Friday, October 21, 2016


Planet Pizza, my first adventure in writing science fiction, is out today. This collection of short stories contains 37 tales of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. I hope you enjoy this creation from my rather eclectic mind. Keep your minds open to new possibilities when you read this novel length collection. Anything can and does go every which way but loose.

And yes: there is a pizza story in this collection.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

Alien pizzas; yes, that's what you heard;
I know the scenario sounds absurd,
But the vicious pies will take over the earth,
If Blaze doesn't fight for all he is worth.
But there's more for you to read within,
Like evolution in a looney bin;
A child who's abused will seek a win.
Darker matter is created again.
Shadows double in alleyways.
What to expect at end of days.
Floating on passion's dark wings.
Young Mr.Gray, such violence brings.
Consequences hunters will pay.
Green lives matter beyond this day.
Invisible threat comes from the woods.
Magician brings the horror goods.
God or man, what comes first?
Solitary the prisoner's power nursed.
Never piss off a big red fridge!
Whale song is heard at insanity's ridge.
Think about the power of stories.
Evil in the midst of medical glory.
In Cheyenne shadows evil lurks.
Reverse maternity is perverse work.
Always be careful what you ask.
Revenge is this revenant's task.
The damned, below city, simmer their plan.
Low creatures rise up against savage man.
Atlantis altar is finally found.
Native Americans stand their ground.
Watch out for those skulls that talk!
Will dreams come true for he who sleepwalks?
Apocalyptic Cheyenne of old's got woes;
Am I here? Am I then? Only the shadow dimension knows!
Dark in the darkness, believe it – it's there –
We won't know when; we won't know where.
Death or joy in box alive?
Break bread and share it to survive.
Whole new bite on health food found.
Giant eye sees all around.
Meteorite brings hungry flames.
Black sun rises – it's proclaimed.
Some dark humor, but mostly chills
All weird science to bring you thrills.
All throughout his sci-fi book
Blaze makes you flinch – just take a look!

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