Sunday, June 12, 2016


Morbid Metamorphosis, the first anthology from Lycan Valley Press, is available on Smashwords! Jo-Anne Russell, owner of Lycan Valley Press, spent a lot of time getting this fantastic book out to the reading public. There are some true masters at the craft included within the pages of this tome. I should know: I had the honor of working with the authors on their edits.

This great book will soon be available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. I will keep everyone posted. Three super ways to read a horror anthology you won't forget for quite some time.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

 This book contains 22 stories from authors around the world. Together they bring you morbidly terrifying tales of metamorphosis, transformation, and deep horror that will follow you for days long after you've read the last page. Beware reading this book at night, and alone - for the mind is a powerful thing, and you may find you have company in the shadows!

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