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Writers On Writing Vol. 4, published by Crystal Lake Publishing, is out today! The reviewers are saying this is the best one in the series. That means one thing: it's a must read since the others were so great!

Hustle over and pick up a copy. You'll be glad you did.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 Learn the craft of writing from those who know it best.

This is Writers On Writing, the fourth and final installment in the series – an Author’s Guide, where your favorite authors share their secrets in the ultimate guide to becoming and being an author.

Blunt Force Trauma: How to Write Killer Poetry by Stephanie M. Wytovich
Happy Little Trees by Michael Knost
In Lieu of Patience Bring Diversity by Kenneth W. Cain
Networking is Scary, but Essential by Doug Murano
Are You In The Mood? by Sheldon Higdon
What if Every Novel is a Horror Novel? by Steve Diamond
Description: You Can’t Win so Why Play by Patrick Freivald
Long Night’s Journey Into…This? A First-Time Novelist’s Odyssey by William Gorman
I Am Setting by J.S. Breukelaar
Finding Your Voice by Lynda E. Rucker

Writers On Writing gives young authors the guidance they need, but has advice for all authors, from the interested newbie to the seasoned veteran. This series of essays on the craft of writing include all topics related to writing fiction, including:
The Basics
Plot & Structure
Creating a bond with your reader
Advanced writing and plotting techniques
Writer’s block
Healthy habits
Bad habits
The Writer’s Life
eBook formatting
Paperback formatting
Amazon keywords
Writing blurbs and descriptions
Cover design & layout
The Classics
Short stories
The Writing Process
Show don’t Tell
Building a solid career
Targeting a specific genre
Genre Fiction
Literary Fiction
Sharpening your writing skills
Making every word count
Putting together an Anthology
Working with other artists
Writing for a career
Treating it as a business
Running a small press
Financing your career
Keeping track of your royalties
Staying motivated
Writing movies
Writing comics
Writing games
Building a fan-base
Online presence
Author interviews
Media appearances
And so much more…

Format: Kindle Edition
The final volume of Writers on Writing from Crystal Lake Publishing is a welcome addition to the series. Held within its pages are ten essays full of quality advice and helpful pointers for writers from both established figures and exciting new voices in the writing and publishing industry. For example, there is heartfelt advice on how to write poetry, specifically with a darker edge, from Stephanie M. Wytovich, a great piece on the necessity of networking and how you can make it work, including a helpful anecdote for reference, from critically-acclaimed editor and writer Doug Murano, a thoughtful and instructive examination of description and what you should include and leave out when describing an element in your story from Patrick Freivald, and some very insightful, practical and encouraging advice from award-winning Lynda E. Rucker regarding finding your voice as a writer and the steps you can take to find your own. Crystal Lake Publishing has become synonymous with quality fiction AND non-fiction and this latest (and last) instalment in their Writers on Writing series is no exception. I look forward to reading their future non-fiction releases and I hope that, though the title may change, the quality of the advice and insight remains.
Format: Kindle Edition
I was lucky enoug to receive an advanced copy of this book, and I am so very happy I had that opptunity.
In the fourth volume of essays from writers, for writers, you will find ten very different, very interesting essays on the art and craft of writing. From discussion on theme and setting, mood and character development to Poetry, finding your muse and networking.
I was particularly fond of Steve Diamond's essay on horror, discussing whether it is a genre or more of a tone and style.

If you are a writer then this four volume series is definitely a must read, which I honesly thing will be talked about for years to come as a great guide for writers. Even if you are not a writer, but a reader, and lover of books these essays will give you something else, something different. An understanding of the process, and a knowledge on the craft, that will surely elevate your enjoyment of the books you will read, for all of the subtle nuances you come across will have a greater and more substantial meaning to you.

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