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Devils in Dark Houses, by B. E. Scully, packs some powerful punch, filled with intrigue, fantasy, and delightful horror. B. E. and I share space in a number of anthologies and collections, and I am well versed in her skills at the craft. This book is one of her finest. Don't miss it!

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 Devils in Dark Houses featured 4 connected novellas, each a case featuring a pair of old school cops in the Pacific Northwest.

The new millennium is getting downright bizarre. From high tech games of sabotage to vigilante murder and ghosts who may or may not have their own dark agendas, Detectives Shirdon and Martinez must put their 20th century street smarts to work on four 21st century cases in which nothing is what it seems, and every answer reveals more questions.

Case 1: The Eye That Blinds

When three college friends graduate with plans to conquer the world, they find out that the world has its own plans. As their supposed “real” lives spiral further out of control, they retreat into the one place they still reign—the online kingdom of fantasy and masquerade. After a seemingly random accident puts Shirdon and Martinez on their trail, the trio’s tangled web of lies threatens to unravel into consequences more real than any of them could have imagined.

Case 2: Each Castle Its King

When Cal and Rachel Goodman flee their high-volume life in Los Angeles for the peace and quiet of rural Oregon, they sink both their savings and their hopes in a fixer-upper the locals call “Blood House.” But their dream turns into a nightmare as they discover that their marriage is as cracked and crumbling as Blood House—and hiding just as many sinister secrets. Just when they think things can’t get any worse, they meet their next-door-neighbor…

Case 3: Nostri

For sixteen-year-old Emma Kaster, summer vacation is turning out to be as boring and lonely as the school year—until she meets a charismatic street kid named Senz with an obsession for the Roman philosopher Seneca and an itch to put his theories to the test in modern times. What starts out as a series of pranks soon turns deadly as Emma and Senz confront the ultimate revolutionary question—are you willing to die for your beliefs? And just as important, are you willing to kill for them?

Case 4: Devils in Dark Houses

Shirdon and Martinez are on the case of a charismatic, controversial homicide detective whose mysterious disappearance eleven years ago comes back to life in the form of a mentally ill man calling himself the Hound. Not only does the Hound know astonishing secrets, he learned some of them from the long-dead figures of Oregon’s colorful frontier past. As the two detectives try to unravel fact from fantasy and truth from lies, the past and present collide in an explosive show-down that will test the detectives’ deepest beliefs not just about the world in which they live, but about themselves, as well.

Format: Kindle Edition
DEVILS IN DARK HOUSES is much more than just the four connected novellas that I was expecting to read. As I started reading the first novella, THE EYE THAT BLINDS, it gave me a start. Why? I read this last year and though it was never released in anything other than a signed/limited version I remembered it fairly well. I enjoyed it quite a bit and gave it four stars. Reviews can be found under the title, but the link can't be posted per Amazon's rules. Back to the review!

This novella of EYE was even better for me having read the first. It tackled the story from a different angle. But if this is your starting point, you should still love it. It's a story of madness...or is it?

I think that my favorite of the four stories was NOSTRII. It's so timely and a perfect story for a book groups. It's sure to cause long lasting heated discussions for some time. It brings so many current events into play, as well as a question of madness...

All four stories are linked by the police that are handling the cases. They play a smaller part in some of the novellas than others. I would class these as psychological thrillers and highly recommend DEVILS IN DARK HOUSES which I received from from the publisher at DarkFuse. 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I will recommend this fine collection of literary dark fiction to al my friends who say: Oh, I don't read horror or that scary stuff.
This collection addresses many of the troubling issues facing modern society, always in a story setting of course, but the author obviously has a strong intellect, and cares deeply about the issues. Strongly recommended. 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
With "Devils in Dark Houses", B.e. Scully continues to demonstrate why she is one of the most effective writers of speculative fiction. When engaged, her persuasive literary poise is tribute to the old masters, reassuring the reader that, when taken, the elegance of craft is the far better path than one of least resistance.

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