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Terri DelCampo is my Woman In Horror today! As you can tell from all her links above, Terri is very active, not only with her tales of horror, but with everything else she does as well. She is developing quite a following for her children's books, but it is her horror tales which drew her to me. Her stories are eclectic and edgy.

I discovered her through her online magazine, Owl's Eye View Magazine. At the time, the magazine was free and on a website. I very much liked what I read. 

The entire concept of the magazine is fresh and unusual with a Twilight Zone meets reality which might not be reality and is a fantastic paradox of thought and eventualities. I was charmed with her style and the way she was able to weave horror through her literary stories. When her website was giving her problems and she asked me as a friend what she should do, I told her to move the magazine to Amazon Kindle, where it resides now. Her monthly issues are only $.99. At the end of the year, she combines all the issues from the previous year into a grand behemoth of reading pleasure.
In Terri's words:

"The only thing more fun than reading an ooky story that keeps me up all night, is writing one that keeps YOU up all night! Terri DelCampo, Managing Editor, OEV Magazine."

"Owl's Eye View Magazine is a dark fiction publication that concerns itself with all things Owl's Nest, Delaware."

"Owl's Nest, Delaware is the fictional town where the author, Terri DelCampo sets most of her novels and stories."

"The columnists for OEV are all residents of Owl's Nest, Delaware. (Affectionately referred to as Owl's.)"

Terri told me she also had written some short story collections, novellas, and novels, and once more asked my advice. As before, I told her to publish them on Kindle. As of the moment, she has thirty one books up there. Quite impressive.

One of my personal favorites is Owl Guts. This is a scary collection of tales. And . . . and it is very dark. I think I love it because it is a thinking person's book. No fluff or over-description. Deep in the soul horror, that which we can understand and acknowledge at the same time we look for deeper meanings. Those which reside within the collection of stories. Simply go to Amazon and read from the free sample. You'll be hooked.

Terri's Amazon bio:

"Terri DelCampo is a writer and editor at Visionary Press Collaborative as well as an admitted write-a-holic. She is the founding editor and writer of Owl's Eye View Magazine, a dark fiction monthly offered on Amazon. Additionally she has authored seven novels and well over a dozen short story collections as Kindle Books, soon to be published in print as well. She contributes stories to, and one of her stories will appear in an up-coming multi-press anthology which she's excited about. She insists that her personal life conjures her ooky tales, which is a somewhat disturbing thought, but then she is engaged to a horror writer. She believes cheese is the greatest invention of all time, and only shares hers with her closest friends and family.  Disabled since 2009, Terri is a mother of two, grandmother of four (2 human, 2 canine), has worked as a pharmacy tech, corporate writer, and waitress, all of which have inspired her writing...some spurring helpful articles, some spurring ooky chilling tidbits from the darkest, cob-webbiest corners of her mind. Muahaha... 

For a great in-depth interview between Terri and Fiona Mcvie, go to This was Terri's first interview, and she was thrilled. This interview covers bunches of goodies. I even found out some things, and I know Terri very well. Terri's written words led me to respect her greatly as an author and a person. I fell in love with my little Woman In Horror, and we were married this past September.

Terri also had a youtube interview with Tony Wolf Paw at Terri does a great job with this and Tony is a master of getting folks to relax and enjoy being with him.

Just recently, Terri got to talk with LR Shaw  which involved ReSource Network Radio. Check out this interview and see others that ReSource Network Radio has done.

Terri is a busy lady indeed! I will post some purty pictures of some of her great books below.                   

We all need ooky and the willies, and Terri DelCampo is the lady who dishes them out.

Terri DelCampo is a Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob


Wind Chill, by Patrick Rutigliano, is out in Kindle and paperback versions. The Kindle version is only $.99, but it's only for the first 150 readers who purchase it. So don't dawdle, folks. This is Crystal Lake Publishing's latest book, so you know you're in for a grand read.

I'll see you at the click and buy area on Amazon!

Blaze McRob

                                                               *    *    *    *

Book description:

 What if you were held captive by your own family?

Emma Rawlins has spent the last year a prisoner. The months following her mother's death dragged her father into a paranoid spiral of conspiracy theories and doomsday premonitions. Obsessing him, controlling him, they now whisper the end days are finally at hand.

And he doesn’t intend to face them alone.

Emma finds herself drugged and dragged to a secluded cabin, the last refuge from a society supposedly due to collapse. Their cabin a snowbound fortress, her every move controlled, but even that isn't enough to weather the end of the world.

Everything she knows is out of reach, lost beyond a haze of white. There is no choice but to play her father's game while she plans her escape.

But there is a force far colder than the freezing drifts. Ancient, ravenous, it knows no mercy. And it's already had a taste...

Wind Chill also contains eight original bonus stories:

-The Fear Merchant: The local king of Halloween finds himself outdone by a new neighbor and becomes compelled to discover what secrets lie in the haunted house across the street.
-Bang!: A rivalry between two creatures of the night takes a black-humored twist.
-Little Red Vest: A break down leaves a woman stranded on the wrong side of town—and witness to a bizarre performance that can warp time as easily as it does flesh.
-Shadowplay: Still mourning his little brother’s death, an aging wave slave finds comfort in the local playground. But he can’t help but wonder about the strange child who lingers there after dark.
-Jump Cuts: Bitter and dejected, a spinster discovers a way to reconnect with the warmer shades of the human experience. And her own regrets.
-The Skin Trade: A one-night stand leaves a businessman with an unthinkable cargo. 

