Thursday, June 30, 2016


I thought I'd put up my Amazon Author Page link here again. There have been some changes in the past few months. Some of my books are no longer published and won't be seen anymore. Others I have taken down. These are previous short stories of mine. That doesn't mean they will vanish. I am combining many short stories into various collections. Some short and some long. I also have no plans of taking my short stories out of anthologies, even though the rights have reverted back to me. They have a happy home where they are, and I don't wish to be a home-wrecker.

Another reason for consolidation is the fact that I have many more books on the way. More collections, novellas, novels, and even some non-fiction. A lot of folks ask me why I'm putting so much up now. Simple. I'm no spring chickie. I have hundreds of tales to publish. I suppose this will be a simple case of marketing my back-list with my new books. For example: within a day or so, a new horror collection from Terri DelCampo and I will be published. In August, I have a new novel coming out. That's just the beginning. Just call me Blaze McBusy.

Happy reading!

Blaze McRob

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