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Fiona Mcvie is a wonderful lady who has been telling the world about great authors and their books for quite some time now. She is approaching 3,500 interviews. What an achievement !  Both Terri DelCampo, my wife, and I have done interviews with Fiona. It was Terri's first interview, and she was very excited.

Below are a few links to posts where folks have turned the tables a bit and had Fiona be the interviewee. I think you will like these a lot. Notice that Fiona is also one of my Women In Horror. Read on and find out what a wonderful lady she is.

Blaze McRob

More about me

As many of you know I have been interviewing authors over the last few years
Well the table has been turned on me a few times so I thought I would share the links here
So to learn more about me click on any on the links below

Fiona McVie – The Mistress of Interviews Interviewed

Recently She Who Blogs traveled electronically across The Pond to interview one of Scotland’s premier interviewers: Fiona McVie. Her blog authorsinterviews is well-known among writers and readers communities on WordPress and throughout the blogosphere. To date she has interviewed over 3,350 authors – with many more to come. Enjoy.
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One Dog and His Spirited Master = One Author Interviewer Extraordinaire: Thank you, Fiona J Mcvie!

Meet Fiona J Mcvie interviewer extraordinaire, a spirited lady who features all of us crazy writers/artists interviews on her blog. If you have a book that needs promoting, you will want to learn more about this dynamic, very busy woman with, apparently, endless energies! Fiona and I have seen one another around in different groups over the past couple of years but when my second book was released earlier this year, she messaged me asking if I would like an interview and I was so grateful and excited, I wanted to thank her for doing that for me. This interview with her seemed to me to be the best way to do that. Welcome Fiona, thank you for answering a few questions and thank you also for doing an author interview with me earlier this year.
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Guest Author: Fiona McVie

A Poet Who Interviews other Authors
By Jeff Salter
I don’t recall exactly when I encountered Fiona McVie, but it was fairly early in her process of collecting interviews, so I’ll claim I was among her first 10-15%.  [Maybe she will remember.]
But I do remember thinking what a cool idea it was to collect all this info about the writers and what they write.  At that time, I had no idea Fiona would be looking at nearly 2000 interviews accumulated by the end of this year!
So I asked Fiona to trade sides of the table, for a change, and let me interview HER. Here’s the result:


Gamekeeper Turned Poacher? The Interviewer Interviewed …

I was recently interviewed by Fiona McVie, who spends her life interviewing authors. I decided to turn the tables on her:

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The Amazing Fiona Mcvie

Fiona Mcvie is the most gracious poetess with a superb heart that we all love.. If you are a Author Fiona goes out of her way to make sure you are recognized and interviewed on her website.. But has anyone interviewed Fiona???? I asked that question and realized I wanted to.
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Fiona Mcvie is my Woman In Horror today! Fiona has been doing interviews with great authors for around three years now. How many author interviews has she done? Over 3,000 and she’s still going strong. Her website  is a delight to traverse. If you’re looking for a particular author, simply type the author’s name into the search button and hit go. Let your author friends know that they have a home on Fiona’s website to spread the word about their books.
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