Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Yesterday I said I had some tips about Facebook groups and whether it is a good place to try to sell your books. The answer is yes and no. 

Yes, because your books will gain some exposure, but no, since most of this sort of group are comprised of authors. Authors are trying to sell their books, not buy yours. The sad news is that there are not many pure reader groups, and the ones that do exist, from what I have found, are a sort of book discussion thing. I don't know about you, but I have limited time, and this doesn't fit into my busy schedule.

So, what does one do? I'm in over 100 different FB groups. Obviously, I don't have time to post in all of them on a daily basis. That means I rotate. I take my college ruled notebook and write when I posted in a group. Some days I will post a youtube trailer link, and others I will have the Amazon link. I don't wish to bore anyone with the same stuff all the time. I have a lot of books out, so I rotate those as well. While I am at a group page, I will comment on someone else's book. It's courteous. Also, I find some new books in these groups that I want to tell my readers about.

Since time enters into everything, when I have used up my quota, I'm done.

Another thing that I don't do is run a whole bunch of postings to multiple groups one right after the other. Those show up in the notification feeds as a huge glut and can be annoying. Could just be my own opinion, but I don't want to make a pest of myself.

What I'm thinking of doing is telling my readers where to find some of the better groups. My preference is for small to medium size groups, ones where books and authors don't get lost in the shuffle.I'll spread these out instead of compiling a long list that people won't want to go through all at once.

So, my advice is to use these groups as you would any other social media site: as a part of the whole.

Happy writing!

Blaze McRob

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