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Circus Of Horrors, by Carole Gill, is chock full of nasty circus tales. You don't want a simple, boring story filled with feel-good frivolity, do you? Of course not. Enter Carole Gill with her circus book giving you every bit of excitement you can handle. And, for two more days, this great tome is only 99 cents! Hustle to the purchase link and get a great read.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 What exactly is wrong with this circus?

There are demonic, flesh-eating clowns, murderous midgets, a fat lady with some peculiar tastes and an old man with one hell of a secret. Old Pa keeps a trunk with some very special souvenirs.

When a stranger joins up who has second sight, among other talents, the old man's son gets nervous. There are a lot of very strange beings, not to mention a succubus or two and some beings from hell. Welcome to a wild ride to damnation.

Format: Kindle Edition
Horror stories are without a doubt Carole Gill's forte and with Circus of Horrors she has really surpassed herself. Having read a number of her earlier works, I expected something similar in this, her latest work, but...no! She totally surprised me with this tantalisingly terrible tale of the most gruesome group of circus performers you are likely to meet, though God forbid that you do! I really don't want to give any of this wonderfully scary tale away, but will say that it had me feeling edgy and nervous throughout. Just when you reach a point where you think Fred and his old Dad are about to be shown as the heroes of this well crafted tale, you are faced with a revelation that is quite simply totally out of left-field and makes you re-think just how the story is going to end. Let me also say that the clowns are clowns, without a doubt, but unlike any clowns you've met or seen before, and the ensemble cast of surrounding characters are never quite what they seem. Congratulations, Carole Gill, Circus of Horrors truly had me mesmerized! 

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Riveting. Imaginative. Chilling. Fantastical. From the first few pages, I knew I would love this book. I love the circus, am fascinated by it and yet am always slightly suspicious of its magical environ. Ms. Gill takes the idea of the circus as a haven for the unusual and dynamic and turns it into a wild ride into damnation. A place of wonder to the outside world and a refuge to the spectacles that operate in its world, the characters were vibrant and complex in their sins from the start. When it first began, I saw the main characters:Fred and Old Pa as the guardians of their small, misfit entertainment troupe but as the book went along so many secrets unfolded that darker suspicions began to stir. Enter Joe, the carny with a mysterious air who offers them them an opportunity to be apart of a real circus! Like the protagonist, I was wary of Joe and his too good to be true offer. By the end, even I was surprised how much such apprehension was really warranted! Ms. Gill pulls no punches and the horror presented within the pages is both stark and unforgiving as the story unfolded. She captures the magic of the circus and what it means to work within such an environment extremely well. There is a fat lady, midgets, clowns and more, detailed with tragic pasts and horrendous futures. Deception, betrayal and tragedy outline each character to such a point that I even at the end of the book, I was wondering if anyone ever had a shot at redemption. If you are looking for a well written, imaginative yarn that will put a chill in your spine, definitely check this one out. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to checking out more of this author's work! 

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
The midget clowns, the fat lady, Fred the circus owner, and his dear old dad; they're murderers and monsters all (some are even cannibals), but they just want to be loved. Read the title. That's what it is, a Circus of Horrors. If you don't like scary, eye-popping, and even a little disgusting, do yourself a favor and stay away! But if you enjoy a terrifying thrill ride from the safety of your comfy reading chair, take a gander - and I dare you to try and remain comfy. Carole Gill does dark as well as anyone out there. Enjoy.

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