Tuesday, September 20, 2016



From Suzanne Robb:

"And today is the day - release day and I am officially 40!
Dead by Midnight -
A fun and playful romp through a dark forest of supernatural shenanigans. Only the dark forest is a private gated community in New Mexico. And the shenanigans include werewolves, vampires, a serial killer, and jars of pickled body parts.
– S.G. Browne, author of Breathers and Lucky Bastard
Ever wondered what happens when you bite a wolf back on the full moon?"

What better day to release your novel than on your birthday? Suzanne Robb does exactly that with Dead By Nidnight, a madcap romp of gory fun. There is so much going on in this great novel that I can't explain it all. I suggest you read the free sample on Amazon. You will be hooked for sure.

Suzanne has a winner with this novel. Don't miss out! Put it on your Kindle or a paperback on your shelf. 

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 “Suzanne Robb is a natural storyteller. With Dead by Midnight, she has developed into the kind of writer whose work, in all of its addictive glory, will be called “effortless,” Pat Shand (Robyn Hood)

After Zach Harris is attacked by a wolf, the most bizarre consequence isn't that the police suspect he's the serial killer… or that he's growing hair in funny places, wants to mark his territory and chase rabbits…not even that he's falling for Lucy Lane, a tenacious reporter who can expose his secret. What is truly strange is the wolf who bit him now turns into a man during the full moon.

Sucked into a murder investigation, Zach races against the clock while the Moonlight Killer taunts the police. As the pickled body parts pile up and one of Logansville’s finest goes missing, Zach forms a strange alliance to avoid life in prison orange, catch the real murderer, and try to save the woman he loves.

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