Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Dogs, Skunks, And Other Runners will be my project for NaNoWriMo this year. It is just as the title explains. For many years, I was a competitive long distance runner. I met many fantastic runners of all kinds, running with some of the best humans in the world, and meeting up with non-humans as well. There will be tales of not only dogs and skunks, but moose, bear, elk, groundhogs, bees, and many others. How about baby clowns with full beards wearing diapers? Yeppers. It's in there. Battles between train engineers and a runner who quite nastily mooned them will also be there. I will leave nothing out.

There will be stories for runners of all abilities. Maybe non-runners will read this tome and stay away from the sport. Hmm. Could be. This is not a how to book. There are plenty of those out and about. My book will have short stories that tell of things no one else will divulge.

Uncle Blaze tells all.

Next year, it will be published. Probably around May.

Keep your peepers open.

Blaze McRob  

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