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Out today is Bed Of Crimson Joy by Jasper Bark. Jasper goes all out in this tale of horror. Read the reviews below and find some happy readers telling you their reasons for loving this tale. Jasper always writes a delicious story. Join in on the fun.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 Rose and Stanley are an elderly couple, the sort of neighbours you’d trust to feed your cat and water your plants while you’re away. Not the sort of people you’d imagine rutting like animals on your freshly laundered sheets the minute you’ve gone.

Was it the bed that seduced them? The ornate four poster bed, with the intricate carvings and erotic tapestries, that appeared out of nowhere in Peter and Bethany’s spare room. The bed that keeps reappearing, no matter how many times it’s dismantled and taken away.

Is the bed linked to a dark secret from Peter and Bethany’s past? Is that why it’s haunting them? And what effect has all this had on poor Rose, stricken with the strangest malady since her frenzied tryst with Stanley?

At turns eerie, unsettling and poetic, Bed of Crimson Joy is one of the most dark and deeply disturbing erotic horror stories you’ll ever read.

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Review of BED OF CRIMSON JOY by Jasper Bark

I wish author Jasper Bark would install a window in his forehead, because I really want to observe his imagination at work. His newest-published, BED OF CRIMSON JOY, is a totally knock-out, kickin', take-no-prisoners, read-and-weep story which just blows common fiction out of the water and out of the Universe. I can't think of any other author quite like Mr. Bark, nor any imagination akin to his. And yes, as his Author's Note says, he is contagious.

Sixty-something Rose has endured four decades of a loveless and sexless marriage with Stanley, a man whose snippy sarcasm I can forgive only for his sharp intellect and knowledge of poetry. A chance encounter with new neighbors propels Rose into an entirely new, seemingly impossible, realm where nothing "real" any longer exists--and where what is, remains eternally, especially punishment.

If this were a Medieval moral tale, a morality play, Rose would be cast as the Wendigo, the hungry spirit always clamoring to be filled, at the cost of her own sanity and soul, and at the cost of all around her. Stanley would be cast as the Cleric, intellectual, ascetic, and lifeless. The reclusive eccentric wealthy individual who appears later in the story, to such powerful effect, would be the Mephistopheles role. 
Make sure you have medical insurance because you sure as hell are going to need therapy after this masterpiece from the immortal Jasper Bark !! Start off with an unlikely older couple sneaking a bit of afternoon delight on the neighbours four poster bed and then imagine Rosemary's Baby !! OMG!!! I'm sure there is something Jasper isn't telling us - like he has the mind of a deranged psychopath, is the devil incarnate or has frequent flier miles to hell and back because where he comes up with these ideas I have no idea. I just know that he sits down and these wonderful words of horror, disgust and unadulterated terror spring forth......and yes - I can't wait for the next one :) 
Review of Bed of Crimson Joy by Jasper Bark.
Evil will empregnate you and make you give birth to your own resentments. Whatever lurks out of that bed from hell, it wants your pain to get worse. Sweet Rose and Stanley, the next door nieghbors, have their own set of marital problems for an older couple. When they decide to spice things up a bit in the very ornate bed next door, while watching their nieghbors house. The bed seemed to read thoughts and feelings, and brought it on them ten fold. Stanley was a poet and had wrote: "Her womb was an instrument of revenge." The Bed of Crimson Joy was listening.

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