poor fella, having to relive the intial horror over and over again. Fantastic idea with some great writing.

    Survival by Rhonda Hopkins: from a bad start where they are captured for who knows what reason Dana and her twin, Sarah, manage a dramatic escape with the help of Meredith. Shame the poor girl is suffering the after effects of chemo treatment.
    As the struggle to survive in this new world of horrors occurs the relationship and animosity of work colleagues surfaces adding that emotional twist to the story.
    Whilst gore and horror is not lacking in this well written tale it is the emotions that play front and center.

    The whole book has a well put together feel to it. I do hope this continues to raise lots of money so that “we” really can Scare Cancer to Death.

    Thursday, October 26, 2017


    Zack Kullis says, "Blaze McRob and I collaborated on a very dark and terrifying anthology called Club Blaze. If you enjoy true horror, then this is for you. Consider it a doorway to a horrifying Halloween."

    I can't add a whole lot to what he says. He's spot on. Take a peek at what we have waiting for you. I'm sure you'll love Club Blaze.

    Blaze McRob

    Book description:

    Club Blaze is a novel-length anthology full of tales of pure terror and wicked depravity. This collection of horror stories will either have you leaving the light on at night, or it will have you wishing for a chance to share a drink with the sinister owners and patrons of Club Blaze.

    Each tale is more extreme and terrifying than the next. Buy Club Blaze, open your mind and allow it to enter this infernal club as you read. Who knows what doors it might open?


    On November 1st, National Novel Writing Month begins. Popularly known as NaNoWriMo, this super event has many authors coming together to write a 50,000 word novel by the end of November. I am competing for the 7th year in a row, having a winning streak of six years. My stats show I have written 722,000 words over those years. This year will be a little different for me. My book, Again, damn it!, is a story of abuse, lies, cheating, and religious hypocrisy in the fifties. I usually write straight horror, so even though there will be real-life horror in this tale, there is much more added to the mix. We all have our crosses to bear, and my protagonist will certainly have his. I hope you'll enjoy it when I publish it. 

    My wife, Terri DelCampo, will also be competing this year. She was onboard in 2015 and reached her word count before I did. She could wind up whopping me again. One thing is sure: we'll both get our words and more in.

    Check the link above and see if this is something for you to do. I believe it toughens an author up by instilling a good work ethic. This amounts to a little less than 1,700 words a day. You can handle that, can't you?

    See you at the starting and finish lines. The best of wishes to all of you.

    Blaze McRob

    Tuesday, October 24, 2017


    If you like your horror down and dirty, Zack Kullis and Blaze McRob have an anthology that's right up your alley! Club Blaze, published by Arcane Whispers Press, will be out any day now. That's right: the gnarly brainchild belonging to Zack and me is on the way.

    I want to thank Terri DelCampo for stepping in and bailing us out on some technical stuff, and for being our last pair of eyes on it as well. Until now, she had no idea Zack writes the great tales he does. Phrases like "Where did he come up with that?" "Holy shit!" and others were just a part of her exuberance.

    The great month ushering in Samhain is the perfect time for this anthology to come rolling out. Grab some M&M's and your favorite beverage, turn the lights as low as you dare, and jump into our journey of extreme horror.

    We'll be waiting for you.

    Blaze McRob

    Sunday, October 22, 2017


     Tides Of Chaos, by Lori R. Lopez and Blaze McRob can best be described as mad-cap horror/science-fiction/ fantasy/teen/and young adult. We didn't leave much out, did we? The Kindle version is only 99 cents, and the paperback, with interior illustrations done by Lori, is only $5.00. If you're looking for a breath of fresh air, this book is for you.

    Happy reading!

    Blaze McRob

    Book description:

     A man and woman meet online while the world around them is falling apart. Where are the creatures from that have invaded their planet? What do they want? These questions and more must be answered if the human race is to survive this doomsday scenario. Authors Blaze McRob and Lori R. Lopez join forces to present an unusual tale of an apocalypse that has devastated society. Elvie and Ed managed to connect in a world gone mad. They give each other hope and support from a thousand miles apart. Will it be enough to save them? Read their frantic messages as they attempt to make sense of the situation in this illustrated short fiction from two accomplished horror authors. The story was actually written by exchanging E-mails like the characters, without knowing what might come next. Look for an illustrated print edition featuring artwork by Lori R. Lopez. 

    Editorial Reviews

    About the Author

    Blaze McRob writes from deep within his soul. While many people ask him if he could write lighter tomes, he chooses not to, wishing instead to release his inner demons. He has written many novels over the years, penned under other writers’ names. He chooses to come out now and play as Blaze. While novels are his true love, he is enjoying writing short stories and even some poetry. Yes, his poems also reflect sadness. Some things don’t change . . . A few of his newer pieces are MISTS OF PAPOOSE POND (a horror-adventure novel); SILVER HELLS (a short-story holiday horror collection written with Terri DelCampo); BLOOD SPATTER (a collection of Halloween short horror stories written with Terri DelCampo). Four additional horror novels are being released in 2016: GHOST NO MORE, QUARTER MOON HAUNTS, ’68 BUICK, and WOLF WHISPERS. Lori R. Lopez prefers to be mysterious and not divulge too much information about herself. That can be difficult when she is writing an entire book series about her life, along with her various fictional pursuits: long and short tales of Horror, Fantasy, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fable, Verse and more . . . including titles such as THE DARK MISTER SNARK, THE FAIRY FLY, AN ILL WIND BLOWS, ODDS AND ENDS, CHOCOLATE-COVERED EYES, POETIC REFLECTIONS: THE QUEEN OF HATS, and DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS. Her life, in fact, is not just an open book — it is a number of open books! Alas, her wish to remain anonymous (but not to be confused with the other Anonymouses out there) cannot be realized so long as she persists at chronicling in great detail the events that befall her. Nonetheless, should you ever by chance meet this clandestine author, it would be terribly considerate to pretend you know nothing about her; not even this much, which is really very little at all.            

