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Song Of Ariel is the latest novel by Mark Edward Hall. It just came out October 6th. I ran into Mark's great books a number of years back, and his skills at the craft have made him one of my favorite authors. Don't miss this super addition to his library of great reads!

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 Book 3 of the Blue Light Series begins four years after Doug and Annie McArthur are forced to take refuge in the Maine Wilderness. Ariel has grown into a beautiful and gifted child wise beyond her years. Their life, although hard, has been peaceful and relatively quiet. But the tide is about to turn. When they sense something isn't right in the world Doug leaves the shelter of their wilderness cabin to investigate. In a heartbeat their quiet life is shattered by an unspeakable violence, and once again they are forced to run for their lives, this time to a place where they will encounter a truth more fantastic than anything they could ever have imagined.

Next we meet Jason La Chance, a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Battle scarred and weary, home from war for the first time in years, La Chance is enjoying his freedom, hitching across Texas when he encounters a stranger who tells a bizarre story of murder and mayhem, of ordinary people changing into things no longer human. In the midst of this telling the stranger himself begins to change and Jason is thrust headlong into a dangerous game of good versus evil as he begins a quest to find a child named Ariel.

Meanwhile, in California, news reporter Johnny Cobain is summoned to a nursing home where he is told a bizarre story of an alien encounter and a chilling government conspiracy by an old scientist who wants to set the record straight before he dies. The old man gives the reporter an object purported to be of alien origin. In the ensuing run for his life, Cobain too begins to hear the summoning voice of the child Ariel.

Danielle Peterson, a beautiful young oncologist from Florida’s Gulf Coast is treating her aging grandfather for cancer when his house is broken into and he is murdered. Following the murder Danielle, devastated with grief, stumbles across a document and a magical object hidden in a secret cubby in her grandfather’s house. The experience is life changing as Danielle leaves her job and her comfort zone and sets out on an irrational quest to find two people she doesn’t even know exist; a child named Ariel, and a young man who is destined to become her lover.

Meanwhile, we are reintroduced to several of the main characters from the previous two novels in the Blue Light Series as they flee into the wilderness to escape a devastating plague that is ravishing the world. Here they will take a stand as they begin to discover the secrets of the magic child Ariel and of her true purpose here on Earth.

Here, in a world turned upside down by evil they will all be forced to take a stand as they find the courage to let Ariel go, for she is the chosen one, the only person on earth capable of venturing into the darkness beyond the Blue Light where salvation for the human race may or may not await. 

on October 13, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I don't write reviews often, but I wanted to write one on this. The Blue Light Series by Mark Edward Hall is a must read. I really enjoyed it so much!!!! If you have not read this series you are in for a treat.

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