Tuesday, September 27, 2016



The Somnibus is Craig McGray's latest spine-tingling tale of horror. You'll love it! Read the chilling book description for a hint of what lies in store for you. Also, there is an ample free sample on Amazon you can read. That should be a clincher to reel you in to some great reading.

This is another great book coming out of  Sirens Call Publications. Check out their website at https://sirenscallpublications.wordpress.com/ and find out about more of their great books.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

Be safe tonight...

After the loss of his parents in a horrific accident, Michael Black is left to put the shattered pieces of his life back together. All is not what it seems though when Michael learns that he has a special ‘gift’. A gift that will put him and everyone he knows in mortal danger. Something evil wants what Michael has and it will stop at nothing to get it, destroying anyone and everything that stands in its way.

Lost in a maze of death and betrayal, this young man with a rare paranormal power finds himself in a fight against a malevolent force hell-bent on revenge.

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