Wednesday, June 29, 2016


If you love tales about werewolves, this great book by Mikhail Kerrigan is for you. Wolf's Blood is 618 pages of lycanthrope majesty. The best part is that this is novel #1 of a three part series. What a great tome! Check out this first book now before the second one is released. I guarantee you will love it.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 Aticus, a diseased lycanthrope, returns to Louisiana where 170 years ago a conflict with a plantation owner made him lose his eye and his soul mate. He is back with a vengeance. His twisted vision of dominance has him infecting the small town of Royal Bay and surrounding parishes, amassing an army of werewolves, to get revenge on humankind. A group of survivors including another lycanthrope, a reporter, police officers and a werewolf hunter all must survive the night the moon travels closest to Earth, where with Aticus’ help the first great werewolf returns to flesh and infects the world. 

Format: Paperback
Have only recently began to enjoy books of this category. But do enjoy reading new authors. Mikhail Kerrigan did an amazing job of taking me through a world I normally would not go. Drawing me in page by page with increasing interest into the life and myriad of adventures of his characters. A few errors in the publishing but I understand from his fan page they will be corrected with the future prints in Nov, Otherwise the story is captivating, originally unique. In a world currently flooded with the subject, I am definitely looking forward to the future series. I would think they have the makings of a best seller.
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Definitely worth the wait!! 
Format: Kindle Edition
Mikhail Kerrigan has created a wonderfully amazing story. He puts you right into his world with this highly recommended book. A very well written story.

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