Saturday, November 12, 2016


Home, by Carson Buckingham, is out today! This is a fantastic book that all lovers of horror will enjoy. Here is my review;

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Carson Buckingham weaves a horror tale better than the most famous horror authors. She uses her fertile imagination to blend what might be, with what is. In Home, the mysterious elements build and grab you until you are totally captivated, making it impossible for you to do anything but read on. Make certain to set aside enough time to give this great book the attention it deserves.

I have always been convinced that houses are living things, taking on the characteristics of the people living within. What if they could return the favor and bestow some of its features within the souls and bodies living there? Hmm. Perhaps. Add in a family history of , shall we say, mixed recollections, and a tortured past, and what might the future hold?

'Tis not for me to divulge all the secrets within this tale of eerie horror. Carson has written the words for your eyes to read, and for your soul to enjoy.
Book description:

 Following the deaths of her mother and beloved aunt, Kate Kavanagh inherits the family homestead in the Irish enclave of Three Oaks, Connecticut; but the house has changed since she visited a year ago--no more windows on the first floor and gaslights and a wood burning stove in place of the modern appliances. It also appears to be haunted. And that's just for starters. Once she moves into the house, Kate herself begins a gradual but terrifying biological transformation that is part of her inheritance, too; though not mentioned in the Will. With the help of a Rottweiler that's more human than animal, a new friend whose farm stand is only open dusk to dawn, and the "Rat Boys," Kate will get some answers or die trying.

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Home is a great book, me lads and lassies!

Blaze McRob


  1. Thanks for the great review, Blaze. :-)

    1. My pleasure, Carson. A great book deserves a great review.