Thursday, November 10, 2016


As many of you know, Club Blaze, an extreme collection of horror stories by Zack Kullis and me will be coming out soon. Yes, we had hoped to have this published by now. However, a few things got in the way and it didn't arrive according to schedule. That might have been a good thing, in a way. With all the hatred tossed around during the election cycle just passed, and not stopping any time soon from what I can tell, this gritty novel-length collection would have had to compete with real-world horror. Sometimes that's difficult to do. While that horror is still around, we'll slap it to the side, and you can enjoy our tome of terror. It's our turn now.

One other factor is that I wanted to change the last story I had written to bring things to a more up-to-date real-world conclusion of mine which has been circling around in my head for some time. Although it's fiction, parts of the story go along with the way things could actually evolve in our less than perfect world. This spinning rock we live on has never been filled with love and peace. Accordingly, you will find none within this tome's pages.

Every story is gruesome. Some might call them disgusting. I would say they personify truth.

Soon, this collection of depravity will arrive. Look for it. Don't be the one in the picture above holding his hand out of a cesspool of pain seeking a way out. Knowledge is power. Avoid  the quicksands of evil from pulling you under.

Club Blaze is not an ordinary club. First drink is on us. We'll be waiting.

Blaze McRob

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