Editorial Reviews


"At turns heart-rending and terrifying, Wind Chill plumbs the costs of love, family, innocence, and the supernatural with a grace rarely seen in horror fiction. Rutigliano understands the human condition, and we're prisoner as he leads us down a dark and claustrophobic hallway all too real, and, more importantly, actually scary. His career will be a long and fruitful one." - Ben Eads, author of Cracked Sky
"You are in for a treat. Wind Chill is a story of survival in the most horrific way. When a daughter can no longer trust her father she must find a way to save herself." - Horror Novel Reviews
"Patrick Rutigliano's 'Wind Chill' is a nice blend of old world meets new when an ancient myth comes to life for a modern doomsday prepper. Come for the title story and stay for more of Rutigliano's bleak short pieces. This is a good little bundle of terror in one sick package." -Mercedes M. Yardley, author of Little Dead Red
"Wind Chill is a genuine page turner that will leave you cold, ravenous and scared as Patrick Rutigliano breathes new life into an old legend.Wind Chill is great horror." - Douglas Draa, editor of Weirdbook Magazine
"Patrick Rutigliano writes crisp and lean, with a deft delivery, a vivid imagination and an ability to immerse the reader in the fear his well-developed characters suffer. Wind Chill evokes atmospheres as cold, claustrophobic and as intense as the environment it is set in, and with it, Rutigliano crafts a memorable tale where not one word is superfluous. In addition to the novella itself, this book contains the bonus of several other short works, each one a diverse slice of horror pitching ordinary folks into extraordinary situations where anything can, and usually does, happen. Highly recommended for all those who like a clever mix of both the cerebral and the visceral." - Jim Goforth, author of Plebs

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Check out the super movie review for The Revenant that W.J. Howard has on her website. She is my go-to lady for the goodies one can watch on the Silver Screen. W.J. pulls no punches. She tells it like it is.

Hit the link above to see what she says about this movie and many more. Her posts are most entertaining, sometimes more than the movies she reviews.

I'll see you there.

Blaze McRob

Monday, January 25, 2016


The 2015 Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot has been announced by the Horror Writers Association. I am amazed at how many of my favorite authors are on the ballot. Congratulations to one and all!

It makes me happy when I see my fellow authors receive some well-earned recognition. Check out the list and see how many great authors you know. Discover new authors and their books.

Blaze McRob

Friday, January 22, 2016


Tres Blue, by Robert W. Walker, is ready for you to wrap your mind around and have some reading fun. This is a paranormal mystery with a female sleuth and a transgender theme somehow alongside laugh out loud dark humor.The book description below will give you even more cool stuff.

Robert is a very prolific author. Check out his other great books on his Amazon Author Page

Blaze McRob

                                                             *    *    *    *

Book Description:

 When FBI psychic Dr. Aurelia Murphy Hiyakawa is asked in on a case in New Orleans, she soon learns that the missing 'Gone Girls' may as yet be alive, and that their abductor is a 'collector' rather than a typical serial abductor/killer. With three missing and as yet no clue as to where they may be, the only saving grace is that no bodies have shown up. There is little about this case that resembles anything that 'Rae" Hiyakawa has faced before in PSI Blue and DEJA Blue. But the case takes on a new wrinkle that no one could have predicted when Rae's psychic abilities see into the heart of the victims, and the secret...what it is about them that attracts the Collector. What they all have in common. It is not a typical case by any means, nor can authorities find a typical pattern in the victimology. In fact, the Collector may have good reason for abducting these particular victims. Reasons no one but Rae can ultimately fathom.

"Sometimes a case looks like one thing when it is entirely another. Sometimes it takes paranormal means to get at the truth" -- FBI Agent Rae Hiyakawa..

At the same time that Rae is investigating with the help of the NOPD in the Crescent City, she has to deal with her daughter, Nia, whose teen angst has Rae at her wit's end trying to determine how to 'play' the right card(s) with Nia. Comic relief as seen in the modern day problems of teenagers. Rae's ghostly parents also return to tell her how to raise her child, giving advice from the grave. Meanwhile, other mainstay characters of the series return as well as new ones. The novel is both laugh out loud funny and a serious crime detection story at once. Enjoy TRE`S BLUE by Robert W. Walker, author of over 60 published novels, including Bloodscreams and Instinct Series, PSI Blue and DEJA Blue.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Tides Of Chaos, by Lori R. Lopez and Blaze McRob is now out in paperback version as well as Kindle. Lori just set up the Kindle version to be free with purchase of the print version in Matchbook. The print version is only $5.00. A real bargain. Get your copy now!

