Tuesday, June 7, 2016


In addition to all the other projects I am involved in over the next six years - yikes, they are legion! - I have decided to hasten my release of Selchor. Originally, I had planned on waiting until I was ready to do a graphic novel for my buddy, but I am so busy with writing that I don't have the time for a while to ink and color what I want to display for Selchor. He is a different kind of super-hero, champion of the under-dog in a world gone wrong where humanity is less than noble. I already have a number of his stories written, and I will write more. I haven't decided if I will pen a number of novellas or do a novel. At any rate, this is a project in the works.

I believe many people will appreciate Selchor for who he is and what he does. Sometime down the road he will hopefully grace the pages of a series of graphic novels.

Selchor will let you know when he is ready to make his debut. Keep your peepers at the ready.

Blaze McRob   

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