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Where The Dead Go To Die, co-authored by Aaron Dries and Mark Allan Gunnells, and published by Joe Mynhardt and Crystal Lake Publishing, is out today. You don't want to miss this thriller!

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Book description:

 There are monsters in this world. And they used to be us. Now it's time to euthanize to survive in a hospice where Emily, a woman haunted by her past, only wants to do her job and be the best mother possible.

Euthanize to survive

Post-infection Chicago. Christmas.

Inside The Hospice, Emily and her fellow nurses do their rounds. Here, men and women live out their final days in comfort, segregated from society, and are then humanely terminated before fate turns them into marrow-craving monsters known as ‘Smilers.’ Outside these imposing walls, rabid protesters swarm with signs, caught up in the heat of their hatred.

Emily, a woman haunted by her past, only wants to do her job and be the best mother possible. But in a world where mortality means nothing, where guns are drawn in fear and nobody seems safe anymore – at what cost will this pursuit come? And through it all, the soon to be dead remain silent, ever smiling. Such is their curse.

This emotional, political novel comes from two of horror’s freshest voices, and puts a new spin on an eternal topic: the undead. In the spirit of George A Romero meets Jack Ketchum, Where the Dead Go to Die it is an unforgettable epilogue to the zombie genre, one that will leave you shaken and questioning right from wrong…even when it’s the only right left.

It won't be long before that snow-speckled ground will be salted by blood.

Interview with the authors:

Q: What makes Where the Dead Go to Die different than any other zombie novel out there?
Aaron Dries: The scabs of the zombie genre have been picked at for years. But here, we rip off the old flesh to make way for the new. But there's a lot of blood in between. We've done something different, something challenging, and honest. It's something I couldn't have done alone.

Mark Allan Gunnells: It's an original take on a standard horror trope. We approach the story from a much more emotional place, the horror coming less from the zombies themselves and more from a more personal horror of death and loss and guilt.

Q: How did you experience the process of writing a novel with another author?
Aaron Dries: This was the first time I have collaborated, and I couldn't have asked for a better partner-in-crime than Mark. It took a lot of trust and honesty. I was constantly surprised by the process. Mark would write a sentence that would send my imagination reeling. It was such a fast, living process, ironic considering the undead subject material.

Mark Allan Gunnells: I love the art of collaboration. When it is done right, and I feel Aaron and I did it right, the result is a story that truly neither author could have written alone. It's a blending of our voices and talents to create something wholly unique.

Q: Why should readers take a chance on your book?
Aaron Dries: Because this really is something different. It's a fiercely political work. It's about conservatism run amok, about humanity in an inhumane world. And considering the bureaucratic climate in which we currently live, I think it's rather timely.

Mark Allan Gunnells: Because we're offering a fresh and original take that is full of passion and emotion and suspense.

YouTube book trailer:

Format: Kindle Edition
In their dying days. Where medical treatment a family cannot or will not provide is given.

This hospice is different, in many ways. It cannot keep staff, until Emily shows up, full of compassion for those whose death is quite imminent. So full of compassion that when her daughter is suspended from school, she brings her to work so Emily can continue to care for the guests - never patients.

We learn why Emily, a BSN, needs the job. Her husband died quite unexpectedly. Emily blames herself. And she should. Leaving the birthday card and present on the kitchen counter started her family on the road to the hospice, where there are guests, not patients.

I read this book with my breath held, only heaving new breath in when I had to. The horror builds slowly, which only makes it much much worse when it comes from an unexpected source. I nearly jumped out of my skin.

I received an advance review copy of this book, but could not get it on my Fire. Kindle Unlimited to the rescue. This is my honest opinion of this book: you will never see a zombie again the same way. Excellent reading as long as you are not alone. Even then, you won't be quite sure. 
Format: Kindle Edition
Review: WHERE THE DEAD GO TO DIE by Mark Allan Gunnells and Aaron Dries

I'd long ago grown weary of the sane-old same-old common to much zombie fiction, so I'm much gratified to come upon WHERE THE DEAD GO TO DIE, a fine collaboration from two excellent horror authors, a novel which turned my emotions upside down and topsy turvy. Yes, the authors proclaim their intention to expose and explore emotions, and reading this has left me emotionally wrung out [not to mention both awestruck and quite terrified]. Indeed, the human condition can produce both the worst of monsters...and the heights of angels. WHERE THE DEAD GO TO DIE is timely and apropos horror, finely-tuned, uproariously scary [again, fear the living, the self-righteous who see evil everywhere but within], and a masterstroke.

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