Blaze McRob

                                                             *    *    *    *

Book description:

 A man and woman meet online while the world around them is falling apart. Where are the creatures from that have invaded their planet? What do they want? These questions and more must be answered if the human race is to survive this doomsday scenario. Authors Blaze McRob and Lori R. Lopez join forces to present an unusual tale of an apocalypse that has devastated society. Elvie and Ed managed to connect in a world gone mad. They give each other hope and support from a thousand miles apart. Will it be enough to save them? Read their frantic messages as they attempt to make sense of the situation in this illustrated short fiction from two accomplished horror authors. The story was actually written by exchanging E-mails like the characters, without knowing what might come next. This illustrated print edition contains artwork by Lori R. Lopez. (Contains brief mild to moderate language.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Lycan Valley Press, started up and owned by Jo-Anne Russell, will be making waves, positive ones, in the publishing business. Her first project is Morbid Metamorphosis: Terrifying Tales of Transformation, a very unique anthology with some superb authors. I know. I have read some of these stories. Jo-Anne has contacted many great authors who are signed on. The list below is a partial acceptance one. Many more authors are on the way:

Morbid Metamorphosis: Terrifying Tales of Transformation
Acceptance List
1. Become Him, by Greg Chapman
2. Joey’s Grove, by Roy C. Booth and R. Thomas Riley
3. The Skelly Effect, by Terri DelCampo
4. Keep the Change, by Dave Gammon
5. … and Thou!, by Nancy Kilpatrick
6. Crowded, by Rodney Charles Marsden
7. You Are What You Eat, by Fictisha Moon

Lycan Valley Press is not offering a mere % of royalty split, which as any author knows, does not yield  much for the authors when the booty is divvied up. Jo-Anne is paying a flat rate of $25 per story. There has been a lot of discussion lately about authors not wishing to be paid on a royalty only split. At $25 a story, the author is assured of getting paid. Some Presses, no names mentioned here, have not been forthcoming with royalties even. It appears that a number of groups with submissions listings will no longer accept anything less than $25. As time goes on, Jo-Anne is hoping to go even higher with her flat rate. More on that at some other time.

This is quite a grand undertaking on Jo-Anne's part. That is why I volunteered to help her out with editing and marketing. I wouldn't be doing this for just anyone. I believe in her vision and the outstanding authors and rest of the Staff. We will have a Staff list soon as well as an active website. I just feel it is necessary to start spreading the word now.

Since I am on the Staff, I asked Jo-Anne if I got to have a staff. She said yes. Here's mine. 

Pretty cool, I would say.

Blaze McRob


W.J. Howard has a hard-hitting review for the Vampire movie Summer Of Blood. W. J. always comes out swinging, whether the film is a yay or a nay. Which one is it? Hah! I'm not telling. That's her job.

Hit this link  
and hang on her every word. While you're there, see how other movies fare on her rating system. She has the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yowzers!

On another note, her Kiwi Lime Sorbet post  rocks awesome sauce. I'll tell you that ahead of time. Hey, that's my job. Knowledge is power and sorbet is delicious.

Blaze McRob

Monday, January 18, 2016


Beverly Cialone sent me this poem. Thank you, Beverly.

Blaze McRob 

From Beverly:

I post this poem every year in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. May his work, his vision, and the impact he had on the US, if not the entire world, never be forgotten.
A Poem about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Many years ago, he had a dream
But in his lifetime it wasn’t seen.
His words of wisdom
That rang pure and true
Were lost on the deaf ears of many
Who couldn’t change their views.
That black was bad and white was right
But this great leader
Didn’t give up the fight.
He knew it was coming
He just didn’t know the day
But that didn’t stop him
From what he had to say.
Equal rights and freedom
Regardless of color
Unfettered love is what he wanted
From one to another.
The bullet that took him
Some wished it to be
Years afterwards, some still refuse to see.
That past present and future, his words were true
All he wanted was equality
For me and you.
Copyright © 2014 by Beverly Cialone

Saturday, January 16, 2016


I sort of stumbled across this short book. I was taking a look at the top 100 horror authors on Amazon and saw that an author I like is on the list again. The section showing his latest blog posts led me to Shut The Fuck Up And Create Your Fucking Art, by Garrett Robinson, who is also a top 100 Amazon horror author. Well, being a serious student of the F bomb, I had to take a peek. I love Garrett's little book. I think folks who need some inspiration or just a well-placed kick in the ass will also enjoy it.

Also, this thirteen page book is free. Get it now!

Blaze McRob

                                                                          *    *    *    *

Book description:

This little kick in the ass might be just what you need to stop resting on your non-existent laurels and produce your first piece of art. And sell it, too. The top three reasons people never finish a novel or a film are all bullshit, and here's the reasons why.

By NSlone on June 18, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I think anyone who is thinking about but making excuses and putting off the things they want to do would do well to read this book. It does have a few 'cuss' words in it. I've read that using foul language looks bad on people, but since I do the same thing, I'm not going to complain about it, since that would be like 'the pot calling the kettle black', and NO that is not an insult to anyone anywhere.
  By SchmoozersDeals on October 12, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This short little book is all about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, not making excuses and getting on with the business of being a boss to yourself. That means telling yourself to get up and go to work, even if you don't feel like it, that means making time to be the artist that you claim to be, without the nonsense attitudes and excuses that can be so prevalent in society today. I like Garrett's writing style a lot. He now has a web site where he collaborates with others to produce memorable pieces of written art. Check out this quick read and you will come back from it feeling inspired.


It's time for another movie review from my favorite reviewer of low-rated Zombie movies, W. J. Howard. How does she rate this movie? Hit the link above and be transported to the theater of the mind. W. J.'s mind. She knows from whence she speaks.

She includes a link section to peek at the best low-budget and low-rated zombie films. Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead is on this list, so you know this is quality all the way.

