Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Wolf's Blood, by Mikhail Kerrigan is now out in Audible version, as well as Kindle, paperback, and hardback versions. This is a great novel. I own the new Audible version, as well as the Kindle and paperback. If you enjoy Werewolf tales, you will love this. Take my word for it.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 Aticus, a diseased lycanthrope, returns to Louisiana where, 170 years ago, a conflict with a plantation owner made him lose his eye and his soul mate. He is back with a vengeance. His twisted vision of dominance has him infecting the small town of Royal Bay and surrounding parishes, amassing an army of werewolves to get revenge on humankind. A group of survivors including another lycanthrope, a reporter, police officers, and a werewolf hunter all must survive the night the moon travels closest to Earth, where, with Aticus' help, the first great werewolf returns to flesh and infects the world. 

Format: Hardcover
If you want werewolves, this book has them. TONS of them. I bought this from the author at a convention after loving the cover. The story takes place over a couple of centuries and follows a heartbroken were on the path for revenge. Along the way, we meet tons of new people in diverse situations who mostly all end up as weres themselves. Its a slow pace and incredibly descriptive so you are immersed into this world Mikhail has created. You can tell he put lots of research into myth and lore as well. 
Format: Kindle Edition
This book was really long and descriptive which I tend to enjoy. It took me a day and half to complete this book but it was rather entertaining and well worth the read. The span of the book happens over several centuries and I must say the author was able to beautifully distinguish each period with captivating words and imagery. The author did an excellent job of transporting me into a time I never knew existed but it read for as though this time could be now and a reality. There were small editing issues but they were definitely not a distraction from the story, in my opinion. This book was also a first for me as I don't tend to enjoy supernatural or books in this particular genre. However I must say again I was thoroughly entertained. This is a tale encompassing revenge in which the reader is taken on the journey as an accomplice. I loved the myriad of characters in this book. I must warn you if you are prone to faster paced books I would advise you to stick it out to the end with this one as you will not be disappointed. 
Format: Kindle Edition
Mikhail Kerrigan has created a wonderfully amazing story. He puts you right into his world with this highly recommended book. A very well written story.

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