    Friday, October 20, 2017


    Rather than single out one of JD Phillips' great horror books, I am sharing her Amazon Author Page with you. She writes great horror and has a devilishly fantastic sense of humor as well. You cannot go wrong by buying one of her books. I have purchased a number of them and love them all. Check out the free samples she has made available for you and read the book descriptions. Like me, you might buy more than one. Many more.

    Blaze McRob 

    Wednesday, October 18, 2017


    Noble Rot, by Carson Buckingham, is a delight of a tale to read. It blends horror, the paranormal, ghosts, and thrills all into one fantastic novel. Add in Carson's exquisite humor in the most perfect places, and you'll see why Carson is one of my favorite authors. Give this one a try. You'll be glad you did.

    Blaze McRob

    Book description:

    What would you pay for half a huge duplex, ideally located and completely furnished with beautiful antiques that you could take with you, free of charge, if you ever move?
    The answer is—next to nothing.
    But why?
    Allison Pilch discovers that what initially seems idyllic carries a horrific hidden cost.
    With neighbors she hears but never sees, a creepy room that she keeps locked, and a new boss with a disturbing affliction; Allison will have her sanity stretched to the limit.
    Oh, and let’s not forget a steadily growing, but inexplicable dread that arrives out of nowhere…

    Monday, October 16, 2017


    Dusk's Warriors, by Emerian  Rich, is a super Vampire novel! This is the second novel in the Night's Knights Vampire Series.Read the free sample of this novel on Amazon and you will want to click the purchase button.

    Go to Emirian's Amazon Author Page at and check out her other super books.

    Blaze McRob

    Book description:

    Heaven has opened up and welcomed the vampires of Night’s Knights into a new reality. As they struggle to find their place in their new world, trouble brews on Earth.

    Demon servant, Ridge, is causing havoc by gathering up all the souls on Earth that have been touched by immortality. When he injures one of the Night’s Knights crew, he launches a war between the vampires of Heaven, the Big Bad in Hell, and a mortal street gang of vigilante misfits.

    Will Julien, Markham, and Reidar be able to defeat the evil that’s returned, or will they once again need Jespa’s help?

    Thursday, October 12, 2017


    Finding Susan, by Katie Mettner, will be coming out on October 26th, 2017. It's up for pre-order now on Amazon. I bought my copy and can hardly wait to read it! Yes, I know I write horror, but I read many genres and Katie is a talented author. Also, if you go to, you will be able to read an interview between Katie and the young lady who is the inspiration for this novel. She has been a friend of mine for a number of years now and is a person I really like and admire. So, I guess you see why I'm recommending this book. How could I not? I'm intrigued to see how Katie transfers non-fiction to fiction.  

    Right now, this great romance novel is on sale for only 99 cents. Pre-order yours now!

    Blaze McRob

    Book description:

    A real life story of deceit, acceptance, and the quest to find true love, while staying true to yourself. The last thing Renay Skovgaard expected was to find herself a victim of a catfisher. No stranger to online dating, Renay didn’t see it coming until it was too late, and she’d already lost her heart. Months after the catfisher had faded away, and time had healed the wound, Renay was finally able to grasp the truth behind the encounter. She was in love with the woman in the image she carried around in her back pocket, not the person behind the screen. Her hazel eyes were the same pair she’d seen since childhood, and she was ready to find the woman she knew only as, Susan Walters.

    The last thing Olga Weber expected her first night at Oktoberfest was to come-to-face with the woman she couldn’t live without. Her kindness, humor, and easy going way of making her feel safe drew her to the woman like a moth to a flame. Olga knew the game she played was dangerous, because a woman like Renay could destroy the make-believe life she’s worked for years to build. After one chance meeting she could feel the walls of her closet crumbling around her, and she knew her life was about to change…forever.

    Olga and Renay find themselves falling in love; one woman comfortable with her sexuality, the other uncomfortable in her own skin. A bottle of wine and a sweet, languid kiss told Olga the time had come to decide if Renay was worth fighting for, and if true love could conquer all.

    Sunday, October 8, 2017


    Book Links:
    Smashwords: Amazon:
    Amazon Canada: Kobo: Barnes and Noble:…/1127085313… iTunes:…/horror-haiku-pas-d…/id1281462637…

    Book Description:

    In the shadows—voices.
    Calling, screaming, moaning.
    Countless tongues telling tales...
    of Hell
    of Monsters
    and Unnatural Things

    Come chase the dark words, fall into the spell of terror and sit with the poetic weaver as you watch the world burn. Horror Haiku Pas de Deux is a volume of poetry mixing horror with haiku and verse to chill your bones.
    Poetic beauty lives forever with the undead.

    Horror Haiku Pas de Deux, by A. F. Stewart, is now out for your reading enjoyment! Ms. Stewart has a superb collection of haiku, mixed with other verse, and, of course, some enjoyable horror. As you can see above, I have given you plenty of links to find her fantastic work.

    Blaze McRob