Don't take my word for it. Get over there and check it out.

Blaze McRob

Friday, January 15, 2016


 Eidolon Avenue: The First Feast, written by Jonathan Winn, is a superb collection of horror short stories. This tome is not for the faint of heart. Today only, you can pick this fantastic book up for only $.99.

Crystal Lake Publishing and Joe Mynhardt have another winner!

Blaze McRob

                                                        *    *    *    *

Book description:

 Eidolon Avenue: where the secretly guilty go to die.

One building. Five floors. Five doors per floor. Twenty-five nightmares feeding the hunger lurking between the bricks and waiting beneath the boards.

The First Feast. A retired Chinese assassin in apartment 1A fleeing from a lifetime of bloodshed. A tattooed man in 1B haunted by his most dangerous regret. A frat boy serial killer in 1C facing his past and an elderly married couple stumbling and wounded from fifty years of failed murder/suicide pacts in 1D. And, finally, a young girl in 1E whose quiet thoughts unleash unspeakable horror.

All thrown into their own private hell as every cruel choice, every deadly mistake, every drop of spilled blood is remembered, resurrected and relived to feed the ancient evil that lives on Eidolon Avenue. 

Editorial Reviews


"Lyrical, poetic, and devastating, Jonathan Winn's Eidolon Avenue is everything good horror should be. At times, I couldn't help feeling as if I was reading early Barker, and I can't think of a higher compliment than that. Pay attention folks, Winn does as his name suggests, and this is a killer collection of nightmares." - Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Turtle Boy, Kin, and Sour Candy

"Eidolon Avenue: The First Feast is my first reading experience with author Jonathan Winn, but it won't be my last. The structure of his five novellas is similar to the structure of Thomas Disch's 334, a collection of stories of the inhabitants of an apartment building in a future NYC, 334. Like Disch, the strength of Winn's writing is the excellent characterization - the unusual inhabitants of those five apartments are the stories. Put a magnet on a note with Jonathan Winn's name underlined on the fridge, then watch for his byline. Recommended." -- Gene O'Neill, THE CAL WILD CHRONICLES, THE HITCHHIKING EFFECT, AT THE LAZY K

"Jonathan Winn's writing is solid and assured, and EIDOLON AVENUE: THE FIRST FEAST is a big, sweeping, fantastical and exotic work that is as engrossing and thrilling as it is disturbing and horrifying. Winn is definitely an author to watch." - Greg F. Gifune, author THE BLEEDING SEASON

"Jonathan Winn draws his narrative around you like a velvet noose. In a heartbeat, the warm embrace of his lyrical prose gives way to deadly tension, and you're left gasping for breath." - Doug Murano, co-editor of the Shadows Over Main Street series and Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories.

About the Author

In addition to Eidolon Avenue: The First Feast, Jonathan Winn (Member, HWA) is a screenwriter and author of the full-length novels Martuk ...the Holy (A Highlight of the Year, 2012 Papyrus Independent Fiction Awards), Martuk ... the Holy: Proseuche (Top Twenty Horror Novels of 2014, Preditors & Editors Readers Poll), Martuk ... the Holy: Shayateen (2016) and The Martuk Series (The Wounded King, The Elder, Red and Gold), an ongoing collection of short fiction inspired by Martuk...
His work can also be found in Horror 201: The Silver Scream, Writers on Writing, Vol. 2, and Crystal Lake's Tales from the Lake, Vol. 2, with his award-winning short story Forever Dark.

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Today is Thursday. That means it's  THRIFTY THURSDAY: eBOOK DEALS! - AT INDIES UNLIMITED! What does this mean? Advertise your $.99 and free ebooks at Indies Unlimited. There is no cost to the author. I put three books up there today myself. I know a good deal when I see it.

I find some great books over there every week and have met some great authors. Do the same. I'll see you there!

Blaze McRob

Monday, January 11, 2016


Don't miss out. Horror 101: The Way Forward, published by Crystal Lake Publishing, is free on Kindle at the moment. But it won't last, so get your copy now. Joe Mynhardt did a super job getting the great talent he did for this amazing tome.

Get it and learn from the best in the craft!

Blaze McRob

                                                           *    *    *    *

Book description:

 Horror 101 is a 2015 Bram Stoker Award nominee

Ever wanted to be a writer? Make money online? Make a name for yourself writing online? Perhaps you’ve already realized that dream and you’re looking to expand your repertoire. Writing comic books sounds nice, right? Or how about screenplays?

Horror 101, although written by horror authors, is a must read for any person interested in becoming a writer, be it writing for a hobby or a career. Or maybe you just want to see what goes on behind the scenes in a writer's life.

Then this non-fiction best seller, Bram Stoker Award nominee, is the book for you.

Horror 101: The Way Forward – a comprehensive overview of the Horror fiction genre and career opportunities available to established and aspiring authors.

Horror 101 is not your average On Writing guide. Horror 101 focuses on the career of an author. It covers not only insights into the horror genre, but the people who successfully make a living from it.

Covering aspects such as movies, comics, short stories, ghost-writing, audiobooks, editing, publishing, self-publishing, blogging, writer’s block, YA horror, reviewing, dark poetry, networking, collaborations, eBooks, podcasts, conventions, series, formatting, web serials, artwork, social media, agents, and career advice from seasoned professionals and up-and-coming talents, Horror 101 is just what you need to kick your career into high gear.

