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The Chosen is the first of two sci-fi/fantasy/post-apocalyptic novels that Shay West has published this month. Both of them are great. Shay's old publisher closed shop and Shay has her books back, complete with great new covers.

Be prepared for a great adventure!

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 Astra. Kromin. Volgon. Earth. To each of the four planets are sent four Guardians, with one mission: to protect and serve the Chosen, those unwitting champions of prophecy who alone can save the galaxy from the terrifying Mekans. But the signs of prophecy have not yet appeared, and the decision to send the Guardians early could doom all in the galaxy to death.

Format: Paperback
This is not my usual type of read but I literally found myself unable to put it down after the second chapter. The story is so deep and the characters very well personalized, I found myself thinking about the book and the characters throughout the day until I could sit down to read it again.
I am sitting on the edge of my seat for the second book. This is a must read! 
Format: Kindle Edition
Saving the universe will start with a prophecy, but will need more than a promise of hope to succeed in the end when a part of it is killed.

Their enemy are the Mekans, who are a mining force that excel at absolute destruction in stripping worlds of all their worth. Backed by their immense size and ability to repair, the only way to take them out is by a more powerful force.

Four Guardians are selected to seek out and train the Chosen, as only they stand a chance to stop the Mekans. Brok was my favorite of the Guardians, as he definitely has his hands full. Jon was my favorite of the Chosen, as every time he used his dark power I braced myself for the worst possible outcome. Gwen was my second favorite, for the depth to her personality and her inner-conflict.

Shay Fabbro does an amazing job of bringing to life vivid, unique worlds and characters, and then bringing them together. Be prepared to travel to Gentra, Astra, Kromin, Volgon and Earth while you train to face your destiny. I look forward to reading the sequel, Shattered Destiny, to see the challenges that the Chosen face next.

Shattered Destiny is the second of Shay's novels in the Portals Of Destiny series. All the action from Book 1 returns. And more.

Book description:

 The Chosen and their Guardians find themselves thrust into a whirlwind adventure spanning multiple planets. The inhabitants of Astra have been terrorized by a madman, the peaceful Jhinn of planet Earth have been taken by their enemies, four more of the Chosen are killed, and the Mekans have divided their forces and have landed on both Volgon and Astra. Can the Chosen find a way to work through their differences and defeat their common enemy?

Format: Kindle Edition
Hello Readers!
I was given this book, for free, by the author herself in exchange for an honest review. I have to ask her, seriously, who does she think she is, Joss Whedon or Steven Moffat? Come On!!!!! (fellow nerd/geeks will totally get that reference by the end of this book...others, look those guys up, they are awesome, lol)

First off, I am glad that I read "The Mad Lord Lucian" between book one and two. There were a few references to it in this that made it easier to understand. If you haven't read that one yet, I recommend that you go back and read that before this, it will help.

Now I have to tell you that this was this was an action packed adventure! The Chosen get to Gentra and learn more of their fate through the prophecies. From there, they, and their Guardians, travel to the other Chosen's home worlds to learn more about each other. Then things take a turn when the Mekans start arriving on some of their planets and...well...get hooked like I did and you will find out.
Shay does a great job of being descriptive, but not overly descriptive, about how the characters look/act on each planet. I could feel the intensity at the end because I honestly didn't know what would happen. The cliffhanger of the last, book three, here I come!
With this book, I could envision this series being made into a 13 episode mini-series on SyFy or BBCAmerica. Bring it on "Resigned Fate"! I am ready with my box of tissues!
Format: Paperback
In the second book of the Portals of Destiny series, there is no time to waste as the Chosen scramble to find a way to stop the Mekans' destruction of their planets. Now if only they can learn to stand together, they might have a chance. But with their hearts and minds torn between the safety of their own worlds and their prejudices against each other, it isn't easy. Just as conflicting will prove to be the sparks of attraction that arise, which come close to creating a meltdown of the group all on its own.

As things continue to take a turn for the worse, the prophecy that they are the ones to stop the Mekans is falling apart piece by piece. When they do find the right weapon to do the job, it comes down to the challenge of getting close enough to their enemy to use it, and it's a brutal, desperate fight.

I loved this book even more than the first, as all its unique and complex characters in here are even further expanded on, and the action was intense at times. Shattered Destiny became an emotional storm on me in many places when the odds took their toll on the Chosen and their Guardians. I hope there is a third book, as the ending hints this struggle for survival isn't over yet.

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