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Verses From A Deeply Darkened Mind, by Mary Genevieve Fortier, is a masterpiece of haunting poetry. I was fortunate enough to read a pre-published copy. Hence, my name in the editorial reviews. My honest opinion of this tome? This collection of poetry is the best I have read this year in the horror genre. Any other genre for that matter. In fact, in my opinion, no poet alive can touch her mastery of the craft.

Buy a copy of this superb collection.You will be glad you did.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

VERSES FROM A DEEPLY, DARKENED MIND Yes, “Deeply Darkened.” These are the words which reside within the depths of a mind haunted. A haunting, of neither the ethereal persuasion, nor the ghosts of a hidden and unrelenting past. Here before you, etched upon parchment, are verse written from a mind haunted by “words.” This tome is unlike your typical, modern day collection of “Horror Poetry.” It is rather an assemblage of “Horror Stories” written in poetic form. Written to tease that final nerve, before the fatal break. Ah, yes. Here, this “DEEPLY, DARKENED MIND,” who with pen in hand (black ink a must), has taken meter and rhyme to send a heartbeat racing in terror from one page to the next. “DEEPLY DARKENED,” is my mind, my world; and I offer you entrance. That’s right… Turn my page… Crack my spine… I want you to cringe, squirm, look over your shoulder into the shadows and dare you to shut out the lights once this cover has been closed. This “DEEPLY, DARKENED MIND,” bids you “welcome.” Yes, join me… in my darkness… Mary Genevieve Fortier

Editorial Reviews


"Very moving and atmospheric... I could almost feel a cold breath on the back of my neck!"Graham Masterton.

 "It is no wonder that Mary Genevieve Fortier has been called 'The Modern Day Poe.' She is that good." Blaze McRob

About the Author

MARY GENEVIEVE FORTIER Imagine and Dream… two words that best describe the mind of this poet. An avid lover of the written word, Mary has penned many poems of various genres since the age of seven, and first published at the age of nine. Mary grew up reading, watching, loving anything horror: her dark-side so to speak. Classic authors, whose pens have etched greatness in works that not only create shivers down the spine but inspire movement of the soul — Such remarkable writers as Poe, Shakespeare, Browning, Gibran, just to name a few, gave Mary that special element that drives every poet to place their essence upon parchment. This became the ethereal foundation of her poetic form. Writing as such gave way to countless poems/prose and other works, many of which found publication in anthologies. Today, she has not merely found a new voice, rather, she’s added an intrinsic octave to her repertoire: the genre of Horror, both poetic and fiction. Mary’s poetry has been described as mystical, melodic, flowing with a unique grace that at times has been likened to the old world poets. Her horror poetry has been described as “Poe-esque.” Her peers deem her “The Modern Day Poe.” 

Format: Paperback
Even with the lights on - this will scare the hell out of you!

A must have for anyone that loves a frightening good time - definitely gives Poe a reason to look over his literary shoulder! 
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Verses From A Deeply Darkened Mind has reached into my mind and probed my own tender deep dark nightmares. It’s taken me a while to finish my first, second, and third read, and write this review because these are poems that must be read aloud and you cannot read them but once. I also feel they ought to be read simply. No drama required the words carry their own spell.

These verses are not bland stream of consciousness phrases with a gut rending twist at the end to fit them into the horror category. This is in your face with horror from the beginning to the end dark transgressive poetry. The Poet, a master craftsperson, dared to draw on the old poetic devices, but subtly, to slip the sliver beneath your skin. The poet here has gone to the moors, to the other side of the mirror, upon the stairs in the forest, and between the cracks that lead to Hell for these poems. If you haven’t read this book I’m excited imagining you reading these poems for the first time, you are in for a major treat.

First, the absolute jewels. “Every Nine And Twenty” of course, and what a magnificent surprise – “Every Nine And Twenty Revisited:” followed by the brilliant Terror Train Poems. “The Ancient Bodhrán” - I cannot say enough about this one! As I read it aloud, I began whispering, then my voice changed, until I was positive someone else was speaking, then I got goosebumps, and I swear my cat’s hair stood on end. “The Ancient Bodhrán,” “Every Nine And Twenty,” “Every Nine And Twenty Revisited:,” and all of the Terror Train poems are intense, powerful, classics, each individually worth the price of admission.

Now just a few of my other favorites. I found “When the Lights Go Out” scary as hell; don’t read that one to your children. “Wooden Box” was harrowing, a complete story, as were many here. The entire book was full of quotable phrases and lines, and probably many more memorable than this one but it struck me enough to note it – from the poem “Into the Attic” these lines “Above the stairs/The attic cries” jumped out at me. I was also taken by the very effective wordplay in “Cold.” As I read some pages repeatedly, I found myself falling under a spell, cast by the perfect rhythm. A couple of those favorites were “The Mourning Masses” and “The Package.” Some poems were almost peaceful, sad and beautiful rather than horrific: “Transformation,” “The Broken Hearted,” “The Infinite Rail,” and “The Thoughts I Write” fell into that category. More favorites -- “The In-Between; Where Nightmares Slip Beneath the Cracks” hints at what “The Doorway” delivers! You must read them both. -- You must read them all.
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This macabre book of stories/poems scared the hell right out of me from the very first one I digested. This was an excellent surprise as I had no idea of the black thoughts that pass through the mind of this very talented lady. She is a gal after my own heart. Do yourself a favor it you enjoy getting jumped by terror that will scare the hell out of you, get yourself a copy of this one.
Format: Paperback
Some approach poetry--or any form of writing--with an eye to impress with their cleverness. Mary Genevieve Fortier seems rather to work from some kind of deep, instinctive well, as though her poems were not so much written as authorized by a more profound source. There is no air of pretense or put-on in these verses, only the richness of imagery, fastidious technique and flashes of sharp wit with which Fortier invests her striking and unique works. She's been likened to Edgar Allan Poe, and though the resonance is there, Fortier may be a bit better. Comparable to such latter-day Decadents as KA Opperman (The Crimson Tome), Fortier has the gift of making horror poetry truly scary, powerful and enriching. These are treasures to view and view again. A first-rate addition to any serious horror fan's library. 
Format: Paperback
Darkness is explored in all its myriad creepiness in this amazing collection of poems. What sets this apart is the scalpel like writing that’s elegant and lyrical, monstrous and majestic, as dark and scary as a demon’s soul. Mostly told from the perspective of an unknowing victim, the horrors come unbounded and brutal in shadowy places where the depraved assault is not just on the flesh and blood body, but even more on the shattered mind. What's great is they all tell a macabre and eerie story. If there’s such a thing as beautiful words revealing the terror that’s unleashed in the dark, this is it. “The Intruder” is one of my favorites, a mini-masterpiece that’s up close and personal with gut wrenching fear. Read this with the lights on, but you’ll still feel a midnight chill in your pounding heart.


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