Horror 101: The Way Forward is perfect for people who:
• are suffering from writer’s block
• are starting their writing careers
• are planning on infiltrating a different field in horror writing
• are looking to pay more bills with their art
• are trying to establish a name brand
• are looking to get published
• are planning on self-publishing
• are looking for motivation and/or inspiration

And it’s only 99cent.

Here are just a few of the great articles and essays you can expect:
Making Contact by Jack Ketchum
What is Horror by Graham Masterton
Avoiding What’s Been Done to Death by Ramsey Campbell
Bitten by the Horror Bug by Edward Lee
Balancing Art and Commerce by Taylor Grant
From Prose to Scripts by Shane McKenzie
Writing About Films and for Film by Paul Kane
Screamplays! Writing the Horror Film by Lisa Morton
Screenplay Writing: The First Cut Is the Deepest by Dean M. Drinkel
Publishing by Simon Marshall-Jones
Weighing Up Traditional Publishing & eBook Publishing by Robert W. Walker
Audiobooks: Your Words to Their Ears by Chet Williamson
Ghost-writing: You Can’t Write It If You Can’t Hear It by Thomas Smith
What a Short Story Editor Does by Ellen Datlow
Self-Publishing: Making Your Own Dreams by Iain Rob Wright
Partners in the Fantastic: The Pros and Cons of Collaborations by Michael McCarty
A beginner’s guide to setting up and running a website by Michael Wilson
Poetry and Horror by Blaze McRob
Horror for Kids: Not Child’s Play by Francois Bloemhof
So you want to write comic books… by C.E.L. Welsh
Horror Comics – How to Write Gory Scripts for Gruesome Artists by Jasper Bark
Writing the Series by Armand Rosamilia
Running a Web serial by Tonia Brown
The 7 Signs that make Agents and Editors say, "Yes!" by Anonymous
Filthy Habits – Writing and Routine by Jasper Bark
Do You Need an Agent? by Eric S Brown
Ten Short Story Endings to Avoid by William Meikle
Editing and Proofreading by Diane Parkin
How to Dismember Your Darlings – Editing Your Own Work by Jasper Bark
From Reader to Writer: Finding Inspiration by Emma Audsley
Writing Exercises by Ben Eads
The Year After Publication… by Rena Mason
Writing Horror: 12 Tips on Making a Career of It by Steve Rasnic Tem
Networking at Conventions by Lucy A. Snyder
Pitch to Impress: How to Stand Out from the Convention Crowd by RJ Cavender
You Better (Net)Work by Tim Waggoner

By Cory Cline on June 25, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
As another wannabe horror writer who always appreciates advice from the pros, Crystal Lake Publishing's Horror 101:The Way Forward was hard to resist. Joe Mynhardt has collected a slew of invaluable advice from some of the biggest names in horror as well as some of the new blood that is surely on their way to becoming well respected horror authors.

I am old enough to be of the classic On Writing Horror school, so much of the advice in here is simply hammered home again, but with updated views and fresh voices. Jack Ketchum, Graham Masterson, and Edward Lee begin the parade of great advice with their own beliefs on the horror genre. Ramsey Campbell gives some great advice on avoiding whats been done before, Steve Rasnic Tem gives a dozen solid tips on making a career, and Rocky Wood invites us to the Horror Writers Association. These well respected, and well known authors give solid advice that is fresh to hear again in their respective voices.

Writing has changed so much since the above mentioned classic that there needed to be something new to answer questions by writers, like me, who are realizing how vital the digital age is to a successful writing career. I am one of those writers who has no problem getting through a draft or two, but I get to the editing part and... oh look a butterfly is dancing around the garden outside my window... I can address my problems as a writer, but I am still fairly new to Facebook and the digital age. After years of telling myself how ridiculous Facebook and Twitter is, I have come to realize how vital it can be if used correctly. Many of the newer authors in this book have been active in the digital age for some time and I have picked up vital advice from authors I was somewhat familiar with, like Shane McKenzie, Michael Arnzen, Lucy Snyder,Tim Waggoner, and Scott Nicholson.

I was also more than pleasantly surprised by the advice from authors like Jasper Bark, Weston Ochse, Blaze McRob, and a few others whose writing was so good for this anthology of advice, that I will surely be looking forward to reading more from them and have already added many of them to my mental list of authors to check out.

As a struggling wannabe writer, I have to applaud and thank Joe Mynhardt, not only for his great advice within the pages of his anthology, but for taking the time to put this book together. The time he must have spent talking to these authors, putting it all together, and editing it must have been exhausting and I'm sure he cussed himself out for beginning such a detailed and extensive project. At the end, he has created a classic that any writer, not just us horror junkies, can call upon for advice and inspiration.

Thanks Joe!

Saturday, January 9, 2016


I discovered something quite extraordinary. My pageview audience on my website is not at all what I thought it was. My overview stats show that the largest number of fans who read my posts are from the United States. That's expected. What surprised me is that people from around the globe also read what I have here. And, if I total them up, they almost equal those from the United States. So, it's fifty/fifty.

Bet I have some of you scurrying to check your stats, don't I?

