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I bought a paperback version of this great book a few years back. Wanda was giving a portion of the proceeds to a Veterans' organization, and I couldn't resist. Someday Always Comes turned out to be a very pleasant read. I'm a finicky reader and don't stick with books if they don't grab my attention early on. This book certainly did that for me. I give it 5Stars. See what is does for you.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 In a comprehensive narrative of courage, passion and forever friendship, sixteen year-old Tessa Price, an orphan with a broken heart, little trust and eyes on the future has one really big wish. That someday she could get out of the lives of her Aunt Kiki and Kiki’s abusive husband, Dino, or just die.

The difficult-to-impress Tessa spends her days theoretically saving everyone. She is a heroine of an unlikely kind who denies her pain and regret by getting wrapped up in the troubles of others to forget her own.

With rock-star sized aspirations, Tessa seizes one moment in time and rolls the dice, taking her teenage friends on a life-changing journey, crashing and burning into someday. That road is wrought with grief and catastrophe and Tessa struggles to keep things together, while denying herself true love and ignoring her limitations until it’s too late.

As she watches her friends spiral to rock bottom, Tessa blames herself for their fall from grace. When the death of a loved one sends her reeling into substance abuse, Tessa, everyone’s champ, falls to her knees and becomes everything she hates. Even the life growing inside her seems unable to deter her from a path of self destruction.

Can Tessa rise, once again, from the ashes? Moreover, will her champion wait for her with a genuine love forever?

From the Author

I wrote the first draft of Someday Always Comes ten years ago. After writing it, I let it fall into my very own slush pile. I'd pull it out every couple years, dust it off and work on this scene or that, brush up grammar, etc. Then put it away again with a deep sigh, hoping that someday I'd be able to give it to the public but life got too busy for me to dedicate the time. But over the years, the people in the book nagged at me. During the decade, they became real to me and I finally realized I had to let them live. It was their destinies. I fell in love with its characters - Tessa, Brianna, Sweet, Kyle, Jaime and J.K. are my children. I found myself wanting to save them all at every turn. I knew that someday would come, and indeed it has. 

on August 2, 2013
Although not normally the type of novel I read, availability of a free promotional copy persuaded me to take a look. Having a relatively short attention span, the length of the novel (500+ pages) caused me a little trepidation, but I persevered. I am glad I did. The novel is very well written, first person POV from a sixteen year old girl trying to hit the big time as a rock star. Her background and story seemed very real, and I found myself totally engrossed and at times, quite emotional. Some of the situations I found difficult to comprehend, not being female or American, but I have no hesitation in awarding 5 stars for an excellent story.
on May 19, 2013
Regardless if you were Punk, New Wave, Rocker or even Country Western in the mid-80's, you can relate to this character. If not her (Tessa) then her friends. I see not only myself at that age, but my closest friends from them and even some are still around now in those same predicaments.
For me, this story brings the best of a less than pleasant time in my life, my friends, and the lengths we go to for each other and still do.
on February 14, 2013
I would like to say first off, that the version of the book I read does have editing or grammatical errors. A time or two it stopped the flow, but I've alerted the author and she assured me the book is being re-edited. I did not base my review upon any errors or missing words from the text, only on the story, etc.

This read is a very moving experience. It takes a reader from hate, to love, from resentment to forgiveness time and time again. My favorite is the bit of humor the narrator inserts, one-liners and such. The story follow teens from rags to riches, giving us a glimse of the private teen world where kids try to solve adult issues themselves instead of asking aid from adults or the authorities. We forget as we age that we all lived in such a private world at one time, to some extent. Tessa's turbulant young life makes me want to hug her. I detest child abusers.

The book isn't too long, and I think some story between Tessa & Jaime has been left out. Maybe the author could've made 2 books.

The book is written in the first person. I gave the book 4 stars instead of 5 only for that purpose. I would've loved to see the viewpoints of the different characters instead of just Tessa's. But truly, the story is hers alone to tell. In the last chapter & at the end I think the author indicates a possible sequel. I'll be watching for it. Until then, my best advice to a potential reader is to get your tissues ready, you'll need them. (Or maybe I'm just mushy.)

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