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DARKFUSE #1 has six new tales of horror from some very talented authors. DarkFuse is pricing this for free for a short time so get your copy now!

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 The premier volume of DarkFuse's anthology series, featuring 6 original tales of dark fiction.

"She Sleeps in the Depths" by William Meikle

"Better Heard and Not Seen" by Michael Penkas

"Carrion Fowl" by William R. Eakin

"Jaws of Life" by E. G. Smith

"Netherview" by Gary McMahon

"Children of the Horned God" by Christopher Fulbright

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
In DarkFuse's first short story anthology, we are presented with six different tales, by six different authors. I found these stories to be unique to themselves (no central theme linking them), which worked quite well for me, as I love being "surprised" by what kind of story I'm getting into.

Notable favorites for myself include: "Better Heard and Not Seen", by Michael Penkas. Childhood fears and intense atmosphere really brought this story alive, and it will be one that I will definitely be returning to! (Admission: I've already read it 3 times now....;) ). William Meikle, a true genius in just about any story he writes, contributes "She Sleeps in the Depths". I am especially a fan of his tales near the water, with a distinctive "Lovecraftian" feel. "The Jaws of Life", by E. G. Smith was another that I really enjoyed. Although it was somewhat predictable in terms of the situation presented, the execution was phenomenal, and really had the power to draw me completely into the tale. I really enjoyed the beginning to Gary McMahon's "Neverview", but it just seemed to come to an abrupt end--without any sort of resolution...

All of this being said, I have high expectations for future DarkFuse anthologies!

Format: Kindle Edition
I'm not a huge fan of mixed anthologies. I prefer one author to write them all otherwise you never know what you're ending up with. Darkfuse's first anthology proves my point. It's definitely a mixed bag of great to bad stories. Fortunately this was gifted to me by a very good friend so I think it was money well spent.

She Sleeps in the Depths - William Meikle - 4 stars
The softer side of Willie Meikle. He's one of my favorite authors and I'd never turn down a chance to read one of his stories.

Better Heard and Not Seen - Michael Penkas - 5 stars
I'd never read him before. This was old fashioned creep you out horror at it's best. A must read.

Carrion Fowl - William Eakin - 3 stars
It was OK, not really my style.

Jaws of Life - E.G. Smith - 3 stars
Ok, but predictable.

Netherview - Gary McMahon - 2 stars
I really like reading Gary's work, but this upset me. This read like the beginning of a novel. It simply ended. I felt cheated. I have a feeling we'll be seeing this one later in another format. I don't like when authors do that and won't support them.

Children of the Horned God - Christopher Fulbright - 4 stars
A mix of SF/horror that I liked a lot.

So do the math and that averages out to 3.5 stars. It's easy to toss that low one out and round up to 4 stars and recommend this anthology. I just hope that Darkfuse #2 is single author or even dual author. I think that would be much more appealing.
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Most short story collections are hit or miss with the stories. However, in this one, they're all quite good! I love short story collections that involve different authors since they're an excellent way to sample different authors in one collection. This collection included two authors that are among my favorites (they didn't disappoint!) and the chance to try some authors that I've never read before (also good!). I recommend giving this one a try - you're sure to find something you like (probably all of the stories!).

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