The country in second place, with a huge number of pageviews? Russia. Yes, I said Russia. I am honored that so many people in Russia are interested in what happens on my website. My website showcases  many authors and perhaps the kind people there look at my blog to find out about them as well as me.

I want to thank everyone who reads my content on my website. I am proud to have followers from around  the world. Thank you Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, China, Slovakia, Belarus, United Kingdom, Canada, and, of course, the United States. My wish is that I will always have posts of interests for everyone here.

You make me very happy.

Blaze McRob


Thursday, January 7, 2016


This is not a political article. My point to be made here is that no one should ban books. I don't care who wrote them. Hitler and the Nazis started burning books in 1933. Hitler ordered leaders of the regime to confiscate and destroy any literature deemed subversive to the National Socialist agenda.Quite a public display was made of it. It was pure idiocy then, and it remains so today as well.

In an interesting aftermath to the Nazi book burnings, in 1946, the process was reversed by the Allied leaders. Millions of books were seized from Germany and destroyed. Even artwork did not escape the Allied ban and thousands upon thousands of paintings were also seized or destroyed.

Crazy shit, huh?

Germany banned Mein Kampf, Hitler's notorious anti-Semitic tome in which he set out his ideology. For seventy years, it has been illegal to publish this book in Germany. Copyright law has expired now, so decisions of how to publish the book were being discussed for a number of years. This month a new edition with critical commentary, the product of several years' work by a publicly funded institute, hits the shelves.

My thinking about this? Print the original version as well. If this is not done, the government there is telling the German populace that they don't have the common sense to figure this out on their own. This book delves into the mind of a mad man. I feel it's important for people to learn from the past so they don't repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

The Communist Manifesto is certainly published and sold around the world. We are subjected to the stuff here in this country fostering the concepts behind Manifest Destiny. There are many books about this. While I completely disagree with the theory, I don't believe the books should be banned. By not banning them, a case can be brought up that we, as a nation, were not the kind folk who simply wished to take the original inhabitants of this land under their wing and show them a more uplifting way to live. Instead we, raped, pillaged, and plundered them. Ring a bell? Sort of like what the Europeans claimed the Vikings were doing to them.

There are many different theories about the Civil War, slavery, and more. Neither was completely guiltless. Read some books and find out.

Some of the top news jocks are writing, actually co-authoring, books which show them for the mindless buffoons they are. No names mentioned, and they are on both sides of the political fence. These make pretty amusing reads actually. They are that far off the track. 

We learn from the past. It is included in many books. Right or wrong, we learn from them. We need to keep our minds sharp and focused. A lot of shit is happening in the world, and, regrettably, it has happened before. Same stuff; different people; different years.

Read. Learn. Interpret. All books have a place on your shelf. I am re-reading Mein Kampf for the fifth time. The original version. There are more Hitlers waiting in the wings. I want to be able to see them for who they are. Knowledge is power. Power resides in books.

Blaze McRob

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


The Copycat Murders, by William Meikle, is currently free on Kindle. Hop on over and pick up a copy of this horror/occult tale from a fantastic author. You'll want to get acquainted with all his great stories.

Enter a world of mirrors. Read The Copycat Murders.

Blaze McRob

                                                              *    *    *    *

Book description:

 The murders have the police baffled. The D.I. in charge has a suspect, but they have a cast iron alibi and couldn't be in two places at once.

By the time they realize that the perp is using mirrors as gateways to his victims it's too late. The D.I is framed and set up for a murder. He has to go on the run.

The only way to clear his name is to trap the killer on his own territory.

That means taking a trip to the other side. Into the mirrrorland.

By Christine on February 25, 2011
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This was a fast read that got particularly interesting about halfway through. I don't want to give much away, which is easy to do when discussing a short, but I'll just say that I really liked the imagery of the alternate world Meikle takes his characters.

The Copycat Murders was my first introduction to this author and I enjoyed it enough to see what else he has to offer. 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Interesting and enjoyable read from a new-to-me author. Fascinating premise, and an unexpected conclusion. Nope, no spoilers here!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


What a great way to start out the new year! If you hit the link above, you will be transported to a portion of my mind as Fiona Mcvie asks me questions and I answer them in my usual manner: no beating around the bush crap; I tell it like it is.

I have been interviewed a number of times; I even interviewed myself once. With every interview, I add in something new . . . something I have never divulged before. Some folks might take umbrage to some of what I say, but that's okay. Just me shooting from the hip. I don't expect everyone to agree with everything I have to say. How boring would that be?

Fiona Mcvie has interviewed many of the best authors around. In many genres. Terri DelCampo, my wife, had her first interview with Fiona, and she was over the top happy about it.

Join the thousands, yes thousands, of authors who have been interviewed by Fiona. She's waiting for you.

And now, if you click that link above, you will be transported to the Fiona Mcvie and Blaze McRob show. I hope you enjoy it.

Blaze McRob  

Monday, January 4, 2016


Not only does Beverly Cialone produce fantastic book trailers, but she is a fantastic author as well. Hit the Amazon and Smashwords links above and see what I'm talking about.

I have posted cover art and book descriptions below for some of Beverly's upcoming books. They look pretty good. She writes what I would call romance/adventure/suspense stories. She also writes a mean Djinn tale. My review for The Gift can be found here

The order below is not the actual one that Beverly's books will come out in. She thought it would be fun for our readers and fans to help her with the decision. My personal choice is the way I have them below. All opinions are welcome.

See what Beverly Cialone has to offer. I believe you will be happy.

Blaze McRob

The Wilderness Warrior

Disgusted with life in general, the final straw for Mahkah comes when his attorney wife takes him to divorce court and costs him everything he’d worked so hard for. After a nasty court battle, he decides that a solitary vacation is in order and treats himself to a lone hunting trip in the vast, mountainous forests of Tennessee. He literally stumbles upon a cabin and uses his last penny to buy it, in a desperate bid to get away from the harsh, bustling society that played a part in nearly destroying him.

Cassidy is a couple of hours from home and returning from a disastrous job interview in Knoxville when she inadvertently hits a deer on a long, lonely stretch of highway. When her car careens off the highway and down a narrow path into the thick forest, she soon realizes the hopelessness of her situation—her car can’t be seen from the road, she has no cell phone signal, and her car is so severely damaged that it won’t start. After spending the night locked and huddled in her car, her hopes sink further in the harsh light of day. Her car has gone down a steep incline, and nothing but forest surrounds her for miles. With no other option for survival, she leaves her car in the hopes of finding someone who can help. Unbeknownst to her, Mahkah is aware of her presence in “his” forest and silently follows her, taking on the role of invisible protector and Good Samaritan. He finally makes his presence known only when an imminent wolf attack on Cassidy forces his hand. What starts out as a temporary reprieve and rescue from the elements turns into something neither one of them expected—they are soon snowed in, and Mahkah uses every chance available to convince Cassidy that perhaps her life in Asheville isn’t what she really wants or even needs. When Cassidy’s car is finally discovered in the springtime thaw, she’s faced with a difficult decision—should she stay with Mahkah and enjoy the simple, idyllic life he’s shown her for the past several months, or should she do the “responsible” thing by returning to the life she had in Asheville? Only in hindsight will she realize that she got much more than she bargained for upon meeting “The Wilderness Warrior.”

Book Description for White Lightning:

When Cameron meets Alexa, he is intrigued to discover that she’s a race car driver at a local dirt track.  However, after witnessing a few horrifying, race-related accidents that leave her severely injured, he begins to doubt his decision to take their relationship to the next level.  When Alexa has a chance to make her dream of becoming a NASCAR driver a reality, she is torn when Cameron doesn’t share in her enthusiasm.  Will she pursue her dream at the risk of losing Cameron?  Or will she ditch it all for the sake of preserving their relationship and finding true love?

Book Description for High Voltage:

Tess Solomon has had a rough year—she lost her entire family in a house fire, only to become involved with a man who took great delight in abusing her in every horrific way possible. In a moment of desperation, she attempts the unthinkable, only to be rescued by two hot, mysterious twin brothers—Victor and Vincent Volt.  When the brothers develop feelings for their charge, they decide to do something they’ve never even considered before, and that is to share Tess.  However, her spiteful ex-boyfriend Danny has different plans…for all of them.  Will the steamy love triangle forge a strong, close bond that will allow them to overcome Danny’s evil plans?  Or will it all fall apart, leaving Tess even more broken than she was before?

Book Description for Sweet Death:

When Emily's abusive husband Chip drops dead from a heart attack during an argument with her, she is frightened and devastated, despite the way he'd abused her. Her salvation comes in the form of the funeral director tasked with handling her late husband's funeral arrangements--Emory Markandeya. Emory is the quiet voice of reason when Emily is convinced her late husband is haunting her and literally trying to drive her insane. However, when Emily's in-laws try to place the blame on her for Chip's death, Emory is out of town on vacation, and Emily ends up in jail. Will Chip's family succeed in wrongfully accusing her for the death of her own husband? Or will Emory be able to save her from even more heartache and pain?

Sunday, January 3, 2016


From Joe Mynhardt at Silver Lake Publishing:

The 440 page paperback edition of HORROR 201: THE SILVER SCREAM is finally available. And the two eBook editions will be on a Kindle Countdown starting today. You’ll be able to pick up the eBooks at 99c each.

“Horror 201: The Silver Scream will be seen as a landmark, the ultimate practical guide to horror filmmaking that will hopefully create and arm an entire generation of horror screenwriters and aspiring directors.” – Aaron Sterns, Wolf Creek

Horror: 201: The Silver Scream - The definitive guide to filmmaking and filmmakers by the best in the field.

Horror 201: The Silver Scream, the follow-up to the Bram Stoker Award nominated Horror 101: The Way Forward, delves into the minds of filmmakers to see what it takes to produce great horror films, from the writing and funding process, to directing, producing, and writing tie-ins.
It’s a tome of interviews and essays by some of our favorite artists.

Film legends and authors such as John Carpenter, Wes Craven, George A. Romero, Ray Bradbury, Ed Naha, Patrick Lussier, Stephen Volk, Nancy Holder, Ramsey Campbell, Tom Holland, John Shirley, Jeffrey Reddick, William Stout, and John Russo want to share their expertise with you through informative, practical, career-building advice.

These are the folks behind movies and novelizations such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Dark Shadows, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Buffy, Resident Evil, The Stand, Sleepwalkers, Masters of Horror, The Fly, Critters, Tales from the Crypt, Child’s Play, Fright Night, Thinner, The Langoliers, Ted Bundy, Final Destination, Re-animator Unbound, Halloween, Apollo 18, The Eye, Night of the Living Dead, The Crow, The Mist, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Edited by Joe Mynhardt and Emma Audsley, the full line-up includes John Carpenter, Wes Craven, George A. Romero, Ray Bradbury, Ramsey Campbell, Ed Naha, Edward Lee, Patrick Lussier, Tim Lebbon, Jonathan Maberry, Stephen Volk, William Stout, Michael McCarty, Dan Curtis, Graham Masterton, Harry Shannon, Jason V. Brock, L.L. Soares, Mick Garris, William F. Nolan, Lee Karr, Jeffrey Reddick, Taylor Grant, Stephen Johnston, Aaron Sterns, Michael Laimo, Jonathan Winn, David. C. Hayes, Brian Pinkerton, David Henson Greathouse, Aaron Dries, Armand Rosamilia, Billy Hanson, Jack Thomas Smith, John Russo, Keith Arem, Denise Gossett, Mark Steensland, John Shirley, Tom Holland, Adrian Roe, Dave Jeffery, James Hart, James Cullen Bressack, Jeff Strand, Nancy Holder, E.C. McMullen Jr, Richard Gray, Richard Chizmar, William C. Cope (interior artist), Tim Waggoner, Tom Monteleone, Nick Cato, Kevin Wetmore, Eric Miller, and Lynne Hansen.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your creative fingers. 

 “Being a part of Horror 201: The Silver Scream is almost as thrilling as having had my novels turned into feature films. After all, it's not everyday one shares a TOC with George Romero, Wes Craven, and Mick Garris! This is a must have book for all writers looking to break into filmmaking.” – Michael Laimo

“As an in-depth look into what it takes to produce great horror films, we can think of no better resource on the market!” – Dave Jeffery & James Hart (Award winning film makers from Venomous Little Man Productions)

“With essays and interviews from the likes of John Carpenter, Richard Chizmar, Dan Curtis, Harry Shannon, Edward Lee and the late great Wes Craven, HORROR 201: THE SILVER SCREAM serves up prime cuts of fresh meat and raw broken bone for the palate of the discerning horror fiction and flick aficionado.” – Steve Vernon (author of Tatterdemon)

“Following the big success of Bram Stoker Award nominated HORROR 101: THE WAY FORWARD, Crystal Lake Publishing is back again with HORROR 201: THE SILVER SCREAM, making the transition from fiction to film. As with the former title in the series, HORROR 201: THE SILVER SCREAM is jammed packed with entertaining, interesting, and useful material for would-be horror filmmakers and insatiable movie geeks who just have to know about everything. The amazing interviews with Wes Craven, George A. Romero, and John Carpenter alone are worth the price of the book. Horror fans, whether film or fiction, need this book – and really anyone interested in movies period. Recommended!” – Aaron J. French, Editor-in-Chief of Dark Discoveries

“No one teaches horror. As a student of terror, realizing just how useful it is in teaching how society works and is influenced, that is a shame. Horror 201 opens the door again, but be careful... you don't know what lurks on the other side. The truth is scary.” – David C. Hayes

“This book is just perfect for the future screenplay writer, film director, and anybody who loves a good horror movie, and wants a chance to get behind the scenes and into the minds of those who bring us that chill factor! This masterpiece has essays, interviews, and everything you could need to learn more about the craft.” – Linzi Osburn

All the best for 2016,
Joe Mynhardt
Crystal Lake Publishing

                                                              *    *    *    *

Great book! I have mine. Do you have yours?

Blaze McRob 

Saturday, January 2, 2016


This isn't going to be one of those posts about everything I have on my plate for the new year. I have plenty of things I'm working on. Some new; some old. Most of my upcoming writing endeavors will be in an interview with Fiona Mcvie, which is coming up very soon, so those of you who hang on my every word will have something to look forward to there. I hope. My interviews are never boring, so it should be interesting at least.

For my non-writing endeavors, I actually plan to learn some new things in the computer world so that Terri DelCampo, my spouse, editor, and formatter, doesn't have to do everything herself. At the moment, I edit and market, so this should be interesting. Watch out world.

Also, Terri has been doing all the art work for the Blazing Owl Press books. For those not in the know, that is a new Small Press for books that Terri and I write together or singly. I'll start doing cover art for some books there. Why do we do everything ourselves? Good question. We get all the money. Ahah! Well, maybe it's so we don't have to spend as much money on things we can do ourselves. Lots of my friends like to fly solo with their books. There's no reason not to if an author has the skills to handle what needs to be done. Our editing is the easiest part because we are both editors and edit each others work.

One thing will not change for me: my telling the world about my author friends. I am huge into Women In Horror. That will always be a huge focus for me. Many of you know that Terri has been a Woman In Horror twice. It got us together and now she's stuck with me. Poor woman. I also like to be friendly with other Small Presses. I am published with a number of them and got to meet some fantastic authors and publishers along the way. That's the fun part of this business. The people. I love spinning a yarn, but I love reading other authors' works as well. 

The rest of what I'm up to, like I said before, will be in the interview with Fiona. I'll let you know as soon as I'm finished with it.

Have a great New Year. Happy reading and writing.

Blaze McRob